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Review - RacerStar Racing Edition BR1306 4000KV 1-2S Brushless Motor

Review - Racerstar Racing Edition BR1306 4000KV 1-2S Brushless Motor (4 min 46 sec)

How does this motor stack up against the RacerStar BR1306 3100kv Motor?
Well, it is higher KV so it does produce more thrust, however, it also uses more Amps.
The motor is not as efficient as the 3100kv version which is expected since it's higher KV.
If you would like a bit more power and a bit less flight time then this motor will give it to you ;-)
I think I will use this motor for my "Glue & Fly Series" Micro Trainer Plane, TBA.
I think this motor is very well made and the price makes it a great value.
It produces great thrust at low amp usage on a 2S LIPO.
The motor with the prop nut and attached servo connector weighs 12.43 grams.

The thrust test on this motor was performed with various props ranging from a 6" to a 4" prop.
All test were performed using the same 2S 850mah 25C LIPO and the battery was fully charged for each test.

Build, Fly, Crash, Repair, Rinse & Repeat!

Happy Flying!

Links to Motors & Props:

Racerstar Racing Edition BR1306 4000KV 1-2S Brushless Motor

RacerStar Racing Edition BR1306 3100kv 1-2S Brushless Motor

Gemfan 6030 Prop

Gemfan 5040 Prop

Gemfan 5030 Prop

Gemfan 4045 4 Inch Bullnose Carbon Nylon 2CW & 2CCW Propeller
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VIntage (1600) by jim harley, on Flickr

I got hooked on the Reno Races back in the late 70's. I found a stash of my Grandfathers Air Classic magazines in his basement and the first issue I grabbed had the RB-51 on the cover. Being from Ohio and a kid...meant that I wouldn't be going to Reno anytime soon so I begged my dad to get a subscription to Air Classics to see more of these racers. The warbird movement was in full swing in the late 70's and was always the only reason to go to an airshow. Air Classics became the bible of what was going on in the world of warbirds. Reno, and warbirds in general became my 'baseball, football, and Nascar all wrapped in to one. I knew tail numbers, pilots, who owned what, who raced what, speeds etc.. In 1985 my dad had a business trip pop up to southern California that was going to be just over 2 weeks. The down side was during the school year...much to my surprise he asked if I would mind missing a week of school after the week of spring break. Fortunately he shared my enthusiasm for old airplanes and Chino and Flabob would be on the itinerary for his days off. Back then, and to some extent today, those two airports in LA are the mecca of warbirds and antique airplanes.

Off we went on the big United jet in to LAX. The first Saturday we were off to Chino. Back then there was open fences and you could wander anywhere you wanted...which we did. There are 4 large WWII era hangars at Chino that, over the years, served as flight school...Continue Reading
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Eachine VTX03S 0/25/50/100/200mw 40CH 5.8G FPV Transmitter With PITmode Smartaudio Function

GRAB YOURS AT BANGGOOD.COM Promotion Sale - Only 11,99$

For this unbeatable price 11,99$ you get very nice VTX,. It is very small and lightweight only 3g and has built PITmode Smartaudio Function.
Like all VTX it has switchable output power: 25mW/50mW/100mW/200mW . It comes with antenna and connector type is IPEX. My advice is to put some hot glue on connector for better holding.

Size: 19.57 x 21.93 x 6.01 mm

...Continue Reading
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Hello I have this cox plane and I am looking for some data on it. What did cox call this plane and if it is possible where to find the control line. I had this as a kid and it’s been in the attic for 40-50 years. I have been looking but this particular plane isn’t coming up under any cox searches.

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Yes .. you read it correct : Good Deed of Airport Security.

We all hate going through security, the removal of belt, shoes ... empty pockets and show computer etc.

Recently travelling back from one of my many trips to Arabian Gulf - I was going through Dubai Security, terminal 3.

The metal detector was having a fit and near all of us had trouble with it. I went through it at least 3x before realising my car key was in my pocket. I thrw it into a tray ... tried detector again ... BEEP BEEP ... so security asked me aside and did a full pat down and tissue testing for explosives / drugs. Cleared I collected my gear .. 'redressed' ... and went on my way.

7 hours later in Hamburg - had to go through security again due to next flight being EU entry. Empty pockets and computer .. OH NO !!!! Where's my car key ???

You guessed - its still in Dubai. And its only key I have for the car !!

Car is standing in the Long Term Car Park of Riga Airport waiting my arrival and to drive home. It also has still in it ... my best models !! (Its actually my Renault Master cargo Van).
I telephoned the Car Park office who advised they can get car opened - but nothing else. Of course its one of those 'chip' keys that need to come from factory !!
I call a pal who agrees to meet me and get me home. I then talk to Renault dealer in my town next day who say 3 weeks to order .. I need truck the car to them ... and then they program for new key. Price 220 Euros for the key + trucking...Continue Reading
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Hi fellow rc pilots & rc enthusiasts

MJX Bugs 5W Battery Mod. This MJX Bugs 5W battery modification enables the stock battery to be charged with a hobby grade balance charger a lot faster than the supplied charger that comes with this. This Bugs 5W battery mod can also in principle be applied to similar battery adapters for other models too. Hope this helps you.

