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Banggood is having a up to 80% off sale on Multi rotors

Gearbest is having a Summer Toy Sale

Have to edit some video and I can post servo 3 and 4 ..
Once done I might see what it takes to destroy one of these servos .

Hmmmm , Should probably use some in a RC project ( a glider perhaps )
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Sent for review by: Gearbest

Product page.

More oximeters

First , time for a story : This be a true tale . Recently my mother went into hospital for blood clots in the lungs . Quite frankly it was nearly fatal . Let me explain , for a few months my mothers health and mobility began to slide . Now my mother can be stubborn and she refused to go to the doctor as her regular doctor was on holidays and she had an appointment with a specialist a few weeks on . One day my mother took a marked turn for the worse and I told my brother that if she did not go to hospital she would probably die , so we called in a home visit doctor ( since my mother refused to go see a doctor ) . Anyhow the home visit doctor confirmed things were dire and called the ambulance . At first it was suspected that my mothers heart was failing but after some testing it was diagnosed as blood clots in the lungs ( From her legs ) . Anyhow blood clots are bad , because if they go to the wrong place it could be almost instant death !

What the blood clots in the lungs were doing was blocking / restricting oxygen - blood flow . And the symptoms are a lot like a failing heart . So this brings us to the Fingertip Pulse Oximeter , nope we didn't have one at the time . In no way shape or form am I suggesting that this product replaces visiting a doctor , but what I might suggest is that the pulse oximeter might re-enforce the need to visit a doctor . Think of it like checking the oil in...Continue Reading
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As the post suggests : Testing a bunch of 9g servos . Fasttech.com was kind enough to send me some of their budget 9g servos .
The ones I got are labeled Tower Pro , ( ? ) same servo - different label ( My guess )

These are sold as a 4 pack .

And I personally love 9g servos , is there anything more important than affordable servos for the RC hobby ?
I still have boxes of 9g servos I acquired around a decade ago from HK .
Unfortunately those servos are not so cheap any more .

And what I really don't like about servo testing , is testing a single servo ..
So thanks to the kindness of fasttech.com I have some 8 servos for testing .

So I guess the most important thing about servos is how well they center !
And the second would be how they deal with load . ( ? )

So this simple test is about centering and load .
By no means is this a scientific / laboratory - quality test ..
1) The servos are double sided taped to my table ( flex + movement )
2) I use a BBQ skewer to magnify centering .. We are talking about 25 centimeters
3) These could be the cheapest servos money can buy ( 9g )

Also I am sort of refining on the fly , so ?

9g Servo ( Test ) Servo No1 ( from 8 ) (5 min 21 sec)

So this is servo No1 tested ...
1) I sort of noticed that the servo seemed to sound better after some weight lifting
2) Dont know that it centers better ?
3) Didn't break at least or burn out

9g servo test 2 ( 2 from 8 ) (5 min 52 sec)

Servo No2 tested :
So what might happen with servo No3
1) I might do a before and after centering video to see if weight lifting helps to run in the servo .
2) My cam did not start recording the 100Gram test , so I ended up doing it last ( My bo-bo )
3) 6 More servos to test .
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KLARUS Mi6 - Product page Sent for review by Fasttech.com

Product page @ Klarus

•CREE XP-G3 LED, lifetime up to 50,000 hours.[img]
•Two lighting levels.
•Working Voltage: 1.0V-1.5V.
•Compatible Batteries: 1 x AAA battery.
•Reflector: Lens.
•Switch Types: Twist.
•Dimension: (Head) 13.6mm (0.54") x (Overall Length) 60mm (2.36").
•Weight: 8g (0.28oz) (w/o battery).
•Material: Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy 6061-T6.
•Accessories Included: 1 x O-Ring, 1x AAA Battery, 1x Key Ring.

For review I have the diminutive Klarus Mi6 AAA flashlight . The Mi6 is small and it vanishes in what ever pocket you put it into . I took the Mi6 for a walk several times since receiving it and after a few meters of walking the Mi6 has simply vanished from my senses . I found myself tapping my pocket to make sure the little Mi6 was still there as there literally was no tell . The Mi6 is a two mode twisty , with low being about 7 lumen in my lightbox and high making 148 lumen with a fresh alkaline battery . NIMH did not fare quite as well with one battery doing 138 lumen and another doing 134 lumen .

