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Posted by scruffy1 | Feb 23, 2018 @ 09:12 PM | 11,802 Views
just decided this is as good a place as any to maintain some links to my own posts, for reference

it's a work in progress, but should be current

feels free to post a message if any of the links are dead, and i'll try to update accordingly

some of the product links are affiliate codes; no extra cost to you, but i get a small kick-back for typing all this stuff to help you on your micro drone / fpv journey

my interest has been stimulated by the availability of silverxxx's silverware, a flashable firmware which can be written onto the motherboards of a selection of cheap and tiny drones, allowing them to be transformed into full acro capable fpv madness - like getting a tiny whoop but at the price of a toy drone

it all started back here and since then has gone bunta , appropriately, given where it originated

lots of others have joined the party, and there are even now pre-flashed boards at betafpv

yep, this thing is taking off, and deservedly so

if you have a soldering iron and some skills, aren't afraid of computers, and already have a taranis, you don't need much more than time and energy, and the compulsion to make something pretty amazing for very little investment of money

it's not the path more often travelled, but the company will be good (supportive players on the forum), and the rewards in personal satisfaction and rolling your own is hard to beat

c'mon, the adventure has only just begun

Posted by scruffy1 | Feb 10, 2018 @ 08:35 PM | 12,293 Views
full description over here, but it ain't rocket science

if you can't figure it out from the pictures, you'll have to click the link i guess

ingredients :
  • mini drones
  • original plastic clam shells
  • empty ice cream tubs

dimensions of the spacers will depend on your requirements, and they will need to be trimmed to stack comfortably, but it's easy enough

there ya go ! now you needn't hold back from buying some more drones, and as a bonus, more ice cream