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Posted by perttime | Sep 30, 2020 @ 11:33 PM | 3,024 Views
Conditions looked fine on Tuesday, so I took the Spitfire to the larger nearby clearing again. Getting there, I could feel some wind but went on and launched anyway. That didn't last long. I suspect I got some turbulence from the hilltop trees. The impact was hard enough to break the nose completely off in front of the wing. The good thing was that it was a clean break and easy to glue. Uhu POR to the rescue.

Wednesday had almost calm weather towards the evening, so I went again. Launched several times, flew around, and did a few loops too. No good landings, though. Getting close to the ground I always managed to get the Spitfire into a slight climb and it stalled into the grasses. Need to work on that. Forecasts say there's going to be too much wind for my liking, for at least 10 days, though.