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Posted by Jeff_1961 | Sep 10, 2021 @ 03:24 PM | 16,056 Views
I just got 4 of the P16 Actuonix linear actuators.

I went with the P16 instead of the L series, being that, I suppose, the P16 can run up to 12 volts, and the L-series,. which have the servo connectors, are only rated to 6 volts.

In any event, I am totally new to these.

So i got these 4 P16, and my plan is to use them to move the gear doors on my CARF P47.

currently, I am using pneumatics for the retracts and for the gear doors.

But what I have found, unlike the retracts that lock both ways, the gear doors, once up, the pressure from the cylinder does not hold. SO, during flight, I see the gear doors sag a bit

That was my interest in the linear servos, to see if it can solve the problem,

so, the ones I got have a 50 mm stroke distance / length.

My only concern is, how do i control it?

How can I make it so it works with my radio system?

And, can I program it to stop where I want it to???