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Posted by seeingeyegod | Jul 14, 2015 @ 06:55 PM | 6,959 Views
I have come into possession of this for FREE. Doesn't seem to be a whole lot of info to find on them online. Instructions are absolute garbage but I've build some stuff before so I should be able to figure it out. So far I've mounted the aileron (rear upper wing) servo. I got a new LiFe 1000mah Rx battery and 4 standard analog Hextronic BB servos, and an Orange 6ch Rx. Have a Thunder Tiger .42 from my crashed Pete and Poke which should power this fine. It even sounds pretty much like a Rotax you could power the real plane with.
Posted by seeingeyegod | Aug 02, 2014 @ 10:55 AM | 8,071 Views
Well this is sort of an accomplishment. I threw together a foam wing of my own design and it actually flew. It was a short flight of probably a bit less than a minute and ended with a crash but I'll be able to repair it pretty easily. I am confident I made it a little too nose heavy, over compensated for previously being very tail heavy.
I'm just gonna call this the arrow. Its Depron and gear from a Parkzone UMX Corsair, an AP5000 brushless motor, 10A eflight ESC and 2s 180-240mah batteries. Aileron and elevator control.