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Posted by RCGill | Nov 09, 2015 @ 12:53 AM | 6,041 Views
Well, I decided to build another one of these. It has been a while since the last one. I wanted a plane that was economical, EASY to fly and LAND with plenty of power for messing around if one decides to. I used all standard Futaba s3004 servos to save money. I would have preferred to use Spektrum DS821 digitals but not in the budget for now. The Futabas work just fine. Also I thought about using the DLE-20 RA however for the little extra power gain it would have created a whole lot more work. In the end I picked up a 3" spinner which looks nicer. Anyone who has flown a 4 channel plane with some experience could fly this model. Its hard to see but I mounted the ignition battery under the throttle servo behind the fuel tank. I made a custom hatch to mount the ignition box also which was very easy to do. The servo mount for the throttle was made from scratch and didnt require much effort either. I cut a hole for the radio wires to run through behind the receiver which is mounted in front of the dash so that I can clearly see the radio is bound without having to remove wing. I made a half cowl from a plastic pail. Also I made a wing support or lock from the lid for a 5 gallon bucket. With the 20cc motor I actually had the wing rip off during a high g loop on the first one I built like this....Continue Reading
Posted by RCGill | Sep 11, 2012 @ 12:04 AM | 6,970 Views
here are some pics of my latest build. Great Planes Edge 540 with a DLE-55 gas engine. This plane is perfect for this engine! Nice plane and if you place the batteries right behind the COG you wont need to add weight any where to balance. Used Futaba 3305 servos and one hitec for the rudder. DLE 55 makes any manuever easy.
Posted by RCGill | May 02, 2012 @ 09:59 PM | 9,935 Views
Lot of work! Used LG from old revolver and oversize tires to get clearance for 17x6 prop (not on yet need bigger spinner). Had to install fuel tank backwards. Cut the motor mounts. make a new place for throttle servo. Custom choke linkage. Install electronic ignition on fuel tank under removable hatch. Make a redneck half cowl from a plastic pail. The third fuel line is for easy fueling. havent balanced yet. will update after maiden. Balanced very well, only had to add 1/2 ounce to the tail. Too windy to maiden. Flight report:
flys like a charm. had to add about an ounce+ weight to tail. It screams with the DLE. unlimited vertical. doesnt need a lot of distance for take off but does tend to roll out quite a ways on landing. you do also need to keep some power on for landing or she will drop a wing tip and start to stall. Very easy flying sport plane. Fuel economy is the biggest advantage to this set up. You can fly all day, and I mean all day for about $5 worth of gas and oil. Also I went back to using a 15x8 master airscrew glass prop. seems more responsive than than the 17 and you obtain your ground clearance. This alows use of the OEM landing gear. Feel free to send me a message if your thinking of going with this set up. You will save a ton of money over a glow set up even though there is a fair amount of extra work. I did end up turning the fuel tank back around a re routing the fuel lines....Continue Reading
Posted by RCGill | Feb 08, 2012 @ 06:35 PM | 12,327 Views
I parted out my P-51 and decided to build my first gas plane. Havent even fired the engine up yet. Just got done with the build. A lot of work involved in gettting the 20cc gasser in this model . Nice thing there is lots of room. i had to do some serious modding to the firewall to get the engine mounted inverted. This is my first Phoenix model and if the rest of their line is anything like this one I will be building their models in the future. Everything on this plane was packaged the best of any model I have ever purchased and believe me i have been through a lot of them. The hardware is first rate all the way. 5 star quality all the way around. They did short me a few bolts but I have tons of them on hand. The only surprise was they didn't include any silicone tubing for the fuel system, no velcro strips and no foam for batteries,etc. Still, I thought the quality on my Waco was the best but this model actually was better.
