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Arm to mount mirrors on a Tonka Summit
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Originally Posted by derelicte

Updating a virgin t16 with opentx is actually pretty easy but the first time can be overwhelming.

I'll give it a shot here:

1. download and install the latest opentx companion:

2. run companion and create a new radio, choose t16 and for the build options, make sure internalmulti is checked, along with lua and noheli (optional if you don't plan on flying helis). set channel order to aetr (or whatever you flashed on your multimodule. aetr is the recommended order if you are new to this)

3. make sure you select nightly builds in release channel pulldown in the app settings tab (the second tab)

4. it should tell you you need to download the latest opentx firmware. do it.

5. with the tx off plug in the usb cable. THE RADIO MUST BE TURNED OFF AND LEFT OFF!!!

5a. In some cases the STM32 boot loader will not be in place. With the radio turned off and connected to the computer, check in [control panel > all control panel items > devices and printers] and see if it is present. If not, run Zadig and update the drivers.

A dated, but still usable, description on how this is done can be found here. Go to step 2 of the document.

6. click the write fw to radio button on the left. this should update the fw on the radio.

7. download the latest horus sdcard image:

8. format a new sdcard as fat32 and extract the contents of the sdcard image to the sdcard.

9. pull out the jumpertx sdcard and install the new opentx one.

10. turn on the radio. you are done! go through the hardware calibration to set the analog inputs.