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Saw an interesting way of hot wiring a wing from a Jim Thompson's video. He hot glues down foam sheets to hot wire ribs, then skins them with fiberglass sheets.
So I thought. I want to try to do something like this. When RC Foam sold out I bought a lot of boxes of Depron. I want to start with a small light weight flying wing (of course) with a Spekrum UMX brick. The wing skins will be 1mm Depron. Has anyone have experienced thinning out BSI Foam-Cure with denatured alcohol.

Now to start on templates.
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I have a passion for Large Aircraft models. They say that size does not matter. Ohhh yes it does. Go Big or Go home is what I say to that. You are either going ALL THE WAY, or not at all. I like Fighter Jets and Helicopters. Just something about the shape and form. This is my first post. Not really sure how to add the photos. Hopefully they come out okay.


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Florida is shutting down. I got one last video in before the quarantine went into effect. Good tuning results on the vanquish.

Extreme Flight Vanquish MKII F3A 2nd Flight - Last Flight before Covid-19 Quarantine Order. (25 min 6 sec)

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*Multifunction,Suitable for a variety of occasions:
1.Halloween or other festive prank toys / gifts
2.Simulation animal decoration for zoo / park
3.Indoor or outdoor remote control toy boat for kids
4.Remove the boat and turn it into a crocodile model
5.Drive the ducks and protect the aquatic plants
6.Protect your private pool from the pollution of birds

*Product details:
Product Name: Flytec V008 RC Crocodile Boat
Frequency: 2.4GHZ
Control Time: 15 Mins
Charging Time: 4-5 Hours
Control Distance: 30 M
Battery: 3.7V 500MAH
Speed: 15 KM/h

1.2.4GHz remote control, the remote control distance is farther, and many people use it without interference.
2. Resin simulation of the crocodile head, the shape is realistic.
3. Forward, backward,turn left and turn right four-channel operation, which simulates the speed and movement of the real crocodile, and moves freely on the water.
4. Low-voltage protection, when the voltage is too low, the speed will automatically drop by 40%, reminding consumers to recall the remote-controlled boat
5. The water-inducing paddle shaft is in contact with the water surface. After the fluid is sensed, the power can be quickly turned on. At the same time, the balanced double-coil slurry is used to make the speedboat sail more smoothly and without fear of overturning.
6. Waterproof performance is good, the charging port is equipped with rubber waterproof plug, the bottom of the boat is fully enclosed and...Continue Reading
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Purple Crash Monster DLG (4 min 46 sec)

Remember the purple DLG ?

Been trying to untwist the wing (?)
Still turns left , but at least I can tune it out some what .

Wow , Not great ! Hopefully I can get it to do something in the future ..
Needs a lot of work ..

But I am getting some where , I guess ?

I just dropped a bundle on a DLG ,
1 meter fits me better than 1.5 meter .
Now for a decent 750 or smaller DLG
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Hi there. I get a bunch of planes from someone I want to start out to fly this plane. This plane is the best plane in its condition I don’t know if it has everything that it needs to fly. I put a picture of the electronics I was wondering if there is anything else I would need to fly it. I will need batteries and I will need a remote for it if you can help me with that to figure out what I need. i have photos of the inside of the airplane it won't let me upload it so contact me if you are willing to help. [email protected]
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This is my mini-project that I just started early this year. But since we're shut inside with COVID-19, I've finally made a return to the project after some 7 years, haha.

This is a Traxxas Stampede 2WD with the Traxxas brushless system. The shocks are (I think) Axial, I got them very long ago from a friend. The cage/body panels are off a Vaterra Twin Hammers that I custom painted. The wheels & tires are also Vaterra, not sure of the model names.

I have some aluminum set aside to make a new hood panel, but thanks to this pandemic right now, the weld school I'm at is completely shut down, so I'll have to make those later. Other than that, I'd like to either buy or make a wing, and get some new oil in the shocks.
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April first 2020 and a chance to get outside into the sunshine with a predicted 10mph wind from the north.
I have not tried to fly this direction with wind this light ,but out I went..full sunshine and a balmy 46 degrees ..

I flew the Bug first,I had built a couple of them a half a dozen years ago and had not flown them on a real hill, just tossed them around sloping hay bales a in a friends field .

The wind felt stronger than the predicted 10 , I was still using my transmitter glove { was glad I did, when clouds passed over , my hands were toasty warm inside }
Since I had not flown this in ages and was now on a new transmitter {This is a rudder/ elevator ship,and I fly rudder on the left stick } Do I launch with my left hand and keep my finger on the elevator stick .
Or launch with my right hand and have my finger on the rudder stick.
I launched with my left betting on needing elevator control first,as it turned out the elevator was not too far off and the wind turned her before I could get my left hand inside the glove...she set down with out damage about 20 feet away {shows why I am not a gambling man }
Next launch with my{ right hand } was no problem,flew her around and trimmed her out ,seemed a little tail heavy with a bit of a tuck once so I ,landed and added some lead to the nose .
Out again and tooled around for the next 20 minutes - Great fun , something this light shouldn't be able to handle this much wind

Time for the HK 1M dlg,I had...Continue Reading
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I simply could not resist.

