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Posted by AtomicMilk | Sep 17, 2020 @ 07:09 PM | 1,323 Views
I recently moved to the desert, so Iím mostly using my short course now. I bought a cheap body from amazon and made new decals, as well as metal cross bars and radiator.

Hereís the old and new bodies
Posted by AtomicMilk | Mar 04, 2018 @ 02:10 PM | 3,349 Views
I ordered a new body, the Proline '66 Ford F100 Lexan body.
I created a light surface rust look by sprinkling nutmeg on a coat of wet clear paint, once section at a time.
I then back that with another coat of clear, then onto my primary color of Corsa Gray (Tamiya Polycarb), to look like faded/old seafoam green.
If you want to go this route, you should prepaint anything that you don't want to have rust on it (ie: wood bed-liner). The next time, I will use much more nutmeg and create a more rusted body, but this was a trial.
I then picked up some crafting wood to build removable bed-rails, and a farm set to go along with some accessories that I already had.
I then cut the interior from my Bronco build to be more compatible with both bodies. I still need to paint the wood rails, but it's good for now.
All that is left for this truck is axle mounted lower shock mounts to create more stability. I can probably use the cheap Tamiya grasshopper mounts.
Posted by AtomicMilk | Feb 24, 2018 @ 12:14 AM | 2,515 Views
THE RGT SCALER: I moved the shocks to the outside of the chassis on my rgt cruiser, and I ordered a new body as well. I'm doing a rusty old farm truck on the rgt chassis, lowering it just a bit, and adding same bails of hay and a pig for good measure. I really enjoy making this truck more and more realistic. I fed the wiring through the black tubing to hide the mess.

THE CLODBUSTER: I have enjoyed keeping this truck stock, but some things keep it from being enjoyable, like the bad suspension. I ordered 8 of the aluminum inner spring 102mm shocks, along with the lifted mounts. It should be much better after that. I will then fabricate some numbers that are better than the ones found on eBay.

THE S and K Pan car: I ordered some overpriced mounted rubber tires for my very old pan car. I want to run in on the smooth asphalt lot near me without shredding the tires. Since I don't race, there's no need to keep it 'stock', but I am going for the stock car look. Small-town speedway looks.

The 17" Proboat: I have replaced the servo and got the brushless system up and going again, with the aluminum rudder. I want to take it to the rc boat pond here in San Diego soon.

36" Boat: I just need to install the new receiver and reseal some areas with the waterproof tape I just picked up.

The Grasshopper: Since replacing the suspension, nothing is wrong with this amazing buggy,

The 1/18 desert truck. I fixed some bad wiring, but I don't get much pleasure out of such a small car.

I wish my son was more interested in the cars, but he prefers gaming. He's 10, so I get it..
Posted by AtomicMilk | Nov 11, 2017 @ 03:08 PM | 5,418 Views
I just finished the grasshopper suspension upgrade.. not easy to find the right sizes, but after a few tries I managed to find the right sized parts.

Rear: Crawler 80mm internal spring shocks with some minor plastic drilling to make them fit at the top.

Front: 37mm traxxas 1/16 rally shocks, along with another set of stock shock mounts like the bottom has.

Two 12mm long #3 machine bolts

Two #3 cap nuts

Four 12mm long #2 Machine nuts and bolts with washers

Use stock hardware for rear, but drill out ole to lower position in order to fit at top mount.
Posted by AtomicMilk | Nov 07, 2017 @ 09:19 PM | 2,802 Views
I work for an estate liquidation company. Every so often we run across an rc car, but today I scored.

Brinkmann Hustler Buggy.
It's built like a tank, but I have to decide whether to just leave it as is and shelf it (not really my thing).

