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Posted by Ramnes | Nov 16, 2014 @ 03:31 PM | 8,953 Views
A while back i was about to buy the Quanum 680UC, but it was stoped in production from Quanum for a while, so i bought me another winter project, the Tarot 680PRO foldable frame.

After looking for motors, ESC's and all the other stuff you need for a build i ended up with this

Motors: Multistar 3508-700kv with extra long leads
Propellers: 12x5.5 and 13.5.5
ESC: Turnigy Plush 30A(I use Plush 40A in another build and are very happy with them) I also use a programming card for the Plush motors. Why do it the hard way?
FC: HKPILOT32(a Pixhawk copy from HK)
GPS: Ublox-7M
Radio: Taranis X9D
Rx: X8R in mode 4( so i have 8 channels for free use)
Battery: 3S Nano-tech 5000mah(soon also 4S)

As i wasn't going to use the PDB to distribute power, i ordered new upper and lower plates and are now using two carbon fiber plates at the upper an lower levels, and i then use the PDB on the bottom where i hang the camera rail and batteries on. Why i do this, cuase there are to little space for electric equipment on this frame, and i don't want them on top with the FC.

The ESC's are fastened to the lower plate and not to the PDB plate as i want to be able to remove this without losening all the ESC's at the same time.

That's about everything i've done so far. More when it's flyable.