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Ok guys, I have the received the RadioLink CP620 Charger from Banggood.

First of all, my subjective opinions.

The packing should be improved, not because the charger is fragile, but because the humans that work for post offices are (your word come here)

There is enough space in the box before it will reach the charger, but anyway, I would suggest Banggood to repack it with a cardboard box, instead of simple bag.

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Tank controls + speed = FUN!

New Bright - Trak Attak - Review and Run (13 min 4 sec)

Posted by aben71 | Oct 03, 2016 @ 11:50 AM | 2,569 Views
After a couple flights with the stock setup on the Grasshopper F210 I found it necesary to do some tuning in Betaflight,really did not take much,seems the biggest issue was the barometer in my case.I disabled it and now have angle ,horizon,and acro mode enabled. I see an updated version is in the works at so version 2 should be even better

Ideafly Grasshopper F210,A Closer Look And Improved Handling (8 min 13 sec)

Posted by Jack Crossfire | Oct 03, 2016 @ 11:03 AM | 2,936 Views
Decided to just put in a standard brushless gimbal program & see if it worked without trying to fix the reluctance cogging. The immediate problem was latency when propagating data from the IMU to the 3 microcontrollers. This was why the stock Feiyu used 1Mhz I2C & 2Mhz UART, but I2C was crashing any higher than 100khz. Tried shorting the series 100R's & replacing the 2k pullups with 1k pullups on their I2C bus. That didn't work. It turned out I2C on the STM32 needs to be polled as fast as possible. Once done, it went all the way to 1Mhz using 2:1 duty cycle.

Captured a waveform to show 1Mhz I2C was really a thing. Helas, 16:9 duty cycle doesn't allow it to do the stock 1Mhz, only 720khz or 1.4Mhz. The 16:9 would be more reliable, but to get 1Mhz would require a clock speed multiple of 10. If the gimbal is fully deflected, it'll break I2C. 2Mhz for the UART wasn't a problem.

It would have been quite valuable to know the frequency of the stock IMU readouts. Set it to 1khz. Used source code from an ancient BruGi project. They ran the gyros at 8khz, but 1khz was the fastest the Feiyu could get the data down all 3 microcontrollers. It started glitching above 1khz, so left it. Better scheduling of I2C & UART is required to max out the rate.

At 1khz, the minimal feedback worked quite well. It seemed to compensate for reluctance cogging on its own. It's a bit more solid to run the motors at higher current than stock, but it overheats after a short time. Considered mounting a fan on the handle to blow air at the entire gimbal.
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Dear Bloggers,

I have a Yuneec Q500+/G/4K/Chroma ST10+/Controller, but the receiver in it is not good.
Can somebody help me where I can buy only a receiver int this type of controller?

Posted by crash7X | Oct 03, 2016 @ 09:22 AM | 5,253 Views
I am learning acro mode quadcopter flying. I am following the youtube series by Joshua Bardwell listed here

The Freerider FPV flight simulator is quite good. I screw up using it in identical fashion to how I fail in the field.

You might watch this video (not part of the series) first:

Making coordinated turns in rate/acro mode (6 min 22 sec)

I wrote at length about some math and geometry I've been exploring. Here are two spreadsheets I used.

Each has two inputs, the red cells.
Each has two outputs, the orange cells.

In both, enter the forward pitch that you want to investigate. Quadcopters don't go forward without some pitch!

In "rollThenYaw" we look at what happens if you make a turn using a two-step process of changing the roll angle (aileron) and then adding yaw (rudder) until the horizon is, er, horizontal.

In "yawThenRoll" we look at what happens if you change the yaw angle (rudder) first and then add roll (aileron) until the horizon is horizontal.

I've been using angles of 10-30 degrees pitch to start with, then trying to do turns between 20 and 70 degrees net change of heading. It is also instructive to put in angles at or near the extremes, like 0.1 degrees or 89.9 degrees. There's a bunch of triangle maths in the spreadsheets so cases of 0, 90 and others may cause the model to break.

Both spreadsheets then can compute (!) some implications. First...Continue Reading
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Shipped 48" Aerobeez plane today.
Posted by Mad_angler1 | Oct 03, 2016 @ 08:06 AM | 5,644 Views
Just a video talking specifically about some of the Mavic Pro going over some common questions

DJI Mavic Pro - The Little Things You Need To Know FPV & Other (20 min 33 sec)

The Mavic is available from DJI for Pre order now
Pre Order the Mavic Pro Now

Note external links on this page contains affiliate link and i may receive a small commission from any purchases made through it, you can choose to avoid them by just navigating to the DJI Store manually.

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Even though sound recording is mentioned as an option in the DVR firmware the audio from the receiver is not physically connected to the DVR module.

Here is a simple hardware mod to enable sound recording on the DVR from one of the receivers. My mod does not take diversity into account so you should use the antenna which is supposed to receive signal most of the times (I presume the mushroom one) to screw onto the receiver where you tap the audio from.

Audio from the receiver is avaible on the third pin from right and has DC offset.

Audio input on the DVR is on the middle connector pin 5, follow pinout of the Eachine ProDVR which is basically the same...

More detailed write-up on my blog.
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I just want a place to keep pictures of everything I've done.

(EDIT) Wow I had no idea this went somewhere you guys could see it, I'll try to make them suck less in future
Posted by Tychoac | Oct 03, 2016 @ 02:37 AM | 2,823 Views
This was my first build, but rebuilt and revamped so many times it doesn't make sense anymore. I just sold it so someone else can have fun with it. This is just a place to document my...Continue Reading
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Several years ago Aloft Hobbies sold this airframe they called the Killer Bee. It was sold as the Hummingbird in other places, and probably another name or two.

