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Posted by RagwingFan | Oct 06, 2021 @ 01:45 PM | 11,284 Views
Sharing Links to my RCG Builds. Like/love to build. Got started in RC in early 90's. Spent 10 years or so. Built for myself and local hobby shop customers as well as friends (to support hobby). Took a break a couple times. The following are the addiction.

Realistic Models 1/4 sc Stinson 108-2. This was built in early 2000 right before I took a 13-14 yr or so break from the hobby. This is more of recap. It was an exact scale replica of my oldest brother's full scale. I was able to capture dimensions and pictures from his plane. I never flew it. Sold it when I left the hobby. I was my first attempt at Stits Lite and Polytone paint system. Hooked ever since. Beautiful stuff. Brison 2.4 powered.


World Engines Robinhood 99 semi scale Curtis Robin. First big build after 13-14 yr or o break. Had one back in late 90's. Great fun flyer. Stits Lite and Polytone paint system with semi scale pinked tape and stitches. Never flew before selling out a second time to friend. Several years later, still has not been maidened. She my come home one day. who knows. G-38 powered with Bennet Smoke system


This build was a Nosen Citabria bashed into a Bush Plane. Flaps added, tail feathers redesigned along with wingtips. I sold it when I took a second break to a good friend of mine handful years back. I just recently re-aquired. Time to finish paint and finish the...Continue Reading