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Posted by Blaze0021 | Oct 02, 2021 @ 11:29 AM | 10,486 Views
This is the performance flight of my new FMS Pilatus PC-21 1100mm PNP. An absolutely gorgeous plane, on the ground and in the air. Not particularly fast with the stock 5-bladed prop.. but if modified with any of the readily available FMS 10.5 x 8 4-bladed props, can boost it's performance by 20-25% and still keep it within the operating parameters of the stock motor and ESC. I also added a 2mm nylon washer around the hex portion of the motor / prop adapter to provide clearance for the motor to spin the Strega Spinner without any rubbing to the fuselage. I took a nylon washer and reamed it out to fit over the hex of the prop adapter, and the hex part still has enough comfortable bite for the spinner and prop when tightened. Then I dynamically balanced the whole assembly so that the prop throttle up is ultra fine smooth.

Overall, an extremely smooth pattern plane with jet-like qualities and sharp precision when tuned correctly. It is so very satisfying to fly and carries a lot of presence in the air.. eye candy for the RC Pilot and Spectator.

FMS Pilatus PC-21 1100mm PNP Performance Flight (5 min 1 sec)

Transmitter: Spektrum DX8 (G2)
Receiver: Spektrum AR630 (AS3X-Enabled)
Battery: Pulse 4S 2250mAh 45C Lipo (234 Grams)
CG: Range is 90-95mm (Flown at 92mm)
Flight Timer: 4:00 Minutes
Total Flight Time Spent: 3:57 Minutes
Post-Flight Battery Status: 38% at 15.26 Volts (~3.815 Volts / Cell)
Pilot: Me
Cameraman: Brad Lupher
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Posted by Blaze0021 | Sep 26, 2021 @ 09:33 AM | 26,030 Views
This is first Evening Flight of my newly acquired BNIB (discontinued old-stock) Eflite Pawnee Brave Night Flyer 1.2m BNF Basic.

Eflite Pawnee Brave Night Flyer 1.2m BNF Basic - First Evening Night Flight (6 min 30 sec)

1) Flaps Installed (Spektrum A330 9-gram Servo x 2)
2) APC 11x8.5e Prop and Dubro 1.75” Spinner Installed
3) Parkzone Mosquito 3.25” Soft Light Foam Wheels Installed
4) Ailerons set to maximum deflection on servo arm and horn
5) Elevator pushrod set to second from outermost hole
6) Rudder pushrod set to second from outermost hole
7) Using Pulse 3S 2250mAh 65C Lipos (186 grams)
8 ) 2 Coats of Minwax Satin Finish Polycrylic applied to airframe

This Pawnee is simply magic. I was at first apprehensive about flying this at night but as soon as I saw how effective the lights were, I was excited to get it up in the air. It simply glows and there’s no mistaking it’s presence.

The Pawnee Brave Night Flyer is definitely not a rocket ship, nor does it have unlimited vertical. But it excels in presence and demands finesse in the pilot to make it look the part in the air. I’m loving the fact that it actually pushes me to make it look real.. from the takeoff, coordinated turns, proper application of throttle when needed, and buttery landings that make you want to be in the pilot seat.

A plane that teaches me a new appreciation for flight is definitely value in my eyes. The fact that it completely lights up is just an added...Continue Reading
Posted by Blaze0021 | Aug 22, 2021 @ 12:36 AM | 28,439 Views
Since Horizon Hobby decided not to offer rear tail lights to the optional Eflite Ultrix 600mm LED Light Set (EFL02205), I decided to supplement their optional wing lights with more lights. I purchased from my LHS 1 UMX Timber Light Set (EFLI3956) and 2 Spektrum 3” Ultra Micro Extension Cables (SPMA2000) that they randomly had in stock.

I combined 3” Ultra Micro Extension Cables to make it a long cable and plugged it in to one of the open ports on the receiver. Then I routed it to the rear of the internal compartment where it connects directly to the UMX Timber Light Controller Board. The additional weight of all the wires and light set are just 5 grams.

Eflite Ultrix 600mm with Optional LED Wing Light Set & UMX Timber Light Set (1 min 13 sec)

Now it’s really lit for night flying.
Posted by Blaze0021 | Aug 11, 2021 @ 04:20 PM | 22,977 Views
This is the flight of my 4-year old Freewing Rebel V2 70mm EDF Jet, now with a custom airbrushed and decal’ed scheme / skin from Namco Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown “Strider 1 / Trigger.”

