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Posted by salrica | May 23, 2017 @ 03:08 PM | 5,347 Views
When I go to the flying field I ask her if she would come with me, she knows what I need her for, to be there to watch others.
But sometimes she is a pain in the .....
The first time everything went well, she liked and even she had did it right, some kids playing with a dog and she would let me know when they were too close, kids.
But other times it was tragedies, one after another, she wasn't happy but persisted, for me and others safety.
One time it was hot, she was looking for a shade, it's an open field! She was walking one side to the other instead of keeping eyes on others, and talking alone! To her self! It's too hot, I don't understand how and why you like to fly it is waaayyy too hot! Walking and talking, nobody around just the 2 of us, lol.
The next time she asked me if she could stay in the truck with the AC running, I let you know if someone comes close, W>? How? I asked her, by text message, she replied.......
One time we were having a good time, perfect weather, nobody around, just us, she got excited because of that, she even bought an small 3 leg chair, have never seen one, next time she was expecting the same, she brought the small chair with her and ready to spend some time with me, everything was going perfect, until she decided to sit in the chair, tragedy, I just heard an loud ouch! And cursing the chair, she was on the ground! Somehow the chair made a hole in the ground and bum, there she went, legs on the air and her back on the ground, she...Continue Reading
Posted by salrica | Jan 16, 2017 @ 12:47 AM | 7,714 Views
Head shaft/spindle, cheaper than BG.
Get the ones from Banggood as this are not the originals

Spin 16000kv motor, cheaper than stock, lots of power and paired with Graphene or glacier packs no bogging, would say that I have same power as k120 but on k110, LOL
Direct fit, no mods, just use hcp80 main motor pinion

Pinion, stock pinion would not fit on spin motor shaft, different size, so I used the pinion that comes with hcp80 main motor, same size as spin motor shaft

Servo, same as stock

JST mini-connector for servos

Heat shrink

Turbo tail motor, would like to use this motor, maybe next upgrade (forget about this tail motor, been told that is not worth it)

JST connector, ESC / battery

ESC calibration

Japanese screwdriver

Mini screws

Solid boom

Head bearings

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