Well - it's almost ready for maiden. Setting it up on my Horus X12S transmitter.
Ailerons and elevator. -- roll and pull. More details to follow.
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Hello all I recently purchased a new little Vrx as my Immersion was way to big for my homemade goggles. I must say this little Vrx is in my opinion the next step. The push button channel/band change is Awesome!! I must say this is not a plug and play unit as it took a little figuring out. I ended up using the set of wires that had the balance plug lead on it as this was the most practical choice. With this unit I got rid of more than a few wires, and still need to clean up the look. I do need to get in some range testing but so far the quality of the product looks and feels solid.

As a little added protection I did add some clear heat shrink rap I just did't feel rite adding Velcro directly to the heat sink. The plug end that go's into the vrx that had the balance plug had three wires that i basically connect with a servo plug end(male). I did this to wire in to my new HMDVR that showed up around the same time so it also had a wire harness that had to be soldered up. This little dvr needs 5v and the fact that the Vrx had 5v out put made this a very easy job to wire into the vrx . So now I can unplug this unit at the end of the day , with out worry. I do still need to clean up the rca monitor wire as it is fairly long. I also plan on using the Vout wire coming from the DVR to be able to plug into the monitor and review footage with out removing the microSD card. I intend on making that plug removable by adding another servo plug end to the end of a RCA plug as I cut two of the plug's off of the one that came with the Vrx.

Finishing up I would recommend this little unit as it saves space and sure to get others to admire it and ask questions. Thanks for reading Fly high, fly fast, crash pretty
Posted by Band1 | Oct 02, 2016 @ 09:26 PM | 6,295 Views
This was my 2016 project , took 8 months every day ,it's almost done
With working lights ,sound and will move around soon....Continue Reading
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Alright, So this is my first drone building log.

My very first kit was the Hobbyking Spec V2 Quadcopter. I bought KK2.1 Flight Controller ( Never received but manage to get one from a friend), Turnigy 6X FHSS, B3AC Charger, One extra Turnigy 1000mah 20C Lipo ( puffed on first charge ). The first order came out to $ 150 US ( including fedex shipping ) I assembled the set and my first quadcopter was decent, only broke some Gemfan props nothing major.

Now I have 3 frames which are the following:

FPV250 Diatone: Arms break easily ( not to easy ), it cracked after trying to do a flip, but landed hard directly on the arm. I broke the motor completely ( the shaft snapped ), but surprisingly the Kingkong 5045 Survived the crash and nothing happend to the props.

QAV250 Carbon Fiber : Extremely Tough, flown twice now, a bit heavier than the Diatone frame. More room to put ESCs and lights. I paired it with KIngKong 2205 2300kv motor and Emax 12 Amp ESCs. Worked great but not with 20c Lipo, I ended up using 65C lipos. Overall great setup and on a budget. Motors and ESCs are $80 CAD in total.

QAV250 Fiber Glass : Pretty light, I finished with a weight of 379 grams ( not including the 20C Turnigy 1000mah Lipo ). I used Multistar 1704 1900kv motors, and I can hover at 30% throttle. The motors are about 18 grams each while the KingKong motors are 31 grams.

The props I recommend are any KingKong props, they are cheap and strong. Never buy Gemfans they break very...Continue Reading
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Sometimes "SuperEZ" is just what I need.

Not sure how I stumbled upon the plane, but I'm glad I did. It's not "GWS Slow Stick" slow, nor does it have the Conscendo glider's gliding ability, but it really is a fun flyer if you enjoy lazy predictable stress-free flying.

PNP is $129.99 at MotionRc so the price is certainly fair enough. Toss in a $6 LemonRx 6 channel receiver, (if you have a Spektrum radio), and a cheap HK 3s 1300mah battery and you're all set. I did have to add between 15-20gms of weight under the nose to get 65mm CG. The manual states 60mm, but 70mm is suggested on the SuperEZ thread.

Best viewed in Google Chrome at 1080p.

FMS SuperEZ 10-2-16 (5 min 59 sec)

Posted by Manuel Escobar | Oct 02, 2016 @ 08:18 PM | 2,107 Views
The second quad in the JJRC family to review this week.
I am liking this one. It is super stable considering how small it is.
Check it out and let me know what you think.

If you like it you can check it out here:

JJRC H32 Quadcopter - Unboxing, Review and Indoor Flight (15 min 1 sec)

Fly on guys!!
Posted by Batmanwpg | Oct 02, 2016 @ 08:17 PM | 4,741 Views
Been working on a new speed ship with hopes of passing my Fun Jet Ultra. Bigger is better, right? My set up included the motor from an EFlite Scimitar 32 size 1010 Kv, APC 9x9 prop, 100 amp ESC, 5 to 6S 3300 mah lipo. No room for 100 amp ESC inside with these battery sizes so it got mounted on top. Maiden with 5S and no issues. Slowing it down at altitude and adding full elevator showed straight forward high alpha and no stall. Plane flies as advertised like it's on rails. Five S showed she had good speed, motor, ESC and battery all cool. Tried 6S and it looks like its in the 170 mph and up range. I didn't mount the GPS today unfortunately. On my fourth flight I tried to see how fast the roll rate was and then something let go! That was the end of my new Bullit. The motor was planted about 8" into our mud/clay soil and took 1/2 hour just to get that sucker out using broken prop blades to dig around it. If the motor survives after cleaning I'll try another one.
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Pioneer III 3m, kit made by AR Flugmodelle (

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