Posted by RCGill | Jan 21, 2012 @ 07:52 PM | 7,764 Views
Wow this thing is fast! Blazing fast!!! I won't say it flies like its on rails, more like glued to the track. Easy take off and with a little more time on approach to bleed off speed, easy to land. With the Evolution .60NX she will climb out of sight and believe me that don't take long. with any sort of speed going she is very responsive so if you arent to good on high rates you better program in some low rates. All I can say is I am impressed. I had this model set up with a Magnum XL70 RFS and there is a world of difference here. With the Magnum the plane was docile, not exactly a beginner plane but if you could fly ailerons you could fly it. With the Evo she is a rocket ship. Who needs an EDF when you can have this. Also I used a 420cc fuel tank from an Escapade and I can get 23 minute flights. I highly recommend this set up if you want a blazing fast "Stang". Just be sure you can handle all that speed If not you can still fly it in a sport manner and have tons of fun.
Posted by RCGill | Jan 20, 2012 @ 10:56 PM | 8,026 Views
Just built and waiting to maiden. Powered by Evolution .60NX. Hope it's a Hot Rod
Posted by RCGill | Oct 14, 2011 @ 01:01 AM | 8,723 Views
This is my replacement for the one that got away! Spinner came loose in flight and caused total wreck. I love this airframe and i don't think there is a better deal on the market. What do you think?
Posted by RCGill | Sep 23, 2011 @ 08:57 PM | 10,525 Views
After only 3 mins on the maiden flight the esc burned out. Apparantly Nitro Planes has a problem with these as i see whole forums and videos of them crashing and burning (literally). I am waiting on a replacement ESC from NP so I did some minor mods. Added stripes to the wing and horizontal stabilizer. Replaced sticker on nose with actual paint. The color is flourescent pink but doesnt show up real well in photo. Looks good in person on the ground. Actually removed battery boxed and turned it around to convert plane to a tail dragger. Removed nose wheel and linkage from rudder servo. This is my grab-n-go take anywhere plane. I have a hard time seeing those micro planes. Great flying and easy to fly plane. Nitro Planes made it right and sent me a new esc. Plane looks and flies super. I can throw it in the back of my Jeep and pretty much fly it anywheres.
Posted by RCGill | Aug 12, 2011 @ 09:06 PM | 9,185 Views
How not to land your Escapade. Easy repair luckily!
40 size Escapade with Magnum XL70 RFS (4 min 13 sec)

Posted by RCGill | Aug 08, 2011 @ 01:06 AM | 10,374 Views
have had this for a few weeks and with all my car troubles havent been able to build it. Just got it done. Added aluminun spinner. Made canopy removable. made opening under canopy for receiver visibility. Had to squeeze the Evolution 1.20 NX in but it fit. Can't wait to maiden. used the landing gear from a wrecked Revolver.
Posted by RCGill | Jul 05, 2011 @ 10:01 AM | 9,319 Views
I have my own private leased flying site near my home in Olivet, MI. Its about 5 miles south of Charlotte, MI just a little ways off Battle Creek Hwy. The nearest flying club to me is in Grand Ledge, or Battle Creek which are both about a 30 min drive. With gas prices so high, it is not convienient for me to join clubs and drive that far. If you live near here and would like to fly somewhere closer, please feel free to come join me. Gas, electric, glow, Heli I don't mind. Contact me if interested.
