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Posted by srl | Aug 11, 2020 @ 11:29 PM | 6,159 Views
As requested old pylon pictures from the past. More to come so keep looking in .

Posted by srl | Mar 23, 2014 @ 02:52 AM | 4,789 Views
Thanks to Jason for making this Youtube at the Kellyville indoor night. This is my New Index for 2014, back using D47's and only 103 grams.
Posted by srl | Feb 10, 2012 @ 05:28 AM | 6,980 Views
So first I would buy a Index3 kit from myself.
Its milled and cut on two sheets of Depron , 90cmx35cm. The sheets are held together with small tabs milled around the parts. these will have to be cut with a sharp knife to remove them.
To stiffen up the wing I use carbon fibre tow as light weight spars. You can pull some out of standard carbon fibre cloth or you can divide a length of 12k fibre tow into 4. But to keep it light I only use Hobby king CA instead of epoxy.
Start by gluing one end of the tow to the Depron. Once it is dry run a line of CA along the wing. Then pulling the carbon straight lay it into the CA. Mop up any excess CA with a tissue, but be quick as this stuff drys in about 30 seconds. The trick is to spread the fibres out flat. If the carbon turns over or is pulled too tight it will not happen.
Same again near the leading edge then turn it all over and do the same for the top. You now have a very stiff piece of 3mm depron.

To see more building of this model look in the comments of this post.
Posted by srl | Feb 02, 2012 @ 11:06 PM | 6,154 Views
Iíve found that by reducing the weight lets the aircraft fly slower giving the pilot more time to react and learn. Reducing the weight during the build means you need less bracing and reinforcing thus even less weight. Then even smaller motor and battery. So the less you put in the even lighter it will be. So as itís about to pile into the ground you somehow have time to pull up, the light mass of the airframe comes to a stop and that crash has just turned into a bad landing with minor or no damage.
So how do you get a 900mm plane down to a 100grams ?

The Motor

Axi is the Rolls Royce of indoor outrunners. I have one and itís beautiful, unfortunately too heavy for our needs.

The Glavak looks good. Very expensive.

The Turnigy 2204 looks to be a copy of the AXI, and at only $8 we can do some work to it.
Remove the rear clip and front screws, remove the front of the engine watching out for the small washer inside on the shaft. Roll some blue tack into a worm and put it inside, up against the magnets, then place it in a lathe to be cut down. Take off the chrome and then as much metal as you dare. That steel ring is very heavy! You can also do some extra milling around the front.
Use the blue tack to remove any metal shavings from the motor. Remove the 3mm steel shaft and replace it with a hollow carbon fibre replacement. You then use a 1mm carbon rod instead of the locking screws. A rear locking clip is not needed,
Posted by srl | Feb 02, 2012 @ 05:14 PM | 5,232 Views
In one morning I recently assembled this Hobby king plane for a mate, everything was supplied in the plain white box except transmitter and receiver and It only cost $72au.
It reminded of the kits that were in breakfast cereal packets when I young. Itís cute and good value the only thing is doesnít fly like a 100g F3P model.
It did fly quite well.
Posted by srl | Jun 22, 2011 @ 03:43 PM | 5,772 Views
Hi again
Its time to do more blogging.

I've been working on a larger outdoor foamy, a "Extra 330".
Just Pdf to Dxf the plans and then Gcode of course. Sounds easy !
All hobby king gear of course.

Posted by srl | May 25, 2010 @ 01:58 AM | 6,327 Views
Over the last 18 months I've been building and flying aio_1's Index F3p design. The second was milled out to lighten it up. I enjoyed it so much that I then built a CNC router /cutter to further improve the build.

I've had a few requests to kit the aircraft, so as a trial here is what's on offer. The parts are in two depron sheets 90cm x 35cm held in with small half milled tabs.
Included is carbon rods , plywood motor mount and wheel hubs(very small), hinge material and kevlar thread for the pull pull lines.
The milled air brakes look cool!

This is a build. If you are looking for instant gratification then stay with the Micro 4Site and Vapor . The Index3 is a lightweight F3p and can fly in just as small areas. With a little work a milled Index3 will be under 100gram. My last two fly at 95g.

Anyway If you have flown a light F3p you will know what this is about.

I can cut more if the demand is there.
I'm also thinking of sending in the post with plywood backing. PM me if interested.

Posted by srl | May 25, 2010 @ 12:53 AM | 6,326 Views
After 18 months of building and flying the Index2/3 this is what i recommend.

Other than the receiver, all of it can be purchased from Hobby King for less than us$45.

Foam safe Glue


Speed Controller


Propellers x6


Battery connector for ESC

Receiver ? Your choice and Preference.
Spectrum ar6300 are great but you will need servo connectors like this:-
If it gets too hard fixing them on then just get four of these to join on:-
Also get your mini deans too for the battery.

Alternatives are here.

Mini Deans Battery connector.

Selleys Urethane Bond for back bone join.

Dymond D47 servo's on 2 cell power.