If you look at the last picture picture showing the inside of the head , you may notice a blob of solder on the outside contact ring of the driver . This blob of solder makes the twisty action ( changing modes ) very hit and miss in regards to the mode you will get . What's happening is that as you twist to turn the light...Continue Reading
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Gearbest is having a clearance sale
Seriously , a F36 for $7.99
Taranis Qx7 for $89

You don't want to sit on your hands for this one

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Been uploading some annuals ..
Also uploaded some issues of Aeromodeller from 1939 ..

So hopefully all will be available soon for download ..

( Just my humble attempt to save our history - since it's so easily lost )
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Ok some stuff :

I sent the folk at MJX a Email ..
A sort of complaining / suggestive email to the effect that they should consider doing Bind AND Fly rather than bundling their quads with junk transmitters .
I think most of us involved in RC already own a decent Tx or more ..

So my suggestion was to maybe use the FrSky / FlySky / DSM protocols so that folks already in the game can utilize the transmitters they already have .

Surprise / Surprise , I got a reply ( that was very kind - and rare ) saying the suggestion would be passed to R&D ...
Maybe they were just blowing me off ? or maybe a seed has been planted ( I don't know ) , one can certainly hope .
So many of these quads are simply let down by their toy grade controllers ( Tx ) and when bound to something better , simply perform so much better .
I really like my Taranis Q x7 , with the iRangeX IRX4 module .

What else .. Banngood is having its July sale : Definitely worth a look > So tempted by the WL V930
I think most online stores are doing July sales , so if your looking for that something special . Otherwise you may need to wait till Xmas
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So I got like 3 Quads for my brother for Christmas ..
Christmas was like 6 months ago , how many of those quads has my brother flown - Nope , not a one .

So when I go the E32 for review and it was just so easy to fly , I decided to give it to my brother to motivate him and maybe boost his confidence .
Last time he quad'ed he killed his quad rather well . ( Motors - main board )

Anyhow , I asked him if he was going to fly the Bugs at all and he said no - take it away !
So , not to look a gift horse in the mouth !

First thing I needed to do was mod the battery for a new charge plug , I think stock is a XT30 (?) Which I dont have any off , yes I can buy an adapter or make one , but I wanted to fly NOW !

The quad itself is amazing - OK . I love it !

I say this because the included Tx is a toy , it's horrible ..
The left stick ( Throttle Rudder ) is as lose as a goose ..
You can not input rudder without affecting the throttle setting ..

So let me just call the Tx junk and lets move on !

The MJX Bugs 6 itself is fantastico ... It handles wind , it flies really well , even on low rates it flies well and handles wind .
In high rates the Bugs 6 is fantastic .
The Bugs 6 is one of the most stable platforms I have flown ..

The Bugs really wants to be Bind And Fly , the included Tx is the sort of thing bundled with $20 quads .
Look - MJX - Just use the Frsky protocol and be...Continue Reading
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ESKY 150XP 5CH 6 Axis Gyro CC3D RC Helicopter
BNF Compatible With SBUS DSM PPM Receiver

Wow ! , I want one !
Apparently has a flight board CCD3
You need a Rx , SBUS-DSM-PPM ( So plug in your own Mini / micro drone Rx )
Here is a video on youtube ...

Amazing ESKY 150XP Mini RC Helicopter with CC3D (10 min 11 sec)

If it's as easy as it looks ? , you might want toss all your old flybar micro's . The 150XP looks good ..
I know my V911 wanders like a blind dog and I havent flown it since going Eachine E010 etc .
The 150XP looks interesting .. ( Temptingly so )

Affiliate Link : https://www.banggood.com/ESKY-150XP-...t=chendongling

And for those that despise AF links ( for some strange reason ) https://www.banggood.com/ESKY-150XP-...-1139581.html?

And for those that dont want to BNF , there is a version on BG that is bundled with a Transmitter ...