Freewing Rebel V2 70mm EDF Jet w/ Custom Ace Combat 7 Strider 1 (Trigger) Skin / Scheme (4 min 55 sec)

By comparison, to watch the original performance flight video of this Freewing Rebel 3 years ago with the stock scheme, click here:

Freewing Rebel V2 70mm EDF Jet PNP - Candid Flight (5 min 17 sec)
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Posted by Blaze0021 | Jul 07, 2021 @ 02:42 PM | 9,454 Views
A flight dedicated to two athletes in my all-star cheer gym that I coach at, whose mother passed away unexpectedly last week.

Twisted Hobbys / RC Factory 32" Gee Bee - Flight Dedicated to Kelly Leslie Walski and Family (3 min 8 sec)

"Kelly, I never knew you in person. However, I know your two wise, sweet, and thoughtful girls who I have gotten to know as awesome athletes at Cheer Central. They are wise beyond their years and are so thoughtful. And I guess in knowing them, I know you as well. You raised them right. 😊

Thank you for all that you have done for your family and you will never be forgotten.

The one thing I have learned about flying, is that in a way, these planes are more than just foam held together by glue and carbon fiber bones. They are instruments, much like a guitar to a musician. And when you think about it that way, how well a pilot flies their plane is much like how well a musician plays their instrument.

I was never really good with the guitar, but I am decent at piloting these planes. In that sense, let me “play” you a song in my own way.

Savannah once told me, “every rainstorm leaves a beautiful rainbow.” And it was a reminder for myself as well, that “every sad thing in life is just a moment and something beautiful will come out of it.” (She said that to me as well).

Thank you for everything and I hope that you are at peace.

Flight Dedicated to Kelly Leslie Walski and Family.

Always, Derick"
Posted by Blaze0021 | Jul 03, 2021 @ 06:15 PM | 8,405 Views
Cutting loose with my Twisted Hobbys MXS-C. I still have a ways to go, but I think I did okay.

Twisted Hobbys MXS-C -- Pilot: Derick Aquino (3 min 39 sec)

Sometimes I think I'm flying good, then I watch videos of Jase Dussia, Cody Wojcik, Jan Spatny, and other RC Factory Team Pilots with these Twisted Hobbys 3D planes and realize I need a lot more practice. LOL

Thanks Brad L. for getting the video!

Music: Undefeated by Skillet
Posted by Blaze0021 | Jun 28, 2021 @ 11:08 PM | 10,163 Views
Its been a while since I took this one out to stretch its wings. I almost forgot how much of a blast these little FMS Models are. When set up and tuned correctly, they're all little powerhouse performers. And the FMS Hawker Tempest V2 800mm is a testament to this.

FMS Hawker Tempest V2 800mm PNP 5th Year Flight Performance Test (5 min 21 sec)

Using a Lemon RX DSMX 7-Channel Stabilizer / Receiver, the only main modification that I made to this model was upgrading the stock 20-Amp ESC to an Eflite 30-Amp Pro Switch-Mode BEC Brushless ESC V2, and powered by a Pulse 3S 1350mAh 75 Lipo. Everything else is stock and original from 5 years ago.

This flight was its 5th year performance checkpoint.. and from what I could tell, there were no signs of any decline in performance. Tempestuous in nature, this model has always had some interesting quirks. Jam the throttle hard and it will pitch down and yaw left.. care and finesse on the throttle is a must. It has a very similar feel to an FMS 980mm High Speed Edition Model, but much more responsive. Landings can also be touchy and will definitely test pilot skill (as you will see in this video).

The FMS Hawker Tempest V2 800mm PNP was never a model suited for most.. and that is exactly what I love about it.
Posted by Blaze0021 | Jun 13, 2021 @ 08:16 PM | 37,216 Views
Just gotta love it when your flight vibes with a good song. I took out my 4-year old Parkzone ArtiZan 1.1m BNF this weekend for some aerobatic practice.

Parkzone ArtiZan 1.1m BNF w/AS3X Golden Hour Flight (5 min 0 sec)

I almost forgot how good this plane is at slowing down and savoring a maneuver. It seems like nowadays a common perception to making a plane better is to just throw more power at it. But the ArtiZan truly shines when you take a moment just to focus your skills on the sticks. This was one of those flights where everything just fell perfectly into place. The ArtiZan remains to be an understated but exceptional aerobat with no bad tendencies and point & shoot predictability - it goes where you want it to and you get what you give it. Perfect.

Add in King's Highway from the Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band and "issa vibe."


