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Posted by whowhatwhere | Oct 10, 2021 @ 10:43 AM | 32,398 Views
A few quick pics of the stand I built a few years back. I didn't glue the Ts above the base, it's a bit easier to swivel them if I need when inserting or removing a plane, as it's a tight fit with some planes with fixed gear as can be seen on the crop duster. Choosing the width can be tricky, as it can have all kinds of issues with different planes, especially those with wing struts, and wing servos will also play into it.

The design I built works well with some planes, but not with others. The pics shows an example of the issues I encountered with fixed gear, and some fixed gear can also touch the plane below it. And the vertical spacing doesn't support both high and low wing configurations as well. But this is what I needed for my hanger, so I built it this way.

So, anyone who may decide to use my dimensions...YMMV (in a big way). I always thought I may make some adjustments eventually, such as the vertical spacing. But so far I haven't, it's working and no need to change it.

1.5" PVC
Width: 12"-13"
Verticals 7.5"
Base: 15" and 7.5" from center of + piece