AF Link : https://www.banggood.com/ESKY-150-V2...t=chendongling

NON AF LINK - https://www.banggood.com/ESKY-150-V2...-1290632.html?
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Some folks are using 18650 in their transmitters ( I am ) ..
Now there are two kinds of 18650 ( in a sense ) ...
A) The old ones ( chemistry - capacity ) which can still be purchased @ various locations online etc.
B) Modern High capacity - High discharge capable 18650 that have a 2.5 volt cut of for discharge .

A) The old 18650 were generally discharged to around 3.5v as there was not much left in the tank beyond that .
B) Modern 18650 how ever are a different animal .. If you recharge around 3.5v then you have not even utilized 50% of the batteries capacity . I am discharging a 18650 / 3400mAh capacity battery right now .. It is sitting on 3.52 volts and has discharged some 1432 mA . The discharge will end at 3 volts because that's what the charger does for 1s . I discharged another battery ( 3500mAh rated ) and at 3 volts it had discharged 2868 mA . So even at 3v there is still plenty in the tank .

What does that mean for YOU ( or me ) . It means I can set my low voltage warning a lot lower than I could in the past . If I set my low voltage warning to say 7 volts in the Tx , that would be a little less than 50% of the battery capacity . ( modern high performance / high capacity batteries ) .. A far more reasonable low voltage warning might be 6.5 or 6.25 volts . I don't recall how many months it took for my Taranis Q X7 to get to around 7.2 volts , but I had only discharged the batteries around 30 something percent .

Now beware the BS 18650 out there :
You really want Panasonic / LG / Samsung / Sony / Sanyo ... Really little point buying cheaper 18650 .. ( Just not worth it )
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I don't know how long it has been ..
But decided to recharge the batteries , I think their voltage was 3.7v or something .
And the Taranis Q x7 is no power hog , I guess I could have run them down a lot further .

But I decided to charge them up anyways .. ( How long has it been ? ) Definitely over 3 months .
Long enough so I dont actually remember recharging these particular batteries . ( NCR 18650B Panasonic 3400mAh )
Did I buy these like about 5 or 6 months ago ?
Oh well , this time I have written down the date that I am recharging on so I get some idea how long the batteries last .
I actually went outside and flew my WL Toys 686 quad
And a few days ago I flew the B-whoop . And been flying the Eachine E32HW ( Review shortly )

I hope this weather holds for a while longer
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Banggoods RC Sale has started ...

And there is so much tempting STUFF !

I nearly dropped the hammer on the WL 930 ...

Must resist the siren song !

Holly Smoke , have you seen the price on the XK Stunt X350 ? $100 USD ( I am so tempted , I nearly dropped the hammer )
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Sent for review by Banggood > Product Page

The E32 came last week , but the weather also turned for the worse with wind gust's up to 100kmh ..
This morning was far better , but still windy .

The E32 is a single cell ( 3.7v or 4.2v Fully charged ) quad with altitude hold , one click landing , headless mode and one click return as well flip capability .
Also there is the WIFI for FPV (?) as well video recording directly to SD card or to your phone VIA the Eachine APP .
Speaking of the app , if you like me find the Google app store a complete PITA (?) , then it's relatively easy to find a direct download .
https://apkpure.com/eachine-mh/com.f...chinemh.sdrone > Direct Download .

With the app installed on your smart device ( phone ) , you can receive video ( Wifi ) and record video .
You need the app to record video , which is annoying . With my Android phone lag spikes are common and 5 or more seconds long making FPV VIA Wifi not really feasible .

Altitude hold : Some quads leap off the ground up to 3 meters when power is applied or you use some form off auto take off . I was pleasantly surprised to find that such was NOT the case with the E32 .. It rises gently off the ground and when you stop giving throttle the quad hold what ever altitude you stopped at .. This is nice as if its really windy outside you can still fly indoors .

One click landing : It really works , it's not a controlled crash as with some quads but an actual landing .

...Continue Reading
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Banggood mid year sale

Yeah , Banggood is starting it's mid year sales ..
So if you , like me , have been waiting for BG to start another round of sales .. Well the mid year madness has started .
Hopefully will be as good as or better than the last Christmas ( Xmas to some ) sales .

Update :

Eachine E32HW came today https://goo.gl/mik7XT
Bit on the windy side today to play with a brand new quad , but I have charged the battery ..
Hopefully be playing with it soon ( and do a review )