Transmitter: Spektrum DX8 (G2)
Receiver: Spektrum AR635 AS3X RX (Stock RX)
ESC: Eflite 30-Amp Pro Switch-Mode BEC Brushless ESC V2 (Stock ESC)
Battery: Pulse 3S 2250mAh 65C Lipo (186 Grams)
Throttle Timer: 5:00 Minutes
CG: Recommended is 76mm (Flown at 76mm)

Propeller: Xoar PJN 12x8 (25.9 Max Static Amps)
Wheels: Parkzone Mosquito 3.25" Wheels (Grass Field Configuration)
Exterior Trim: Custom Scheme using a spare Parkzone ArtiZan Decal Sheet

Aileron: 100% w/ 15% Expo
(Aileron Rod Placement - Innermost Hole)
Elevator: 110% w/ 4% Expo
(Elevator Rod Placement - Innermost Hole)
Rudder: 100% w/ 14% Expo
(Rudder Rod Placement - 2nd From Innermost Hole)

Pilot: Me
Cameraman: Robert "Doc" Mickelsen
Shot With: iPhone 11
Music: King's Highway by Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band
Posted by Blaze0021 | May 31, 2021 @ 11:38 PM | 26,982 Views
“One second it’s on the ground.. Mike turns to say hi to Alexa, and the next second its already hovering.. LOL”

Despite the rainy weekend, I was finally able to get my new RocHobby MXS V2 in the air for a joyride. Here’s a candid flight video from the flightline with Mike on the cam, and Sean, Joe, and Alexa hanging out. Enjoy! 👍✌️

RocHobby MXS V2 PNP 1100mm Flight Video (4 min 41 sec)

Transmitter: Spektrum DX8 (G2)
Receiver: Spektrum AR630 (AS3X-Enabled)
Battery: Pulse 3S 2250mAh 65C Lipo (186 Grams)
CG: Range is 85-90mm (Flown at 90mm)

Nylon-Hinged Control Surfaces

Aileron: 90% with 42% Expo
Elevator: 100% with 35% Expo
Rudder: 100% with 15% Expo
Servo Travel: 100% All Surfaces

Aileron Gain: 44%
Elevator Gain: 60%
Rudder Gain: 70%
Sensitivity: 1x
Posted by Blaze0021 | May 16, 2021 @ 02:49 PM | 32,990 Views
FMS ASW-17 PNP 2500mm Glider Flight (11 min 22 sec)

With a 2500mm wing span, you would probably guess that the FMS ASW-17 is a complicated and daunting model. Nothing could be further from the truth. With clip-in / click attachments for the wing and tail surfaces, this model was very easy to assemble with no tools required.

I also had a Turnigy Large Glider Backpack which makes transporting and storing this model even easier:

Flying this model was every bit as satisfying. I could not ask for a better glider model that satisfies every "tick" in my "must have" requirements - Easy to assemble / disassemble / transport, large (its bigger than myself), a lot of power for the size, every RC cliche you can say like "flies on rails" (I dislike that saying btw.. the last thing I saw fly on rails was a Ford Bronco that flew off a guard rail on I-25).

An amazing FMS PNP glider model, it is definitely, "Bigger than life."

1) RX - Spektrum AR630 antenna-less RX (AS3X-enabled)
2) TX - Spektrum DX8 (G2)
3) Lipo - Pulse 4S 2250mAh 45C (234 grams)
4) CG - 77mm from leading edge of main wing (Range is 70-80mm)
4) Throttle Timer - Set to 5 Minutes
5) Control Rod Placement - Per Manual
6) Rates - All surfaces (Aileron / Elevator / Rudder) set to 125% with 5% Expo to the Elevator only.
7) Flap Settings:
Flaps Up at -100% with 0% Down Elevator
Mid Flaps...Continue Reading
Posted by Blaze0021 | Apr 19, 2021 @ 12:32 AM | 9,394 Views
Here is my Dancing Wings Hobby 1.2m wingspan Eagle enjoying a brisk Sunday flight with the rest of the guys here at the field. Internal specs and additional info described after 6 seconds into the video.

Dancing Wings Hobby 1.2m Eagle Presentation Flight (8 min 51 sec)

I apologize in advance for this long video, but the full video was just too much fun to watch in its entirety. I had also already been flying 4 minutes into the lipo pack until I asked Mike to catch some close flybys with his iPhone 11. He just ended up recording the whole thing which actually turned out great.

