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Posted by Gerbilstrom | Sep 29, 2020 @ 11:04 PM | 2,796 Views
I believe ive got the hottest most bad ass flite test freedom fox yet! Ive gone thru 6 different motors and esc's trying to get the perfect setup and ive finally got it dialed in to an impressive amount of power, solid 8-10 min flight times on 3s and more on 4s. Im running a flite test 2218b radial brushless motor and a eflite pro switchable 30 amp esc .the power and flavor of flying is established FINALLY! With a 10x6 3 blade prop it climes verticle, performs excellent and flys smooth and fast, low and slow. It has ample power and very good acceleration i love it now! I hated the stock setup it was garbage no power, sounded horrible and just sucked. Ive finally got it setup how i really aimed to do and its finally fun to fly not a heart attack in the sky about to crash or stall. Finally after trial and error its absolutely perfect for all kinds of flying stunts and stol type fun.
Glad i got the problems fixed and its flying to good to be true.
Posted by Gerbilstrom | Aug 31, 2020 @ 06:35 PM | 4,880 Views
Flite test could have gone with better servos and power setup, ive gone thru 2 motors and esc's. This plane requires alot of elevator control it seems very mushy on the both elevator and nothing from the flaperons. Ive upgraded the elavator linkage to a straight rod and clevis and moved all linkages to the outer hole on the servos and inner on the clevis. Ive also setup flaperons with differential throw because the servo horns will mash into the wing full throw with flaperons fully down. This is a very scale flying plane..its not bad it looks awesome but it does tend to roll on fast takeoffs. I love to fly at the beach..wide open space, one wheeled touch and goes and all kinds of fun. Flite test did not care to go all the way with this model for the price its not what it should be. This 4s setup should wake it up. I had to cut out some of the hatch to fit the 2200 4s battery but its cg is ok..trying the stock prop now and the last motor melted from running 4s. I will try this set up tonight and write more about how it flew with all these minor mods and changes. It does have alot more elevator control and deflection with the straight rod and clevis. I noticed the linkage was bending on the stock set up. Cool plane i really dont want to crash this one or scar it was too expensive and nice lookin to do anything stupid with it.