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DustOff #1 - Glue & Fly Series F22 Micro V2.5 - Way too much Fun!

Here is a link to the Video:

Well, I'm exciting about Blowing the Dust Off of this Mini Parkjet!
The Plans for this Parkjet will be uploaded to Patreon soon.
I haven't flown this Parkjet since completing the Development of the V3.
Let's blow some Dust Off!

See you in the Air!

Build, Fly, Crash, Repair, Rinse & Repeat!

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Thrust bearing detail.
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The start of the running gear. The stainless steel rod was smaller than the hole in the propeller.
Flattened it out a bit, and threaded it. Added some silver solder to hold in place. Made a thrust bearing washer from a hard nylon type material servo arm.
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After almost exclusively flying 5in and 6in quads for the past few years and being disappointed by the power of early brushed whoops, I was finally convinced to try out a brushless whoop that I have been hearing a lot of good things about, the Happymodel Mobula 7. I’m not a fan of large walls of text, so I’m going to try to keep this concise. I’ll talk a bit about my thoughts and observations after 20 flights, then setup and modifications.

Initial Thoughts:

The box has a sticker on it that says Jan 23rd, 2019, which I assume is the production date.
My unit came with an F3 flight controller (stm32f303), though there are others who claimed that theirs came with an F4 flight controller, so you may be luckier than me

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Sommer is here and I got some new stuff including a second CrossFire TX (the micro one this time) to play with and when I heard how awesome the new Diatone 3inc PNP R349 is, I had to snag one for myself

Like always I wasn't happy with going the easy rout... I had to add CrossFire and a nice vTx antenna (I did not go for the Unify version for no reason ) and change to #ReversedPropDirection before going for maiden.

Diatone 2019 GT R349 TBS VTX Edition

video antenna:
Realacc UXII Stubby RHCP U.FL

radio control receiver & antenna:
CrossFire Nano Rx SE
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BetaFPV Z02 AIO wired
BetaFPV Z02 AIO Camera VTX 200mw (wired version) (6 min 19 sec)

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Hello new friends,

I am moving to Palm Desert and would like to contact sailplane fliers in the Cochella. An e-mail address or phone number would be appreciated. Thanks

Sailplane Tom
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About 9 months ago, we started TMac FPV YT channel to document our "Journey to Better" FPV Fun, Flights, and Racing Stuff and share our flight footage and stuff we learn with our family & friends. Within the past week, we have surpassed 100 subscribers! This, to me, is a humbling experience. I am very appreciative of the support from our "TMac FPV Teammates" and want to thank you in some way for that support.

So, we've put together a Micro FPV Build "starter kit" as a Gratitude Giveaway. At least one of the components we're giving away can be used in ANY size Quad, so, if interested go ahead and check it out. It's Free! Once again, Thank You to All! Enjoy & Happy Flying!
MICRO FPV GIVEAWAY (9 min 5 sec)

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Yep Les Amis,
Protégeons notre Matos !!! Comme je vous l'avais dit, j'ai en test depuis quelques temps, l'alarme de maison DIGOO DG-HAMA. Oui, par les temps qui courent, on est jamais trop prudents, donc en plus des caméras de surveillances, j'avais envie d'installer une alarme de maison sans dépenser de grosses sommes. Et bien je suis plus que satisfait de ce pack DIGOO. Facile à installée et à programmer, cette centrale à moins de 100€ vous permettra de surveiller et contrôler tous les points d'accès de votre domicile . Compatible avec les modules comme ALEXA, et pilotable de votre smartphone, du clavier ou de l'appli, elle surveillera non seulement les points d'entrée, mais elle est également capable, avec les capteurs appropriés de détecter les fumées, les fuites ou les dégagements de gaz. En bref, un équipement complet et fiable pour un investissement minimum ! Pour une fois je ne vous souhaite pas "bon vol" ! lol

AU VOLEUR !!! DIGOO DG-HAMA Alarme maison - Review Test Démo - (26 min 47 sec)

NOTATAZ : 19/20 Pas chère mais EFFICACE !!!

Les + : Fiable, Complète, Efficace et Simple à utiliser .
Les - : A voir à l'utilisation ...

Les produits présentés sont visibles ici (en cliquant sur ces liens vous soutenez ma chaîne) Merci à vous :

- Alarme DIGOO DG-HAMA (Promo) :
- Alarme DIGOO DG-HAMA 3G (Promo) :
- Accessoires supl :
- Détecteur de fumée : http://...Continue Reading
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Name: IMG_20190414_140719.jpg
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Size: 1.54 MB
Description: next to my mobula7 it looks very small!
This is the tiny whoop I've been waiting for , a real 65mm with real punch on 1s and 2s with a fantastic camera and cheap..
65mm brushless whoop 19000kv 0802 motors, caddx eos2 camera, crazybee f4 V2, 2s 250mah. Xt-xinte kit (1 min 51 sec)

65mm 19000kv 0802 motors, caddx eos2 camera, crazybee f4 V2, 1s 300mah. Acro indoors. Xt-xinte kit (3 min 20 sec)
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Fitting the sub deck to the tug hull.
Picked up a small motor and stainless steel rod, for the coupling and propeller I got in the mail from Harbor Models.
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This is my Blade Scimitar 110 FPV Quad BNF Basic Unboxing & Overview.

