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Posted by Rama Rao | May 29, 2020 @ 08:32 AM | 4,831 Views
I acquired this Fleetwind-60 some time last year (2019). This 1946-made engine came to me with missing gaskets and broken insulating bush in the timer assy. Also, the needle was missing. During these (relatively) leisure times I decided to restore this engine and see how it runs.

Here is the video:

Fleetwind Vintage Ignition Engine's Restoration & Running (5 min 24 sec)

Posted by Rama Rao | May 04, 2020 @ 06:50 AM | 6,424 Views
Strangely, on this engine, the ignition-timing (advance / retard) doesn't seem to have significant effect.
But it gives 6000+ RPM on 11x6 wide-blade prop.

Here is the video:

Bunch's Tiger Aero 45, A Vintage Sparker Running (4 min 45 sec)

Posted by Rama Rao | Apr 30, 2020 @ 10:44 PM | 5,604 Views
Yesterday, I started my Mohawk Chief .29.
Except cleaning and oiling, nothing I did to restore.
At the end of a 2 min short run I found that the cylinder assembly became a wee bit loose but the two retaining head screws were tight enough.
Also the gasket, seen from the exhaust port, was not firmly pressed.
The two triangular wedge clamps, despite their thickness, didn't seem to be stiff enough for the purpose OR the gasket thickness reduced over time.
When I opened, the gasket seemed to be fine.
Fixed the problem, at least for the time being, by bending the triangular clamps slightly into a convex shape, to engage the cylinder tightly.

Here is the video:

Mohawk Chief A Vintage Spark Ignition Engine Run (5 min 51 sec)

Posted by Rama Rao | Apr 24, 2020 @ 06:52 AM | 6,400 Views
OS Wankel 30 First Run After Restoration (2 min 44 sec)

This is the OS Graupner Wankel-30, an early version non PI-type, that I restored.
I am happy with the result.
Posted by Rama Rao | Apr 19, 2020 @ 05:01 AM | 3,362 Views
Delong-30 fitted with OS-2B carb and run with MA 10x7 Prop.

Delong-30 A Vintage Sparky's RC Conversion (2 min 28 sec)