The tires are pretty good with no rot, but the wheels are super brittle. I managed to test it with a 7.4v lipo and alligator clips to bypass the split nicad. Everything works, but the steering is really loose from the crap servo, and the controller is just hard to use. I may just change the servo, use a micro receiver in a different location, and use the entire tray for mounting a battery. I can use grasshopper front wheels (which I have plenty of), but the rear is a rectangle shaft and will require mods. I could always use some old rc10 wheels and drill out the holes into a rectangle shape to fit. It might be the best option. See pics below.
Posted by AtomicMilk | Oct 01, 2017 @ 07:11 PM | 2,784 Views
I took my son for a picnic today and brought along the Grasshopper and couple of new kites. It wasn't windy enough to get the kites up, so we attempted to run the grasshopper. After maybe 1 minute, a small beveled gear popped out of place, just like last time. After we got home and I took it apart, I realized that the spacer for the gear on the axle was not there. This means that it wasn't there to begin with.. and I missed it. Since you can't buy that single part and it's quite basic, I decided to measure it all out and make something. Well, the missing spacer is suppose to be 5.5mm and I happen to have multiple sealed bearings. Putting the 2.5mm and the 3mm together made for the perfect thickness and the inner diameter fit the axle shaft perfectly with plenty of clearance from hitting other gears. I put the differential back together and now the axles have minimal play, like they should. I decided to go ahead and paint the body roll bars while I had everything apart anyway. It looks and runs better now. All I have left is to use more suitable shocks because the RC10 shocks are thick and rub everything too much.

Both people stood me up for buying the Bandit buggy.
Posted by AtomicMilk | Oct 01, 2017 @ 11:50 AM | 2,760 Views
Last week I got a great deal on a big lot of RC parts, including a roller. Come to find out, the roller is an original Traxxas Bandit that someone put lost truly wheels and tires on, which make it too wide for any body to actually look right on, since the lost wheels are mounted in the center instead of the outer edge. I have considered just getting the proper wheels and body, adding a receiver to it, and having a basher.. but I don't really like traxxas and I probably wouldn't end up using it at all. Traxxas makes quality RC with easy to obtain parts, but they are boring to me. Nothing unique about them. I know that my Vintage and Re-Re Tamiya were once like that as well, but I prefer the look of tamiya as far as the kits and rtf go. I put the most time into the realistic scale cars, or making them look more scale/realistic. I guess that's the fun part of the hobby for me.

back on track.. I have the Traxxas roller for sale on offerup and there are a few interested parties. If it sells this week, I will use the money towards another classic chassis or maybe a couple of lipos. If it doesn't sell this week, I may end up making it RTR and finish it with old RC10 parts/body for a classic buggy look. The measurements are pretty close to the same, aside from the overall width being slightly wider on the bandit. Jconcepts makes a nice classic rc10 body, but the classic wheels won't go on the wider layout right, so the outer mounted wheels will have to do. See.. here I am talking myself into keeping it. Maybe I need to just buy the classic RC10 and still sell this thing. I really prefer the older models.
Posted by AtomicMilk | Sep 27, 2017 @ 09:39 AM | 2,981 Views
My Grasshopper roller arrived on Monday. As soon as I got home from work I installed a Gems 2 motor, Novak Duster ESC, spectrum radio, 2S Lipo, and took it to a parking lot for testing and calibration. The Motor smoked and locked up almost immediately, but it's quite old and hasn't been used in who knows how long, so I swapped it for a Nightmare Peak motor, which is still old, but working well. This buggy was way faster than I remember them, but it is a good setup for a brushed system. About half way through the battery (with low voltage alarm attached), a gear popped out of place. Come to find out, there was no grease or oil of any kind in the Dif. I ended up taking the car completely apart on Monday, then on Tuesday night I did a bunch of touch up painting, lubed up everything, reset the placement of electronics, put old RC10 shocks on the rear (will need to order smaller for front), and even painted the radio match. Aside from front shocks and a better bumper, I may not change anything else.. It's a great buggy that they made right 33 years ago, so I don't want to change that. See attached pics.
Posted by AtomicMilk | Sep 23, 2017 @ 07:16 PM | 3,052 Views
I went to the swap meet today with hopes of finding a few cheap parts or a roller. I was looking at a box full of parts, tires, chassis, several motors, esc's, servos, an old school Bandit (missing only the body), and an unknown Lost chassis. The guy told me to take the entire box for $20. Sweet.

I will likely use the Bandit as my beach basher, because there's a set of paddles for it in the box. It came with a Novak Duster and it works great.
So far I have 8 vintage working motors out of the bunch, and a few that are not even complete. I spent the entire day testing electronics and finding parts to complete the projects.
Posted by AtomicMilk | Sep 23, 2017 @ 10:20 AM | 2,855 Views
I haven't taken the cars or boats out in awhile, so maybe I'll do that on Sunday. I am mostly just fixing up little things, and slowly upgrading parts on my multiple RC's. I am going to put a Chinese Brushless combo in the 36" fiberglass boat and hope that it does the trick. I'm not looking for crazy speed, but it is super slow with a standard 540 and 7.2v pack. If I use a 3S Lipo with the Brushless, I think it will at least be fun to take out on the pond every once in awhile. I have small repairs to do on the boat prior to changing out the motor/esc.

