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Episode 140: "Pickles and Mayo" is now live!

In this episode, the gang talks about new products, new events, and their current projects.
-Hangar 9 Fun-Scale P-47 (4:00)
-DJI Mavic 3 (26:00)
-Fitz's Flotilla Feedback (39:00)
-Round Top RC Expo (53:20)
-Lifers (1:06:45)
-Workbench Updates (1:12:20)
-Valencia Reborn (1:20:20)
-1/2A Dreams (1:45:00)

You can visit our website at to listen over the web or download an MP3 of the show. Or, you can subscribe to RC Roundtable on iTunes.

We would love to read your comments and ideas. Please drop us an email: [email protected].
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If the police were making proper use of riot guns at riots it would never have been an issue.

There are a lot of rights in this country. You don't have the right to destroy someone else's property or to steal their stuff.

I believe you have the right to defend your self and your property. If you get hurt committing a crime you should not be able to sue your victim.
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🧐Yep Les Amis,
Après midi relax avec LilRock. Nous sommes sur l'hippodrome pour une petite session de chasing et de FPV à bord de la DBX07. Elle est équipée d'une Caddx Nebula pour la partie FPV (support à imprimer en lien en dessous) et de la DJI Action 2 pour la vidéo stabilisée. Yacine va donc s'amuser à pister ma DBX avec son Véga Gravity 6 pouces équipé de la Héro 10. Bon film à tous ... Prenez soin de vous (et des autres) et merci à tous pour votre soutien .

FPV Chasing Détente - DBX07 Vs Vega Gravity - Annonce BLACK FRIDAY ! (12 min 54 sec)

- ZD Racing DBX 07 Pack RTR / Entrepôt CN (Coupon BGVehicles10) :
- ZD Racing DBX 07 Pack KIT / Entrepôt CN (Coupon BGVehicles10) :
- DJI Action 2 ( coupon BGc255ba ) :
- Minis Drapeaux HGLRC :
- Boitier Caddx à imprimer (TPU pour moi) :

- TABLEAU DES PROMOS ET COUPONS 2021 RC et ACCESSOIRES (remis à jour quotidiennement, en utilisant ces liens, vous aidez la chaîne, ) :

😋 Tableau provisoire pour le BLACK FRIDAY :

- Si Vous voulez aider la chaîne avec un don (tous les dons servent à alimenter les vidéos en produits ou...Continue Reading
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I got out on the slope again this week - Yea !
Once again as I walked up I had nice sunshine and temps in the 40's.
I started with The "SALLY " and was enjoying the sun as she scooted around the sky,not long into the flight the sky turned dark as a line of snow squalls moved in with gusts over 30 mph and Grovel {ice pellets } unlike the snow this past Tuesday these stung .
After a couple of minute of survival flying and turning sideways to the wind to protect my face,the weather brightened back up and I flew for around a hour ,landing a couple of times to change/fine tune some settings on my radio and shift the cg a bit .
My buddy the big red tailed hawk even made a appearance and we cruised around together up high above the hill for a couple of minutes before he flew back behind the hill .

By now the breeze was pretty stead coming up the hill so I put the "Sizzle" up.
I had not flown her since last spring ,it still amazes me how a 12oz wing can fly so well in 20 +plus wind ,like her bigger sister The Knife Edge you just add down trim as the wind picks up and she goes faster and faster
I was planning to fly her the rest of the afternoon but after 20 minutes or so my left elevon started to flip out/glitch.
I was lucky to get her back on the ground without having to retrieve her from the thick nasty stuff ,by the time I got to her the control surface was continually oscillating up and down ,will trouble shoot that later.

It was too nice a day to stop with just 2 planes flown {and too long a summer with out getting out on the slope } so up went my trusty Knife Edge wing ,my first 48"combat wing , she has been flown hard ,crashed and redone a couple of times,is still a great flyer.
After another 1/2 hr or so I had my fill {and was ready for a cup of coffee that I knew my wife would have ready}.
A Good outing,I will sleep well tonight
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Okay, so I finally got around to creating a template for the Longhorn. I may make some changes to it, so don't get too attached.
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Cut her out yesterday.....Flight ready today
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I’m looking to buy a Sc8 if anyone has one laying around? Thank you!!!
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Welcome Aboard my Blog on the Proboat Horizon Harbor 30 Inch Tug Boat RTR!

When I first saw that this RC Tug was released, I was overjoyed, and thought it might FINALLY give everyone a great opportunity to dip their toes into Scale RC Tug Boating... AND even have the ability to help other RC Mariners of all persuasions get their boats back home if they had a mishap.

I LOVED the Concept... it appeared Sturdy, Proud-looking, Easy to Operate and Maintain... and after viewing the Instructions on the Web, I finally ordered one thru a friend that helps me out with online purchases.

Mind, you I had spent HOURS evaluating Forums here on RC in addition to watching videos on YouTube and reading the comments. I knew that the Proboat Horizon Harbor 30 Inch Tug Boat had a checkered Reputation... but, I was hooked...

Now, bear with me as I must Digress:

You see, as a child I had spent countless hours in the waters of The Port of Los Angeles. My late Father was in the Coast Guard Auxiliary and thru him I had many experiences that made tremendously huge impacts upon me... my Parents Loved me Dearly and despite their own divorce, hoped and planned for me to attend the USCG Academy and pursue a Career as a Mom wanted me on a Buoy Tender... my Dad wanted me on a Patrol Vessel... and as for me... after they divorced and Mom hauled us kids back towards Chicago as Winter came, I started thinking that busting ice might be Fun no matter where the Coast Guard sent me!

