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Posted by G.wayne | Jan 05, 2018 @ 04:36 PM | 3,725 Views
Or this is how i get about 10 minute flights with my 2306 2300kv 6 inch prop Kwad since i have more power to much power than i actually need. I hover and fly around with about 20% - 35% throttle and when i do some tricks or need a boost in elevation i give it any were from 60%-80% very rarely do i ever go 100% throttle, so with my motors running more efficient and pulling less amps than it needs to it saves my battery life and thus giving me such longer flight times than 2-4 the normal amount i usually read and hear people getting. I also try to fly as smooth as possible and use the quads momentum as much as possible. because it takes more amps to bring your quad up to speed from a dead stop, like making a hair pin 180 hard. What I try to do as much as possible is make big 'ol sweeping turns as much as possible for any given turn weather it be a 270degree or 45 degree turn. I kinda fly my kwad like a plane most of the time so that way the rotor dont work against themselves thus keeping my momentum and speed up as high as possible equaling as much fun as possible.
Posted by G.wayne | Jan 04, 2018 @ 12:46 AM | 7,680 Views
If you are just not racing and not trying to go wot from arm to disarm Or at least with one of your quads you chill with the throttle for a pack of two. I have noticed that all these thrust numbers and amp draws and efficiency mean different things than just numbers to real world flying. I have noticed by flying with the different props is that the greater the prop pitch the lower or less throttle you will have to give your quad to lift and to fly. I have noticed that battery life also will increases as well if you fly the same equivalent speed or thrust as you would with the lower pitched props. since I don't have to use as much throttle to fly the same equivalent speed with lesser pitch prop. I have notice quite a difference between let's say a 5050 and a 5040 prop where a 5050 prop I would have to give it let's say 30% throttle to hover and to Cruze around and the 5040 prop I would have to use 40% throttle to do the same equivalent type of flying as the 5050. I know all quad copters are different but on my specific craft since I don't have to use as much throttle with the heavier pitched props my motors don't have to spin as fast thus saving current. The real thing I have a hard time understanding and I think the math would have a hard time proving is when I moved from a five inch to a six inch prop well the dalprops TJ6045 I doubled my flight times from six minutes to twelve minutes easy. I had tried about five or so six inch different props and so far the dals are...Continue Reading
Posted by G.wayne | Jul 15, 2017 @ 07:03 PM | 3,208 Views
Hello everyone I was so excited that my first ever blog had over 1700+ views that I'm going fulltime now. So expect me to start rolling full time on these and I got a YouTube channel. The only thing I can't seem to figure out is how to hold my camera and fly at the same time. I have been practicing flying with one hand and talking at the same time. I figured I would start out slow and just include a pic of my crafts. The fpv is the eachine racer 250 and the other one is my Los sky viper m500. Now the m500 was my first and I bought it April 2017. It is what got me hooked into this wonderfull world of radio controlled. I love it especially since I got my hobby grade. Because the 250 is dangerous and like any hobby grade needs respected. I can fly my sky viper in the house and around people like a fool because it. Hasn't and probably won't cut any one to bits. Now don't get me wrong, I respect its abilities and treat it like anything else I fly. There is just a different mind set when flying something so tiny. I make courses around my house and it has really help my los flying and orientation. Now the other one my eachine is a love hate relationship. When I first got it, it flew like crap and when I tried a 4s battery when I tried to punch out it fell out of the sky like a sack of potato's and since the battery was mounted in the horrible stock location it was turned into a batering ram. The mounts for the fc snapped off and busted of the main port on it and power on the pcd...Continue Reading
Posted by G.wayne | Jul 12, 2017 @ 01:01 AM | 3,981 Views
Hello my names Wayne. Im 29 just got into multirotors a couple of months ago. Interested in airplanes and helis too. I bought an eachine racer 250 and after the first initial crashes and working the kinks out of it. I love it I try to fly every day I am almost flying without any stabilization. But when u get into trouble i flick my flight mode switch as fast as I can. Anyways I'm going to try to make some how to videos throw them on the youtube because there are no good one for the racer 250 and connecting the so called cc3d it came with to librapilot. Those guys over there are awesome. I love the gcs for LP. Super easy and some cool things look like they are coming sooner or later depending if you can make your own code or know how to paste it in to the correct places out if bitbucket. So here is to a bright future in the r/c lifestyle.