Last night I cleaned up the aluminum body that I made for the 1/18 desert buggy and made a driver out of a sea world trainer action figure. That buggy is fun to run around the beach with just a 22T brushed motor, but I need to upgrade in order to use lipo. It's got graphite and aluminum everything.. so I can abuse it without issues. I'm going to eventually find some paddles for it.

I'm gathering items to make a universal trailer to pull behind the Clodbuster. I plan to make a removable center piece so it can haul boats or cars.
Posted by AtomicMilk | Sep 21, 2017 @ 07:39 PM | 2,801 Views
When I was a kid, RC was pretty new. When the Grasshopper was huge and my more well-to-do friends had one, I had a Nikko CHipmunk.. which I think was like a 20 scale. All I remember was them having a blue and red version, and not a single replacement part. They ran on 6 or 8 AA batteries and a 9V in the radio.

30 something years later and after buying so many various cars over the years, I never did end up with a Grasshopper.. Until now. I ordered it last night. I will put the 18 pinion, bearings, and a Joel Magic Speedworks motor from the same era. For the time being, I'll put a cheap chinese ESC on it.

I have a few boat projects happening, but I haven't been all that focused on my projects lately. I'd like to find some locals who enjoy Vintage and reissue.

My next purchase may be a Radio Shack Golden Arrow.. Another car I wanted and never got.
Posted by AtomicMilk | Apr 11, 2017 @ 02:39 PM | 5,407 Views
I took the RGT Rock Cruiser out and ran it for about an hour. I mostly wanted to get a better idea of it's handling and balance. I have done a fairly good job at balancing it out, but I need to add a little weight to even it out since the driver makes it lean a bit. I've been considering getting a sheet of lexan and using my aluminum interior as a mold. It would be much lighter and could be easily vacuum casted. could mold a stick shift, center console, etc.. Might be fun.

I took advantage of the scenery and did a little photo shoot.

Any suggestions on how to greatly improve this truck would be appreciated. I already took care of the servo. Shocks are obviously an issue, but finding the right size hasn't happened. Also, I may get the 73 Bronco tamiya body to create a more realistic truck in the colors I want. I used pinstriping to touch this one up and redo the crooked lines that came stock.
Posted by AtomicMilk | Apr 01, 2017 @ 08:40 PM | 4,205 Views
I ordered new shocks for the Rock Cruiser, but they are too fat and won't mount on bottom end. I did replace the 3kg servo with a 15 metal gear and metal horn. I changed the oil in the stock shocks, which will have to do for now. I think everything is as good as it will get for awhile.
Posted by AtomicMilk | Mar 28, 2017 @ 09:00 PM | 4,697 Views
I ordered the Tamiya Hilux steering wheel and it works out great on my scale crawler, but the interior makes the stock shocks too floppy for actual trail riding. On thursday the new crawler shocks should be here to fix that problem. I also put an aluminum horn on the servo and ordered a 15g servo for when this one goes out. I may have to add offsets to the wheels too, since this chassis is so narrow
Posted by AtomicMilk | Mar 23, 2017 @ 11:43 PM | 4,824 Views
A stop at Michaels and Home Depot led to a sturdy light weight interior. Then a stop at Toys r us for the driver..

I will continue adding touches to it, but this works great.
Posted by AtomicMilk | Mar 17, 2017 @ 10:52 PM | 4,427 Views
I got out my 80s pan car and got it up and running. It's a brushed system that still impresses me.

I ordered an RGT Rock Cruiser with the bronco body, then went ahead and ordered several upgrades and parts. I am not into racing like I once was (hence the username change from Patton_Racing), but I do enjoy a beach bash, and we have some great rocky beaches where this truck could be fun.. plus I really enjoy the realistic look.

