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Posted by USKP01261 | Oct 21, 2021 @ 09:10 PM | 12,197 Views
MODEL: NESP Kestrel 2M
DESIGNER: Tom Peghiny
DATE: 1990s (est)
WING SPAN (in): 78.75
WING AREA (in^2): 718
AIRFOIL: selig 3021, chord =9.5 inch
LENGTH (in): 49
AUW (oz): 38.6
W/L(oz/sf): 7.7
POWER: sailplane
NOTES: Rudder, Elevator only no spoilers. Built per plan with exception of carbon fiber reinforcement on spar and very-very slight wing tip mod. Added about 5oz of lead in the nose for proper CG.
Posted by USKP01261 | Oct 17, 2021 @ 10:01 AM | 21,115 Views
DESIGNER: Lee Renaud (Ray Hayes -2003 revision - Skybench Aerotech)
DATE: ~1976 (2000s revision)
WING SPAN (in): 106 (modified)
WING AREA (in^2): 968 (est)
AIRFOIL: Flat bottom – 10% , max chord = 10 inch
LENGTH (in): 48.5
AUW (oz): 53.4
W/L(oz/sq-ft): 7.9
POWER: POWER: GliderDrive 840kV w/ 44mm HK aluminum spinner and graupner 11x6 prop.
NOTES: Mods: non-built-up empennage from extra Oly IIS kit, stretched wingspan, built w/o spoilers, wing cross members and riblets.
Posted by USKP01261 | Oct 07, 2021 @ 10:13 PM | 11,171 Views
MODEL: Conquistador (modified)
DESIGNER: Buzz Waltz
DATE: 1987
WING SPAN (in): 118
WING AREA (in^2): 1470
AIRFOIL: Flat bottom (~10%, est), max chord = 12 inch
LENGTH (in): 51.25
AUW (oz): 77.2
W/L(oz/sq-ft): 7.6
POWER: Great Planes AMMO inrunner 28-56, 3200kv w/feigao 380 planetary garbox (unkown ratio – maybe 4:1). 13x7 HK CF prop and 36mm diam aeronaut spinner w/ 4mm collet. I have no idea what the gear ratio is on this planetary gearbox, but it seems fine.
NOTES: RES w/ wings per Plan and modified fuselage for electric pod/boom. Initially built fuselage per plan but was super –dooooper tail heavy so rather than put a half ton of lead in the nose modified with rather heavy geared motor and carbon fiber shaft boom.