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Posted by erich | May 24, 2008 @ 08:09 AM | 15,718 Views


Gliders (gone)

Gentle Lady: 3 different ones, always take this one when going flying
Sig Riser: cleaner built structure than Lady, don't fly as good though
Metrick: good looking plane, total crash after 3 days of flying
Icarus: v-tail, flew kinda weird, probably me
Sagitta 900: flew great , good speed range, fun to build
Ridge Rat: boxy slope soarer, never flew it
Windfree: great looking plane, flew well
Paragon: real great slow flier, a joy to build, very boxy
Flinger: hand launch flew ok
Bird of Time: great looking, a little tougher to build (thin wing tips)
Windsong: one great plane, my favorite, along with GL
Pixy: 2 meter version of windsong, loved it
Pivot: Hand launch version of Windsong, pivoting wings
Pivot Plus: slightly longer wing than Pivot
Weird One: scratch built canard 112" span, added split rudder, for brakes
Challenger: very old fashioned ship, Big, added flaperons, a builders dream (alas: sold it)
A1 Towline glider: From a kit, never flew, crushed it during a move, sad, but true.

Gliders (have)

Camano: standard class version of Windsong, love it too
Mirage: great RE floater, penetrates reasonably well, a little harder to build
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Posted by erich | Mar 05, 2008 @ 08:52 PM | 19,578 Views
Have started work on building some indoor FF planes. Am starting with some EZB's, and going from there. The best things about this stuff is, costs less, takes less time, and can store more finished planes. Yippee.

But it is a whole different world, building not light but at almost NO weight at all. Believe it or not, a HEAVY EZB weighs .8 grams and up. My best effort so far has been 3 grams. The good guys make em down to .5 grams. Getting just about all my expert advice, from a book called: "Building and Flying Indoor Model Airplanes" by Ron Williams, it may be out of print, but is almost like a bible on the subject. Bought it back in the 80's. Made the mistake of reading it a few months ago. So of course.... a whole new world opened up....

Kinda neat to make a plane and then give it a test fly in da living room (although frowned on by others). Here are my efforts so far.

Link to Indoor builds:

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Posted by erich | Apr 04, 2007 @ 12:13 PM | 17,045 Views
Have started a new project. A Biplane (Sopwith Pup) of all things, not a glider, but looks beautiful (at least in the photos I've seen of this plane). It's a Flair all wood kit (Puppeteer), about 1/6 scale, for a winspan of about 60". Have finished most of the main parts (wings, tail surfaces, most of fuselage). Am now setting up engine, and controls.

Have finished covering plane, just need to install engine and fire it up.

Am documenting the build on the Scale Fuel forum. Here's the link if interested:

This plane is for sale. If interested send a private message.

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Posted by erich | Feb 07, 2006 @ 08:09 PM | 18,399 Views
Working on a 170" Sagitta XC all wood plane. Have rib set, but will need to make rest of the parts. Have started a build thread on this plane in rc/groups thermal catagory.

Have finished all woodwork on XC. The planes span reaches to within 8" of walls on either side, and that's in the living room. All that's left is to final sand and then, cover (will be using Ultracote), and balance.

Project all done. Flies great almost like full size.