I also dusted off the Clodbuster and put an xl5 esc on it, along with a new radio system.
Posted by AtomicMilk | Mar 22, 2015 @ 02:16 PM | 5,163 Views
So I have successfully turned this little toy boat into quite the machine. 4000k Brushless ESC/Motor, water-cooling system, aluminum rudder, titanium shaft, graphite prop, fresh paint, epoxy sealed seams, traxxas marine greased, new 2.4ghz radio rx and tx. I have tested it with a 7.2v mini pack and it's about the fastest thing on the pond. I'm sure lipo may be a bit too much for it, seeing at it's very light and barely stays on track. The longer and heavier rudder keeps it in the water right now.
I will attempt to get a video of it soon..
Posted by AtomicMilk | Mar 15, 2015 @ 10:30 PM | 6,487 Views
I took the boat out today. To make a long story short, the wiring that's built in to the ESC that comes from the battery is way too thin. The wire melted together from the full size battery pack (it came off a boat with a mini pack, but same voltage). I almost had to swim out pretty far to get it, from water that's full of god knows what from gas boats.. Thankfully someone with a small row boat was out there helping the sail boat guys, so he grabbed mine for me.

At this point, the motor isn't nearly strong enough, and I know that a brushless is required to make this boat worth taking out again. I'm a bit upset with myself for thinking that I could restore it on the cheap. It looks good, but that's it. Every aspect of the radio, esc, and motor must be replaced before I bother taking it out again, and even then I will take a fishing pole with some sort of large hook to retrieve either boat.

I'm still waiting on the radio system to arrive for my small boat. As long as it works, there's no doubt that it will be quite fast. .. just worried about it being too fast and uncontrollable.

The Hot Racing aluminum hubs for my Desert Buggy are not made the same as the originals were, as there is no spacer for the bearings. the dogbones come out within minutes of use, because the inner wheel cup in pulled too far inside the hub, moving the bearings too far with it. I had to get some aluminum thin washers to keep the cupped part from sliding into the hub.. which is just annoying and the rubbing will surely wear everything out faster. I'm using grease to slow down the friction a bit.

I'm not sure where this hobby is taking me. Replacing parts between every single run is getting old. Perhaps I shouldn't be so eager to 'upgrade' and just try to enjoy a stock vehicle for awhile. Actually, I should stop worrying about having the latest and greatest thing when I actually prefer Vintage.
Posted by AtomicMilk | Mar 13, 2015 @ 10:03 PM | 6,021 Views
I used L brackets to make a motor mount for the HPI 550 motor that I bought. I cut off the old wood mount, leaving only the bottom half of it. I carved a U shape that the motor would fit into, then I used two L brackets to mount it in place, with actually worked out quite well.. plus the metal brackets will work as a heat sink to some degree. The 3mm to 5mm coupling was not accurate, so I had to drill out the aluminum until it was the right size. I got everything tight and in place, hooked up a battery, and whoa.. probably 10 times faster than that old huge motor from 1983. This think looks like it's took small for this big boat, but really the boat doesn't weigh much without the mechanical speed controller and huge motor. I am not going for speed, just a fun and usable boat. (I have the brushless 17" for when I want speed). This setup is basic, but it gives me something to use my collection of standard 7.2v packs on.. This motor is meant for that power and the esp is meant for this motor. I will probably take it out on Sunday to get a better look at what I still need to do, but I'm happy with it so far.

The little boat is still sitting around until I get the new remote. I'm not too happy with the "Neewer" company thank I ordered several parts from. They gave me a bogus tracking number and I found out their california based company actually ships from china. oh well.
Posted by AtomicMilk | Mar 10, 2015 @ 04:40 PM | 5,724 Views
When I bought my Miss Geico 17" Proboat a couple of years ago, it had just came out. It was 2.4ghz and had a pretty simple layout, so it was a good choice for my first boat. As my son got a little older, he was really not into cars like me, so pretty much just handed the boat off to him. Well, even he(At 7yo) is bored with it. The battery packs last awhile, but it's just not a great boat.

As brushless systems have become cheaper, I've kept a look out for the perfect setup for this little boat. I settled on a pretty cheap setup that should move this boat quite nicely. I also bought a new aluminum rudder and mounting bracket, then had to order a new radio rx & tx because the old system was integrated with the brushed esc. So now I have a boat with nothing original but the hull and servo. I spent forever sanding it down last night, from where I had painted it orange. Now it's the color my son wants and will be crazy fast if all goes well. I just need to replace the water cooling hose and install the radio. Hopefully I'll finish it and post a video within the week.