The Dancing Wings Hobby Eagle 1.2m is definitely in a category of its own with it’s unique fun factor. And with the current setup (specs and info described within 6 seconds into the video), this evil eagle is more than able to “doppelgäng” the real thing.. that is, until you see it barrel roll, loop, immelman, split-s, fly inverted, and zoom climb straight up LOL.

This bird is a keeper!!


Motor: DYS 2830 1300KV BL
Propeller: APC 8X4.1 SF 3D
Receiver: Spektrum AR630 Wireless
Transmitter: Spektrum DX8 G2
ESC: Eflite 30a Pro Switch-Mode BEC BL ESC
Servos: Twisted Hobbys ICE 9g Digital Micro (4)
Agility Modification: Ailerons Added To Main Wing
Battery: Pulse 3S 1350mAh 75C (116 Grams)
AUW: 530 Grams
CG: 60mm From Leading Edge of Main Wing
Forward Programming: AS3X-Only
Rates: Aileron 80% w/ 1% Expo Elevator 100% w/ 1% Expo Rudder 100% w/ 0% Expo
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Posted by Blaze0021 | Apr 08, 2021 @ 06:46 PM | 9,796 Views
“The smile at the end was genuine.” - Here is a lightly gusty Golden Hour Maiden Flight of my new Eflite UMX A-10 Thunderbolt II 30mm Twin EDF. If there was one word I could use to describe flying this, it would be "SATISFYING."

Music Video Edit (for those that just wanna BRRRRT):
Eflite UMX A-10 Thunderbolt II 30mm Twin EDF Golden Hour Maiden Flight (4 min 17 sec)

Audio Purist Edit (raw sound with no music):
Eflite UMX A-10 Thunderbolt II 30mm Twin EDF Golden Hour Maiden Flight (No Music) (4 min 17 sec)
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Posted by Blaze0021 | Jan 25, 2021 @ 03:13 PM | 16,081 Views
This is the Maiden Flight of my Parkzone Albatros D.Va 1070mm BNF, won from a Private Seller off of eBay and purchased brand new in the box (BNIB).

Parkzone Albatros D.Va WWI 1070mm BNF Maiden Flight (4 min 19 sec)

I will still never forget the time I walked into my local hobby shop eight years ago and saw this model on sale for $149.99. But because I was new to the hobby and only learning the basics with a Hobbyzone Champ at the time, I walked away from this model.

I regretted that decision.. as this model, along with the SE5a was shortly discontinued.

However, things worked out in the end and I managed to find this one again. I don't regret getting this one at all - It is a beautiful WWI flying icon with a rich history behind it. This model flies beautifully scale and is all eye-candy with a lot of presence.. either on the ground or soaring through the air.

Something unique, something special. I like it a lot, and I'm grateful to have found the Parkzone Albatros D.Va again. They definitely don't make them like this anymore.

1) Spektrum EFLR310013 Apprentice S AS3X / SAFE RX.
2) Carbon fiber flat spar .057" x .177" x 17.0" embedded in bottom wing.
3) Light detailing applied to plastic engine.
4) Minwax Satin Finish Polycrylic-protected airframe (2 Coats).

1) Transmitter - Spektrum DX8 G2.
2) Battery - Roaring Top 3S 1800mAh 45C Lipo (152 Grams).
3) Center of Gravity - 60mm from leading edge of top wing.
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Posted by Blaze0021 | Jan 17, 2021 @ 01:07 PM | 20,401 Views
This is the flight of my FlightLine 1.2m Hawker Sea Fury FB.11, jamming to All Along The Watchtower (Cover) by Playing For Change.

The FlightLine 1.2m Hawker Sea Fury FB.11 (5 min 1 sec)

I used the following parts to make my own "Hawker Sea Fury Sport Power Set FLW20113" that is being sold by Motion RC and installed it:

1) FlightLine 3648-880KV Brushless Motor
2) APC 12x8E Propeller (Dynamically Balanced)
3) Dubro 3" Spinner (Dynamically Balanced)

Using a Roaring Top 4S 3300mAh 70C Lipo (358 grams), I also added 2.25 ounces of flat self-stick ballast weights hidden in the nose section to balance to the recommended CG.

What was already a great warbird is now even better!

Pilot: Me
Cameraman: Brad Lupher

Thanks for Watching!
Posted by Blaze0021 | Jan 03, 2021 @ 12:38 PM | 16,219 Views
To my family and friends in TX, this flight is for you.

This is just me jammin away in my "Dallas Doll" Eflite P-51D Mustang 1.1m wingspan BNF Basic to some Ace Combat 7's OST "Magic Spear" (bonus points for this song hitting just right).

