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Posted by lasakro | Sep 19, 2021 @ 01:11 AM | 9,191 Views
Built 2019- First large heli

ESC- Castle Talon 120 HV
Motor: Align RMC-BL800MX 520KV
Batteries: Gens ACE 5Ah 6S 45C GA-B1018
Main Blades: RotoStar 690mm
Cyclic Servos: KST DS725MG
Tail Servo: KST DS525MG
Receivers: FrSky RX8R Pro & X8R
FBL Controller: Bavarian Demon AXON
Telemetry: FrSky Smart Port Sensors SP2UART (Voltage), SP-RPM (RPM & Temp)
Gearing: Pinion- 13T, Main- 115T
Posted by lasakro | Jan 17, 2017 @ 08:20 PM | 5,074 Views
What better way to complement your RC hobby than the ability to build your own parts. Well this winter I decided to build my first 3D printer. This will provide an index for other users to find mods that I have created and placed on Thingiverse for others to enjoy for their Tarantulas. In addition to the mods below the MKS Base controller was replaced with a DuetWifi.