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Posted by Accu157 | Feb 04, 2007 @ 11:22 PM | 8,550 Views
Day 2:

Today I have much less to say. (fingers jump for joy) I experimented with the tutorial in gmax... it’s a very good program, and very easy to use. A lot of the key assignments and functions are a little different, however the names of the functions are exactly the same. The tutorial is excellent, very simple, and very detailed. I will be making models in no time.

I browsed around some other forums, I cannot remember the website but there were more questions about the SDK, and it seems a lot of people are lost, and most “how do I start...” posts go completely unanswered. One question was how to use an object placement tool. I enter a dll.xml file and alter something from true to false, I wasn’t successful. Thankfully, I am focused on the airplane development aspect, not the scenery. Speaking of scenery, I played around with bilinear filtering in FSX and anisotropic again. Anisotropic is substantially better than bilinear, especially for distant scenery. Use it!

I’m going to read more of the provided documentation in the SDK folder. If I am successful, I will try to provide a “all-in-one” blueprint for making a model. I will conjure up knowledge on my own. Unfortunately, too many people that write how-to articles assumes too much about the readers knowledge, and usually they assume they “already know” how to get started. I assume you know next to nothing. However, I will assume you have gone through the complete tutorial for gmax, and I will assume you know how to open up the SDK files and skim through them. You do not need to understand what they are trying to say, I will be decoding what “they” say into non-technical language.
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Some may remember a post I made about FSX in the OT discussion board. Well, I've decided to start a journal of trying to make my own model for the flight simulator. Preferably an R/C one. If you're interested in making a model, follow what I do, and I should be able to help you start installing the SDK (software development kit). First, I recommend you get experience with making a model in your model flight simulator, as they software is much easier to work with, and can sometimes result in a model in as little as a day. I will make a model publicly available in the future for FSX... hopefully. So, here goes, day one! I hope you like to read!

Chronicles of a Flight Simulator X Software Development Kit Noob

I know exactly what I am planning on doing! I want to build a model for FSX. Hopefully that is it. Maybe even a scenery add-on or two, otherwise, I just want to make a model. My plan is to bounce around the information I find on the SDK like a pinball, eventually making an airplane. Will I succeed? I do not know. Will this be a chronicle of failure? That might be the case, and I am okay with it. Am I going to be asking myself many questions? Yes, I will. Hey, I was able to make a working model for Reflex XTR, how hard could it be for FSX? So, I begin day one of trying to become an SDK developer.

February 3rd, 2007: Day one.

I remember in the days of FS98 that I could modify scenery without difficulty. I don’t remember what...Continue Reading


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The_Red_Baron is the original designer, I just took his profile and put it into 3D. To view the file, you must download and install the evaluation version of Rhinoceros 3D, or pay up for the full version. Right click on the views to rotate the 3d model, you can also double click on the tab that says "perspective" and that will bring you to four views. right click on perspective, top, right, front, and you can change to wireframe, ghost, etc. But, I need a place to upload!
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Well, I need someone to figure out how to make it fly better. It works, but you need good hands at making this one, and thin paper. It's a tough one, but it looks a lot different from other paper airplanes.
Fine tune it, it flies, but I'm having difficulty extracting it's potential. Thx.

Note the order is backwards! Start from the bottom, and go up! ...Continue Reading