Blade Scimitar 110 FPV Quad BNF Basic Unboxing & Overview (7 min 27 sec)

Blade FPV Quad Review Notes:

- Runs on 2S or 3S lipo packs
- Comes professionally pre-tuned out of the box
- Includes spare props and prop tool
- It is easy to setup with the manual
- There are different VTX power settings
- You can program the VTX settings with your radio or by pushing the button on the quad.
- The video quality looks good in my room via my Fatsharks
- It had a price reduction recently, so the price is only slightly more than the Blade Torrent 110 at the time I made this video.

- There are only three camera angle settings separated by 15 degrees with a maximum angle of 30 degrees
- The antenna pops out and moves side to side way too easy. I may be modding that with rubber tubing or hot glue.

There seemed to be just too many issues with the Blade Inductrix FPV BL, so I thought for the same price I would give this a shot. So far it seems pretty awesome overall.
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Exuberent FPV, by yours truly, round the yard, this spring - slowly at first - as I locate the twigs (4 min 3 sec)

After a winter of hooting around the house every day in small ducted quads - yeah - 75mm ducted quads - AKA Whoops - I find I can enjoy FPV out in the yard more - as I'm not crashing every battery. This is HD from an FPV flight on my 135mm quad this spring, yesterday actually - no music. But hey - I'm diving a bit now - this modern world - what's next? Good parts start around 1:20 or 1:30.
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Hey RCGroups, I have a YouTube channel Mike Mattick @, I'm looking for like minded Rc enthusiasts to view, like and subscribe to and have them also help me grow my channel by viewing, liking and subscribing. If you have a YouTube channel that you're trying to grow hit me up I always return the love! I am into almost every Rc application out there and I post new videos regularly! Lots of New stuff to come just starting out and would like you to join me!

Hope to view you soon,
Thanks for watching!

Mike Mattick
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Started on this one week or so back....but this time decided to cut the wing on my CNC machine, so I guess this will be Rev 3.0
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Vista repaired ready for test flight puy turnigy D3536/8. 1000kv motor. Had to reverse shaft on motor also hobbyking 45mm spinner with 12x8 prop.
Will have to check amps running 3s lipo. Have 30 amp esc may have to put limit on throttle.
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I had the day off and planned on flying a lot... My Session decided it was a good day to lock up on me so i decided to use that best buy warranty i had going on...

Cost me more than i expected buy i walked out with a Hero 7 Black special white edition.

My tune was no good after the new Hero mounts were printed up, gave it a few goes, and i decided instead of starting over on betaflight 3.3 or something really old, i 'd just go ahead and update my firmware to 4.0.

First flights were no good, but i knew there was a different tuning method i needed to review first. watched some videos and ive pasted the freestyle cli changes recomended on the betaflight 4.0 wiki .

I also reduced the stock idle up percentage bc 5.5 seems way too much. giving it a go after work!
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I discovered this jewel of a wing design on February 12, 2019 when Harri Pihl shared it on in a new thread. Find it at this link:

It is a 3-channel design with only 3 parts! The videos of it flying looked cool and lots of indoor RC fun. Plus, it fills my interest in building a wing that is indoor friendly and could fly with a coreless motor turning a GWS2508 propeller directly!

The build was indeed a quick 3 days from February 24th to 27th, 2019. I worked from the plan that is included in my attachments. It is intended to be printed on A4 size paper but my printer does a smaller 8.5 x 11 inch. When I printed the plan to the largest scaling, the fuselage profile resulted in a 18cm wing cord! Doubling this got the wingspan. Which I converted to 14.5 inches, versus metric units, since I only have a short 15cm ruler!

I cut thin foam for the wing, and didn't like the cupping that was there so I cut a 2nd wing out of 1/16" balsa wood. This was scrap balsa pieces glued together edgewise. I'm pleased with the look now. There was a small weight gain, so I still used foam for the fuselage and fin to minimize this gain, and for a nice contrast in looks.

The resulting shape of my AD/HD delta wing looks very slick!

The specifications are:
Wingspan: 14.5 inches (36.8 cm)
Weight: 32 grams with 250 mah lipo
Materials: 1/16 inch balsa wing, foam meat-tray fuselage, foam carry-out food-...Continue Reading