Yes, I already have several nano sized quads. However, thanks to Harbor Freight's frequent 20% discount offers, I was able to score their new Pocket Air Drone for well under twenty bucks.

It's an RTF - naturally - in the mold of such predecessors as the Cheerson CX-10.

And boy, is this thing fun. If one's local hobby shop doesn't stock nano quads for these strange times of isolation, I can't recommend this highly enough. It's not only a kick to fly, it's downright fast. It's just the thing for blasting about the living room for practically pocket change. Three control levels, automatic flips, spare props, what more can one ask?

Well, a slightly less sensitive throttle control might be nice. Other than that, not much else.

I'm reminded of a $20 toy helicopter with IR control I bought at a San Diego convenience store as a blog subject. Fun but difficult to fly and it eventually fell apart. I got my money's worth for sure.

That same twenty bucks nets a really nice little machine complete with Harbor Freight's 90-day guarantee.

It might be time to dust off some of those other nano quads of mine, but for now, I plan to put a lot of flights on this thing.
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Like many of you, I have been captivated with RC flying since my childhood. I remember the first time a local club president let me fly control line for the first time. Spinning in a circle, it felt like that little airplane was never going to run our of fuel. The summer I turned 14 I got my first job stocking shelves. My only goal: buy my own nitro powered airplane. The old 4 channel Futaba radio alone cost me $169. I must have looked at it 20 x's while I piled up the money to buy it. It took me all summer, but I was in the air after $600.

Fast forward to today and I am just as hooked as I was 30 years ago chasing that plane in a circle. Many of us have watched the hobby change a lot, I am still amazed at how fast fpv drone racing changes and develops.

I've been satisfied with the machines I've had for a while, but decided it was time to upgrade: a set of new skyzone c02's and a new quad from hobbycool and I was back to stunned with what tech has been developed. OSD, 6s batteries, screws in the bottom of motors instead of those awful c-clips?
What have I been missing????

Here was my quad of choice when upgrading:

Shipping took about 2 weeks for the quad and goggles from hobbycool and 4 weeks for my flysky receivers from eBay. what toruture!

Finally got the bird in the air...and the results were amazing!!!

Ive crashed many times and still laugh when it happens...but to dump this in as hard as I did on not have any damage...incredible!

If it's been a while since you've upgraded, it's time!

Here is my video review (below). Bring on summer!

Flash (Hobbymate) - 6s 5" fpv race quad review and crash (11 min 11 sec)

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To be Continued....
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Here's a copy of a reproduced Titanic boarding Pass-for all you White Star fans...
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First off I want to thank everyone on the RCGroups for all the amazing years of love and support I started as a way to just give back and offer free content to my fellow RC friends. times have changed and now with social media and so many more ways to get my message out, will shut down as soon as my hosting company pulls the plug.

Free Plans are still online if you can't find them send me an email at [email protected]

Don't cry you can still find me on social media

My New Online name is TallguysRC


And on youtube
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Very happy with the weight and video quality of this Caddx Firefly FPV set. It's well suited for small builds like tinywhoops. I ve installed it on my 65mm brushless drone. Check it out!
Caddx firefly FPV camera and VTX (1 min 11 sec)

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Check out my flight review of the H9 15cc sized F6F Hellcat
Hangar 9 F6F Hellcat 15cc Flight Review - Nice Kitty | HobbyView (8 min 29 sec)

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This was a second or third hand kit from I was led to believe it was a Yak. I think someone mixed up a couple of kits and I was left trying to figure out how and what it would end up as. The original canopy was a vacuum formed lexan from a Yak and the fuse was definitely that of a Mig 3. I used a block of EPP to fill in the empty place where a clear canopy should have been. The tail feathers were originally coroplast, much nicer in balsa!
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Mar 31, at WPMPA using Flyzone Calypso motorglider with flaps for testbed. Hand tossed glide to adjust elevator clevis position. Full power climbout SAFE Off (B2) flew OK with no limits during looping and rolling and diving. Was able to control plane. Light 5 mph winds so AS3X gust mitigation could not be seen.
With SAFE On (B0) and full power and full up Calypso climbed at an 85 degree angle and wanted to roll to the left. After landing Dave adjusted the TX elevator angle and on 2nd test flight the adjustment worked perfect with a 80 degree pitch but without any roll. To test out position B1 “intermediate” I saw no limits for pitch or roll. With power off I pushed down elevator and she went into a vertical dive but I could not pull out with up elevator. It was as if the elevator was lost or locked out. At the crash sight we collected pieces and at the pit table both elevator and rudder servos worked fine in B0 and B2. We decided not to experiment with further B1 testing. The Calypso was CA glued and reshaped back together for further testing. The motor works but the spinner and SMART battery can’t ge used due to impact damage. I ordered a 637T open stock to be programmed by Horizon for the Air Tractor program to test in a Test plane.
To be continued.
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Really useful post on setting up Nano S2 with OpenTx Here

I'm using a Jumper 4in1 multiprotocol module so I needed to compile the module firmware with DSM_MAX_THROW enabled. Final eepe model file that seems to be working attached.