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Posted by Choppahman8 | Today @ 02:00 PM | 90 Views
I raised the antenna in the quad to a vertical position because when I  tested the quad and antenna in stock configuration, I  only managed a distance of 42 meters. Which was surprising since the transmitter is supposed to be good for 100m.  With the quad antenna raised, the range increased to 171m. Now having replaced the transmitter antenna with a dipole using a thicker gauge wire and repositioning it so it's in an upright position when held, the range increased dramatically to 296m.
The test was carried out by placing the transmitter on top of my van simulating the angle it would be if hand held. Then I walked away holding the quad at shoulder height making sure that there was line-of-sight between the two antennas. Range was determined when the quad flashed for the first time indicating signal loss.
Posted by canino | Today @ 07:49 AM | 580 Views
Furichine fbqx80 (1 min 20 sec)

I really needed a bigger "medium" sized whoop with 7mm. I was not happy with the performance of the qx70 and fb90 frames.

The qx70 frame did not fly at all with original props. Cutdown hubsan props did not improve it much...

The fb90 frame did flew good, but was a bit wobbly on tight turns, because of the elongated and flimsy frame. The motors werent placed as a "perfect square".

So i combined the two frames as a test and was pretty surprised with the outcome. FURIBEE, EACHINE, BIG RETAILERS AND SHENZHEN ENGINEERS ARE YOU WATCHING!
We need an injection molded frame like this one and it must be for 7mm motors!

Before some people go ranting, No i didnt use the original programmable fc's for these quadcopters, but i do know a thing or two on building these scrap micro's. Other non ducted frames work perfect with silverxxx fc's.
Also 8.5mm motors arent meant to have tiny props like these. The weight of the motors is too much and and not in proportion.
Posted by dmrcflyr2 | Today @ 05:51 AM | 658 Views
For those BLOG readers that do not necessarily read the glow engine thread forums, here is a synopsis and videos of this engine. A short time ago I posted about 120 size 4 stroke engines from the early 80's. Those being from Saito, Enya, and OS. Well I received a couple of comments to that regarding the fact that I was missing a key player from that group, the YS F-120.

Quite honestly I did miss that. In fact I never even considered the YS F-120. I had never owned a YS engine before and honestly I was not sure when the F-120 was released. As it turns out an incredible fellow, Jim, has three of the these vintage engines that he acquired from another source. These engines had been stored in a hot humid Houston shed for many years untouched. Jim, being the awesome man he is, sent me one of these engines to clean up and get in running order. I gladly accepted and began the task.

Now YS engines are a different breed of glow engine. More complex than any other 4 stroke engine of the group I mentioned. I had some research and homework to do. Now I quickly found that documentation of these engines is somewhat difficult to find and limited to a few documents. Why this is in unknown since these engines are still in production. Well not the F-120, but the brand. I could not even find the proper instruction manual for this engine.

Since receiving this engine I have done and initial inspection, complete disassembly, clean up, reassembly, and now the first run. I...Continue Reading
Posted by old4570 | Today @ 03:42 AM | 709 Views
Went to the local park ..
Was a little on the breezy / windy side ..
Flew it in the Bush league mode , and it was really bush league to fly ( Easy )
( Bound to my Devo 7e )
It handles the wind ( moderate ) rather well ..


1) Good flight time
2) Lacks power
3) Very easy to fly
4) Head hold is strong ( Good )
5) No need to mess with rates or anything
6) I did reverse the rudder ( Suits my flying style )

I picked mine up at a great price compared to what the usual price is , so after Parking it I can say its probably a great little quad bound to a actual Tx .
Flying it with a iPhone ( ???? ) , I don't know about that .. I don't even like the toy transmitters some quads / heli's come with .. Just nasty !

My brother got himself a Hubbsan ( I cant remember which one ) , one of the really small ones with camera .
But the wind was too much for it .. Probably due to the lack of control input ( set to tame ) ..

Anyhow , the Walkera came home in perfect condition , offered no nasty surprises and was very easy to set up ..
The only issue I had was binding it to my Tx , some 20 attempts before it actually took hold ( Bind ) ..
Seems a lot of people are having problems binding Walkera products to Devo transmitters ( ?? )
Does it really need to be so hard ? ( Walkera )
Posted by bluem6 | Today @ 01:27 AM | 757 Views
Since everyone is into FPV these days lol...want to see what the fuss is all about. My guess is I will probably end up getting motion sickness a couple of minutes into it but the fun for me is the build. So....with that said, I see a micro fpv indoor build coming up. How about a brushless "whoop"?? I went through the 1103 thread and saw this design and thought I would give it a try.

Here's the plan:

Tiny Whoop Brushless by BdejaN

RacerStar 1103 10000KV

RacerStar 4in1 6A ESC

...Continue Reading
Posted by Jack Crossfire | Today @ 12:46 AM | 778 Views
So the Kyocera Hydro was a total failure. It was too slow to even type on, let alone load any web pages. The mane problem was the camera had permanently blurry regions. The lion kingdom didn't realize how important the phone cam had become until it didn't work. Japanese electronics once again came in far behind, subsidized by quantitative easing but not improving in 30 years.

In the world of phones, no matter what the problem is, the solution is to change providers. Boost Mobile had become cheaper than Virgin in the last 3 years. Virgin jacked up LG's bottom end, but Boost was still affordable.

