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Posted by TheDonski | Aug 30, 2016 @ 07:53 PM | 6,813 Views
As a disclaimer... this is a work in progress... yeah there might be mistakes,, but if you have a question let me know...

So I sunk my rc boat in a local reservoir in 5 minutes of its maiden (next time I won't put in an over-sized ESC and motor)...that is when I decided to build an underwater ROV to find it. This blog will be dedicated to my build so if others want to duplicate it or get ideas to learn from my mistakes. It took me about a week to assembly the entire ROV, but I have been tweaking the design for the last year.

To keep the ROV cheap I decided to use old recycled parts from past projects and home building project I already had. Having a background in RC and FPV really helped out the process.
After extensive research and gathering what i thought might work I found these two videos/blogs to guide my design.

Micro DIY ROV Overview. Home Built Submarine Drone. My first narration, be gentle! (7 min 46 sec)

I also found the OpenROV community that has turn key units or kits ( and blue robotics ( They both have amazing products with really good assembly instructions and support, but they cost a lot! I am cheap so I stuck with a recycled parts ROV. Currently, I have dove down to 80 feet in freshwater and plan over 100 feet in the near future in the ocean...

Biggest lesson I learned- Remember to keep everything as simple as...Continue Reading