Eflite P-51D Mustang 1.1m BNF Basic Performance Flight - The Dallas Doll (4 min 44 sec)

A little backstory on this Dallas Doll. Three years ago, I had driven two hours up north to pick this one up at a private seller's home. Sadly, this Dallas Doll was only flown several times and was then left in the garage to collect dust and some light hangar rash. The seller decided to part with it for $100 to make quick cash towards his upcoming purchase of a Flightline La-7.

This P-51D Dallas Doll needed a little bit of love and attention, but nothing significant that would require an overhaul and surgery. I brought her home and went to work. My intention was to keep this Mustang as one of the few 3S planes I have in my fleet (most of my warbirds are 4s), so I made sure to max out it's performance with some upgrades. The anemic 9.8x6 4-blade stock prop was replaced with a new FMS 10.5x8 4-blade prop. The stock 30a ESC was replaced with a new Skypower 60a ESC w/ 6a SBEC. The airframe was gently cleaned and any hangar rash was refinished and restored. Lastly, the airframe has been double-coated with Minwax Satin-Finish Polycrylic.

It's surprising that I never took a video for this model that I've had for three years, but it was long overdue.. Thanks again Brad for an excellent video capture on your iPhone 6!
Posted by Blaze0021 | Oct 31, 2020 @ 06:28 PM | 19,972 Views
"I'm an RC Test Pilot.. If I duck, you should too." ��

A windy day flight in my custom ZOHD Dart XL Extreme 1000mm wingspan "Highwind."

I miscalculated the down-draft on a full-throttle downwind pass and well..

ZOHD Dart XL Extreme w/ Eflite F-27 Parts Upgrade & Lighting Mod Windy Day Flight (Profanity Alert) (3 min 45 sec)

1) Motor & Mount - Eflite BL10 1920KV (F-27 Evolution)
2) ESC - Eflite 40a Lite Pro Switch-Mode BEC Brushless ESC V2 (F-27 Evolution)
3) Propeller - Eflite 155mm x 122mm Propeller (F-27 Evolution)
4) RX - Lemon RX DSMX 7-Ch Diversity Stabilizer / Receiver (LM0033)
5) Battery - Admiral Pro 4S 2500mAh 50C Lipo
6) Navigation / Collision Lighting - Eflite Universal Light System
7) HeadLight Front Beams - RC4WD 1/10 Baja Designs Squadron Light Units
8) Rear Backing Plate Reinforcement - Micro Nylon L-Brackets x 2 (from Home Depot)

Watch the first flight video of my custom Dart XL Extreme 1000mm Wingspan "Highwind" on it's 100th flight:

ZOHD Dart XL Extreme 1m Wingspan w/ Eflite F-27 Parts Upgrade & Lighting Mod - 100th Flight (6 min 4 sec)
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Posted by Blaze0021 | Oct 25, 2020 @ 12:50 PM | 17,564 Views
This is the flight of my 1230mm wingspan TechOne Neptune 64mm EDF Jet Wing, modified for 4S flight.

TechOne Neptune 64mm EDF Jet Wing 4S Performance Flight (4 min 39 sec)

1) Receiver - Lemon RX DSMX 7-Ch Diversity Stabilizer / Receiver
2) ESC - Hitec Energy Sport 40a ESC
3) Battery - Tattu 4S 1800mAh 75C Lipo
4) EDF Unit - FMS 2840-3150KV Motor / 11-Blade Ducted Fan Unit
5a) Internal Cooling - Custom 3D-Printed Ram Air Intake Scoop (Lipo / ESC Cooling)
5b) Internal Cooling - Additional Rear Hatch Exhaust Outlets Cut (1:3 Inlet-Outlet Ratio)
6) Servos - Hitec HS-5055MG 9-Gram Metal Gear Servos x 2
7) Structural Rigidity - .057" x .177" x 11" Carbon Fiber Flat Spars x 2 (channeled and inserted in between the fuselage and wing sections)

I've had this EDF wing for several years now, but it's never had any spotlight time until now. This is absolutely one of my favorite and unique wings that I've kept to myself from social media until my friend Robert decided to record my flight yesterday. The grass was also at the right height and smoothness to attempt a take-off from, as well as a touch and go. Very much to my surprise, both were easy to do, and is another fun/unique feature from this already cool EDF wing.