...Continue Reading
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Zoo Racing has finally entered the highly competitive 1/12th racing class with the Drakster body shell.
This LMP body shell received a groundbreaking new design to reach a new level of high performance.
Ultra downforce and efficient airflow allow ultra-sharp cornering and direction changes.
At the same time the rear is planted on the track. hobbystar
This creates an easy to drive and super fluent handling on all types of tracks. To create this fast body, ZooRacing re-developed all areas from the front to the rear. Starting with a true front splitter, narrow and aerodynamic efficient front wheelhouses and its optimised sleek air outtakes, followed by the advanced cab forward design and the efficient rear spoiler. The body is very low, according to the latest generation of 1:12 pan car designs. The whole surface of the Drakster is smooth and without any sharp corners, that could create unwanted turbulences keeping the body very efficient and stable in any racing situation.
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Taking a look at the new BetaFPV Micro Module for ExpressLRS

BetaFPV Micro TX ExpressLRS Module - OLED Display & RGB Review (19 min 27 sec)

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Building, flying, and competing with RC scale planes takes time and money. As the year winds down, I'm trying to finish a Nakajima B5N2 Kate by December 7, when 80 years ago that plane led the attack on Pearl Harbor. Matsuo Fuchida, the attack leader, accepted Christ after the war. It's a pride thing that this is my first scratch build from my own plans. It's been challenging, but I've learned a lot.

The Lord has brought Proverbs 28:19* to mind as I press toward my self-imposed deadline. The verse is a good warning and has caused a check in my walk with Jesus. The Fellowship of Christian Modelers ( is one organization that exists to help modelers improve their relationship with God and those they love. Being well-balanced requires hard work, a certain life-vigilance, and places this great hobby in its place behind our Lord, job, and family. (FCM is free to join.)

*"A hard worker has plenty of food, but a person who chases fantasies ends up in poverty" (Proverbs 28:19).
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This is my second assembly of a Precision Aerobatics XR 61T airplane. I thought I might take a minute to share several steps I’ve taken to make my assembly go smoother.

Right out of the box, and before doing anything else:

1. Gently remove the canopy from the fuselage and use CA or thin-epoxy to surface-harden the rear of the canopy in the area where the latch mechanism contacts the canopy. This prevents the latch pin from digging into and destroying the rear former while snapping the canopy in place. Use caution in handling the fuselage while the canopy is removed. The upper portion of the firewall is VERY fragile (see next step) and is prone to breakage!!

2. The top of the firewall is not only fragile, but also too exposed with the canopy removed and is prone to breakage during the assembly process. I’ve found that the plane doesn’t suffer from a little weight up front, so a stiffener is in order (see photos). Making sure to leave a small amount of clearance around the area where the motor box is to be installed, I made a paper template, then cut a doubler plate from 3/32" plywood. With the doubler temporarily in place, mark the holes for the canopy pins, do any fine-tuning of the shape, and double check that it won’t interfere with installation of the motor box. Drill out the holes for the canopy pins and attach the doubler to the front of the firewall (see photos) using thin CA.

3. Getting the gap between the top of the vertical stab and the
...Continue Reading
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I have been trying to get some replacement parts for my Dynam Turbo Jet and nothing!
Sure you can go to MotionRC-EU and pay almost $90 US for shipping from their location overseas!
Or go to Bitgohobby and pay top $$$ for the parts and moderate shipping from North USA.

I am posting the ON-LINE Help from MotionRC here in the USA and notice that they didn't even suggest Dynam themselves.
Oh, well.....

I am convinced that most of these USA RC Hobby distributors (Except perhaps Banana Hobbies) are pushing these large and heavy RC FOAM models that require 6-Cells and at times 8-cells Lithium Polymer as they are getting a large profit margin on these larger batteries. They make their $$$ mostly on the other items besides the Models themselves. A typical 6-Cell, 5,000mAH Li-POLY battery runs in the range of $95 - $110 from MotionRC (USA) and if you get those "SMART" batteries you will spend upwards of $180 for the 100C discharge at Spektrum.

Both, my Dynam Grand Cruiser and Dynam Citation 550 Turbo Jet only requires a 3-Cell, 2200mAH, 35C Lithium Polymer battery packs and they perform excellent. No need for 4-Cells, 5-Cells, or 6-Cells!

I have seen a few RC Jet and Prop airplane models up at Banana Hobbies that still have models that fly with just 4-cells for Jets but, again it is my thoughts that the entire hobby here in the USA is making $$$ hand over ASHE on these large 6-Cell packs!

What say you?
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Chicken Soup for the Soul.....after yesterday's disappointment, I decided I needed a "feel good"...cut her out this morning...starting the paint job now....
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Howdy people,

soooo finally Runcam was allowed to make an official DJI-digital setup :P Took long enough! I guess Caddx rubbed DJI the wrong way in some way or another (?)

BUT! Is this Runcam Link thing good enough? What about value for $$$ ??

Link to it: Runcam Link + Phoenix HD + Air unit

Well then. Let's see if it is any good...

Runcam + DJI Link and Phoenix HD - Digital Camera Setup - REVIEW (15 min 4 sec)

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Well, yesterday ended in disaster for the Scrap Glider....I was moving the airplane from one portion of the shop to another, stumbled (not paying attention) and crushed the airframe...broke the fuse in half and the wing in 3 places....I guess she was never meant to fly ...Guess I'll start on something else...POOP !

There's a small step between the new and old portions of the shop, and I missed....just clumsy..I feel lucky I didn't break anything more than the airplane, or require stitches somewhere.....could have been a lot worse
Posted by Zzx | Nov 18, 2021 @ 12:05 AM | 7,435 Views
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Getting back into fixed wing FPV. Here’s my new setup:

AS sensor
Turnigy 9X RC
DragonLink LRS
RFD900 Telemetry
5.8 GHz FPV gear
5200mAH 3s
808 #16 B Lens HD Camera