MJX Bugs 5W Battery Mod to use Hobby Grade Balance charger (21 min 40 sec)

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Hi everyone!this is Wilson from banggood.
My main products in banggood are the following:
Racing Drone
RC Helicopter
Radios & Receiver
Battery & Charger
Multi Rotor Parts
RC Robot
Musical Instruments

If you have any questions about this, please contact me!
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38mm Diameter Turbo Folding Prop Spinner BB-Turbo-Spinners-38mm-x-4mm 2 $40.00
BB Turbo Spinner Collet - 3.17mm BB Turbo Spinner Collet - 3.17mm BB-Turbo-Spinner-Collet-3-17mm 2 $9.60

The following blades are for testing a 52 gram motor on 4S with stock 30A ESC:

Aeronaut Cam 12 Aeronaut Cam 12"X6.5" (30.5x16.5 cm) 7234-46-12X65 1 $12.70
Aeronaut Cam 10 Aeronaut Cam 10"X7" (25.5x18 cm)
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Vertigo Rolling Circle (0 min 20 sec)

Get back some memory nine years ago.
Biplane have a great ability for aerobatics flight characteristics.
Vertigo give me the first experience of rolling plus circle many years ago.
If you regular pattern control the throttle add and reduce well, while the biplane rolling right it will automatically circle left.
It was great for 3D or 3A stunt flight.
Lots fun with the Vertigo.

Thanks for the Vertigo designer group.
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Not a bad little drone and it's cheap and looks fantastic.

Xin Xiang Da Micro LED Drone Review (12 min 55 sec)

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Eachine TX805 at 25mW recorded with Eachine LCD5802D monitor out to 215 meters. Stock dipole antenna.

tx805 (1 min 57 sec)

Eachine TX805 at 25mW recorded with Eachine LCD5802D monitor out to 300 meters. Pagoda antenna.

Eachine TX805 (2 min 42 sec)
...Continue Reading
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I know this place for maybe two years. But I was always worried to fly there because of the small space and hard surface. But now I want to share this great place with you. Great music from Youtube suited to video well.

Drone Spot # 1 - Cut down forest (3 min 16 sec)

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This is a custom Sigan 210 build. I bought a used original Sigan 210 V2 frame with all the carbon fiber and plastic parts but I didn't like the quality or sizes of the plastic parts. So I redesigned and printed the sandwich parts and in the process increased the spacing from 10mm to 12mm . I also designed printed a custom camera canopy.

I like my quad builds to light up nicely so I created some LED inserts for the sandwich for some pretty neat lighting with Betaflight controlled RGB LEDs.

I used MakerGeeks Raptor PLA which is a high temperature/high impact PLA that is far stronger than typical PLA or PETG. I also created some softmounting for the FC and motors and landing feet in a TPU for vibration control and a softer landing.

The parts list is as follows:
Sigan 210 V2 frame (includes original Carbon Fiber top plate not shown)
Heli-Nation Talon F4 20x20 Flight Controller
Tattu 30A DShot ESCs
BrotherHobby OEM 2206 2300kv
Frsky XSR
RDQ Mach 2 VTX
Foxeer Arrow Micro Pro (Blue)
RaceKraft 5045 Clear & transparent Red props (shown in most photos)
DAL 5040 Freestyle Blue Props (also shown in last photo)...Continue Reading
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Eachine has been bringing some excellent RC models to the market over the past few years. Some of their drones have been really big hits with beginners, and expert pilots alike. Today we are going to be taking a look at one of their new offerings the EX2H.

The EX2H is a complete ready to fly package that includes the brushless drone with 1806 1800kv motors, 2.4ghz radio transmitter with weak signal, and low battery telemtery, 7.4v 2s 1800mah LiPo battery, charger, and a 1080p HD camera for taking aerial videos, and pictures. You also get a set of prop guards, a set of spare props, and an 8gb micro SD card for the camera. The only thing you will need to get up and flying are 4 AA batteries for the radio.

Many of you will recognize the style, and design of this quadcopter, as it is very similar to the MJX Bugs series of multi rotors. It may even be a rebrand of an MJX model. Regardless, it is a very nice drone, that has a high quality look, and feel to it.

The EX2H is a very stable flyer that performs well in altitude hold mode, or in pro mode (no altitude hold). There is a switch on the transmitter that makes it very easy to select which mode you want to fly in. There is also two different speed rates, that can be used by pressing a button on the transmitter. In high speed mode the quad is quite sporty and capable of some pretty fast speeds, and makes it capable of flying in some pretty windy conditions.