It's a shame that there aren't many (if at all) of these EDF wings in production anymore. Despite the poor TechOne equipment it came out of the box with (a stock motor lead that had a wire separate on inspection, malfunctioning ESC, and a busted plastic servo), The Neptune is really a brilliant EDF Wing design that comes alive when quality internals are installed. I'm hoping that there will be an EDF wing re-release of something like it from one of the current reputable manufacturers in the future.
Posted by Blaze0021 | Sep 26, 2020 @ 10:56 PM | 17,939 Views
A follow-up to my previous video, here is a 3S Flight Video of my Eflite UMX Waco Monoplane Golden Age Fantasy #7 “Lorenz Racer”. Thank you Robert for getting the flight footage, and thank you Brad for the custom personalized decals.

Eflite UMX Waco Monoplane Golden Age Fantasy #7 "Lorenz Racer" 3S Performance Flight (4 min 17 sec)

“Just because it hasn’t been built yet, doesn’t mean it can’t be built.”

The UMX Waco Monoplane Golden Age Fantasy #7 “Lorenz Racer”. Named after David Lorenz, the Regional Park it was born and is currently flown in.

Powered by an Eflite 3S 300mAh 30C Lipo with an Eflite BL180 3000KV Motor / Eflite 5x2.75 Prop combo, and additionally cooled with a custom-painted “Ram Air” Spoon Scoop and Hidden Vented Cockpit Exhaust. A Carbon Fiber Flat Spar is embedded in the main wing for rigidity. All of the old carbon fiber connection wire bits have been sanded and painted over to match the scheme. The old connections to the interplane struts and fuselage joiner have been covered with their original plastics which have been sanded so it looks like it was made that way. A UMX Champ S White Prop Spinner and Custom Decals by Brad Lupher finishes the model.

Idea Inspired by The Golden Age of Air Racing:

The Golden Age Of Air Racing (50 min 20 sec)
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Posted by Blaze0021 | Sep 15, 2020 @ 09:59 PM | 17,183 Views
I got bored with my slow and lackadaisical UMX Waco and was about to sell it as it is just never flown enough in my fleet. That is, until I saw a few 1930’s Air Racers and got a modding idea to give it a new lease on life. 😈

Eflite UMX Waco Golden Age Fantasy Monoplane Racer Test Flight (3 min 49 sec)

The top wing was gently removed. An 8” .034” x .121” flat carbon fiber flat spar has been inserted in the main wing for rigidity. All of the detailing is complete. All of the old carbon fiber connection wire bits have been sanded and painted over to match the scheme. The old connections to the interplane struts and fuselage joiner have been covered with their original plastics which I sanded so it looks like it was made that way.

The Test Flight was more than successful with the stock Eflite BL180 3000KV Motor. I placed the Turnigy Nano-Tech 2S 300mAh 35C lipo (16 grams) as far back in the internal compartment (just a half inch in front of the AS3X RX) to account for the lack of lift and CG compensation, and it balanced well for neutral handling.

Flight characteristics are quicker and much more responsive, with basic aerobatics, knife edges, inverted flight, and even flat turns. This is now one awesome plane with a unique Gee Bee-esque feel!

Plans to upgrade to an Eflite BL180 3600KV Motor and 120mm X 70mm Tri-Blade Prop are a go.

The UMX Waco Golden Age Fantasy Monoplane Racer is born. ⭐️

(To all the doubters who thought that this wasn't going to work, or thought that it wouldn't fly well.. thank you. You pushed me to innovate and succeed. And this plane now flies even better than it did stock.)

Thanks for watching!
Posted by Blaze0021 | Aug 30, 2020 @ 06:07 PM | 21,298 Views
It really takes a unique plane to keep my interest in flying it consecutively for over a month. This is one of them - My customized Twisted Hobbys F-22 Raptor. No matter when and where I fly, it captures much attention.

Twisted Hobbys F-22 Raptor Custom Build Weekend Day/Night Flight Special (3 min 11 sec)

Dual Rudder Setup with (2) ICE 9-Gram Servos
Castle Creations Talon 15-Amp ESC w/ 8-Amp (Peak) BEC
PT Model 8x4 Carbon Fiber Prop
Eflite Universal Light System
Twisted Hobbys MXS-C Side Force Generators

Transmitter: Spektrum DX8 G2
Receiver: Lemon RX LM0033 DSMX 7-Ch Diversity Stabilizer / Receiver
Battery: Turnigy Nano-Tech 3S 850mAh 30C Lipo (67 grams)
AUW: 314 Grams
Song: Ace Combat 7 - Dual Wielder

What a fun-filled weekend!

Thank you Andy, Alex, Rick, and Family for capturing some great flight clips today, as well as Robert for the night flight clip!

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