The LG Tribute HD is a miracle for the price. It's lighter & thinner than all the other cheap phones. While noticeably slower than its predecessors, it's still faster than the Kyocera & a $50 screen of this resolution was unthinkable 3 years ago even if it's nowhere close to an iPhone. The camera isn't iPhone quality, but not a total failure like the Kyocera. LG cameras have always been just good enough. The internal flash was finally big enough to eliminate the need for an SD card. The Moto X wouldn't have been worth it.

It may have been inconsequential for someone who lived 30 years ago, but a screen where you can't see the pixels now seems essential. Part of the appeal may be that it looks like an iPhone.

Interestingly, below the Tribute HD are now $30 phones with decent screens, which can be used as real cheap standlone computers without a plan. A phone can be just a car music system or a dashcam for a lot less money than a stock device.

The day job has real nice phones which require hideous plans. The Galaxy S5 needs a $55 Verizon plan.
Posted by Ticketedfawn4 | Yesterday @ 11:45 PM | 824 Views
I have started my war of hand crafting in the marine world with this awesome and underwritten piece of history... the PT Boat. I have a very close friend of mine working through this project with me, BUT.... now my background which is simple in the short course plug and play world has come to the worlds end.....,

My question to the community and promise is a step by step involvement,

I have a two ideas in my head of propulsion ideas, but I want to lean on the community of how to do such things.....
Posted by Jwilliamgarlick | Yesterday @ 10:12 PM | 871 Views
I am semi-new to this and I don't know what to do for expo on my super cub s and timber. Any comments are greatly appreciated.
Posted by BeardedFPV | Yesterday @ 08:43 PM | 911 Views
Lumenier AXII Antennas!!!!

SO excited to try these out.

We have a rare weekend of rain in San Diego so probably wont get to do it until the week

Posted by Mad_angler1 | Yesterday @ 07:56 PM | 988 Views
The Micro Vector

This week I received the Micro Vector from Eagle Tree Systems.

My intention is to fit this into either my 180 or 220 quad over the next couple of weeks, I will be updating this review as time goes on to talk about it but here is a look at the controller its self.

The Micro Vector brings the feature Eagle Tree are well known for such as integrated OSD and advance sensors options into a much smaller package ideal for race quads or fixed wing with limited space, Its approx 38 X 38 X 10 mm with case or 36 x 36 x 7 mm without case and has the usual 30 x 30mm holes for stacking as well.

One of the huge advantages to the Vector unlike almost all the other controller in this size class is the full GPS support, Eagle Tree offer a duel band GPS module for advanced GPS flight modes such as Position Hold, RTH, and Waypoints thats plug and play, it also supports the ET Current sensor as well as being compatible with many others feeding voltage and current data straight into the OSD.

While they have cut down on size they have not cut features and it supports antenna tracking and laptop position display available with EagleEyes FPV Station as well as all the other accessories including 12V/5V PSU/Current Sensor, Alerter LED/Buzzer, Pitot tube for Airspeed, and InfoPanel LCD Display, UART for telemetry including ET Open Telemetry, DragonLink, and Taranis.

More info on the Micro Vector from Eagle Tree System can be found here

...Continue Reading
Posted by dshy | Yesterday @ 07:40 PM | 942 Views
New drift chassis is well under way pictures to follow.

Brilliant Blue, Bright Blue, Chrome, White.
Posted by jananne | Yesterday @ 06:14 PM | 1,257 Views

First, let me introduce myself. I am Jananne Settle. I am Greg Settle's daughter. My dad died in July 2016 after a courageous battle with lung cancer. He died peacefully so I find comfort in that.

My dad was an excellent engine machinist and Control Line enthusiasts. He had the need for speed and flew a few control line pulse jets in his day.

I have a new in the box Pulse Jet and would like your help identifying it. Any info you could provide would be appreciated!

Posted by mike_kelly | Yesterday @ 06:02 PM | 1,330 Views
Gimbals 101

A gimbal is a device used to stabilize a camera in one or more axis. When we fly an aircraft, it is subject to a lot of movement. Winds, thermals, turbulence and the vibration of props and motors can cause video and still images to blur. A gimbal senses the movement of the aircraft and moves the camera, via a brushless motor or servo, to keep it level even though the aircraft has moved. As the aircraft moves, the gimbal keeps the camera level in one or more axis. When the aircraft moves back to level, the gimbal returns the camera so it remains level in the new position of the aircraft. It does this so fast that the camera appears to sit motionless. Brushless gimbals are much more popular and costly than servo gimbals. The brushless motor can move much faster to keep the camera level than can a servo. But a servo gimbal might be just the ticket for still photography because it is lighter.

For the DIY gimbal builder the first requirement, not unlike a flight controller, is to get the camera perfectly balanced on the gimbal. If you roll, tilt or pan the camera it will stay where you leave it if it is balanced. If the gimbal motors have to assist in keeping the camera balanced they may run out of power to keep the camera level when the aircraft is bouncing around. That is why you need to choose a gimbal that has balance adjustments in all axes. You will need to slide the gimbal arms in and out to balance the weight of the camera. Also, gimbal...Continue Reading
Posted by mike_kelly | Yesterday @ 05:42 PM | 1,320 Views
Welcome to my blog. Hopefully you will find something worth your visit.

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