Whether you are a beginner pilot, a pilot looking to take...Continue Reading
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I try out the Eclipson Y 3D printed airplane.
Eclipson Y Flight Review | Hobbyview (15 min 51 sec)

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I am moving on from full-time Drone journalism.....will still be involved in the hobby and tutoring, etc.

The Press Release is below:

Note - I am available for any type of drone, business, innovation (I hold patents, etc.) consultation...please email cissod at or see

Aug 1, 2018

Harry McNabb (Dronelife, SAJ Technologies) - [email protected]
Craig Issod ( Founder and Publisher) - [email protected]

Nashua, NH: The largest global news and information network in the commercial drone space has added a new property focused on products and education. DRONELIFE is pleased to announce the addition of and associated Domain Names and web properties to their drone-focused ecosystem.

DRONELIFE today announced that they have acquired respected resource for remote pilots, adding a new site to their ecosystem of drone media. was founded in 2013 by veteran web and technology publisher Craig Issod, and has become one of the leading sources of information for the consumer end of the drone marketplace. Featuring e-books, beginners guides, product reviews and training resources, Droneflyers offers a wealth of resources for drone pilots at every level.

“The addition of Droneflyers to our properties will bring a new and trusted voice in the consumer drone space into our fold,” says DRONELIFE CEO Harry McNabb. “Unlike many ‘me too’ Drone sites...Continue Reading
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Tutorial - Adding Struts to your WLToys F949 Cessna 182 or other Micro Plane

Tutorial - Adding Struts to your WLToys F949 Cessna 182 (38 min 36 sec)

The Main Wing on this plane has way too much flex and should have had Struts out of the box but didn't.
In this Tutorial we're going to remedy that situation by fabricating our own Struts ;-)

To complete this Tutorial you will need the following Tools & Supplies:

Link to Angle Jig Template:

- (1) Barbeque Skewer that is 3mm in diameter and approx. 125mm or 5in. long
- (2) Stir Straws that have a 3mm inside diameter and are approx. 150mm or 6in. in length each.
- (1) Packing Tape or similar Tape
- (1) Pencil or something to outline your Angle Jig Template and mark your Barbeque Skewer lengths
- (1) Material for your Angle Jig; Foam Board, Cardboard, etc.
- (1) Scissors to cutout your Angel Jig Template and a Printer of course
- (1) Utility Scissors, Utility Knife, Exacto Knife or something else to cut your lengths of Barbeque Skewer, Stir Straws, & Angel Jig
- (1) Ruler preferably with a Millimeter Scale so no conversions are needed
- (1) Hot Glue Gun or some other Foam Safe Glue

Build, Fly, Crash, Repair, Rinse & Repeat!

Happy Flying!
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I acquired 2 DHK cars (Wolf/Ray-r same car) both almost new and RTR for $150. I couldn't pass up the deal. I just got back into RC a few months ago so I am having to learn RC all over again. Any/All advise is appreciated. My question is what will it take to make both cars competitive on the track or are they just backyard track / bashers? What brushless motor/esc can the car handle with the stock gearbox? Any/All advice on upgrades is appreciated. And if the cars aren't "race quality" please let Me know.
Posted by Tazkiller85 | Aug 29, 2018 @ 06:25 AM | 2,741 Views
Yep Les Amis,
En Immersion ... Ou Immergé ? Et bien ça va changer un peu, aujourd'hui j'ai en test un bateau de course, le Volantex Vector Pro de chez VolantexRC . Autrement nommé le "ANGRY SHARK" (requin en colère ) , ce Offshore en a sous la pédale, c'est le moins qu'on puisse dire. Même s'il ne monte pas réellement à 70kmh comme le dit la fiche constructeur, il atteint tout de même les 50kmh qui est une vitesse plus qu'impressionnante sur l'eau ! Mais le plus impressionnant ce n'est pas simplement sa vitesse, c'est surtout l'accroche qu'il propose à haute vitesse . En effet, il se couche dans les virages, même très serrés, ce qui le rend très difficile à retourner à pleine vitesse . Si malgré tout, vous arrivez à le retourner, il est équipé d'une ballaste qui le remettra d'aplomb en quelques secondes. Malgré quelques petits défauts, ce Requin en colère est, selon moi, un engin génial qui vous fera faire le plein de sensations !

Volantex Vector PRO, ANGRY SHARK Review Test Démo / Résultat du concours . (30 min 51 sec)

NOTATAZ : 18/20 Plaisir et Puissance !

Les + : Résistant, Puissant, Hyper maniable et bonne autonomie .
Les - : Étanchéité, 50KMh au lieu des 70 annoncés

Les produits présentés sont visibles ici (en cliquant sur ces liens vous soutenez ma chaîne) Merci à vous :

- Batterie conseillée :
- Batterie...Continue Reading