Twist 60 with Evolution 1 20NX (7 min 11 sec)

Posted by RCGill | Jun 21, 2011 @ 10:56 AM | 10,150 Views
Haven't flown yet, waiting for Pitts muffler
Had to add 2 0z of weight to tail to get it to balance. Flys like its on rails! Fast...Fast....Fast!!! So fast its almost scary. Unlimited vertical. has some wing rock when trying to hover. Knife edge is sweet. Rolls and snaps are incredibly fast. Love this plane. The 60 size Escapade with this engine is a fun and easy plane to fly, But if your after a thrill ride for $10 more you can have an awesome plane that comes with an aluminum spinner!:
Great Planes 70" Revolver with Evolution 1.20 NX (10 min 4 sec)

Posted by RCGill | Jun 17, 2011 @ 12:58 AM | 12,240 Views
Here is the unboxing of my new Seagull Spacewalker II 1.20 ARF purchased from HobbyZone. You can imagine the horror I felt when I saw the box!! The plane came double boxed, but as you can see from the pictures the huge hole went through both boxes!! I was anxious to unpack and inspect the damage. Thank God there wasn't any. Every thing was individually wrapped in protective plastic. The only concern I have is that the aluminum tube for the wing was not taped or fastened inside the carton. This could be a problem for others if shipped this way. After removing all the plastic bags from the parts I found no holes or broken pieces. The stickers/decals of the instrument panels in both cockpits is curling up in the corners and does not want to stay stuck down . I am open to suggestions how to fix this will post more pictures as build progresses....Continue Reading
Posted by RCGill | Jun 05, 2011 @ 08:49 PM | 9,635 Views
Well I maidened my Waco today. This is an awesome plane! Let me say upfront do not underpower this plane. I installed the Evolution 1.20NX 2 stroke for power and because of cost factor. I do not get unlimited vertical with this power plant and 16x6 prop. In my opinion the recommended .91 2 stroke or a DLE 20cc gasser would be way underpowering this plane. Either go with the DLE 30cc or even bigger than a 1.20 2 stroker. Take offs are a breeze with just a little right rudder held and some up elevator to keep the rear wheel planted. It doesn't need a lot of ground to get airborn but about 250 -300 feet for nice easy landing with a little power to keep her level and ease off just before touchdown. I love it! I do plan on putting my Magnum XL180 RFS in it someday. I have a Pitts style muffler on the Evo 1.20 now and it really helps lower the noise vs. the stock muff. I run the same engine on my .61 Escapade and there is a big difference in noise level.
Posted by RCGill | Jun 01, 2011 @ 08:53 PM | 14,624 Views
Building Great Planes Waco. The fancy cowl setup they came up with is a real nightmare, believe me. The only way to describe it is you have to expierience it for yourself. I would much rather have a few screws showing to hold on the cowl than to go through this install again. It is next to impossible to get the screws in to hold the cowl on when you are done building it. I finally cut a 3/16 inch diameter 1 foot long dowel rod and carefully drilled a 1/16 hole in the end of it. Then i took and cut off a allen wrench that fit the screw and super glued it in the dowel. Allen wrench now straight and long. The dummy engine that comes with plane is not really designed for a front mount carb 2 stroker. i put an Evolution 1.20 engine in mine. Every thing else about this plane is absolutely beautiful. The build as a whole isn't bad except the cowl build process and install. the looks are first rate!!! I have yet to see a finer looking arf. Feel free too ask questions if your thinking about building one. The pilots did not come with the plane and my lovely wife was kind enough to paint them for me. Build finished. Plane balanced perfect with the Evo 1.20 and JR2300mah receiver battery. Now I'm afraid to fly this beautiful model!!!!!
Great Planes Waco with Evolution 1.20 NX 2 stroke (8 min 36 sec)
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Posted by RCGill | May 16, 2011 @ 05:53 PM | 10,268 Views
This plane never had a crash or hard landing, yet the wing came off during mid flight. The only thing that wasn't toothpics was the wing itself. Thank God Hobbico has agreed to replace the plane.

OK here are the mods I came up with for new plane. I added dowels to the leading edge of wing and I made a heavy plastic lock strip (cut from the lid of a 5 gallon bucket) that is padded on the bottom with the soft 1/2 of velcro strip. You can still remove or install the wing easily with the plastic lock strip on. Note* with the landing gear installed the plastic lock sets flush and looks like it was ment to be there.
61 Escapade with Evolution 1 20 engine 002 (7 min 7 sec)
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Posted by RCGill | Apr 13, 2011 @ 02:16 AM | 16,450 Views
Not really in order but shows build and gear. Magnum XL 1.80RFS fit nicely and plane balanced perfect with no added weights. Do want to change prop to Master Airscrew 15" 3 blade. All digital servos except throttle. The stock metal clevises that came with plane are very easy to break when trying to spread apart enough to get on horns so I replaced several with nylon ones that have metal pins. Can't wait to maiden> Over all quality was nice. did have to iron out a few wrinkles on ailerons. Only complaint is the bastard metal clevises and there are a bunch of them on this plane. Build took 3 days....Continue Reading
Posted by RCGill | Mar 04, 2011 @ 08:21 PM | 10,459 Views
Newest addition to fleet!! Got out the airbrush and did some detailing.