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hey guys
Great weather here in the Netherlands!
so we had to take out the blackjack 29 again!
proboat blackjack 29 first run of 2017! (5 min 17 sec)

Posted by n0bbyUK | Mar 28, 2017 @ 07:56 AM | 6,334 Views
Decided to have a play with cutting foam wings so need a hot foam cutter. I looked around and saw the Feathercut was commercially available but didn't like the price. Saw a design on the Charles Rivers web site and as the concept is fairly simple I decided to have a go at building one myself.

Had a slab of 25mm ply left over from a DIY job so that was the base sorted. Had some 40mm x 25mm steel angle, that's the mounting point for the pulleys sorted, bit of 18mm x 38mm timber for the swinging arm, some Acetal Rod (25mm) to make the pulleys out of, assorted nuts/bolts/washers and off we go!

Having a milling machine helps in making M8 tapped holes every 25mm for the pulleys that you set to just wider than the foam block. Drill and a spiral flute M8 tap (plus cutting fluid) and a bit of elbow grease and they were done.

The lathe was used with a V tool, a parting off tool and an 8mm drill bit to make the Acetal pulleys, 4 in total.

I welded on to the angle a small piece of flat metal to hang the wooden arm off, drilled 8mm (and the 18mm x 38mm wood arm) and then with an M8 socket head screw (bolt) and a few washers and nyloc nut attached the arm.

I decided to make adjustable clamps for the puylleys that are used to set the % for tapered wings or straight cut wings and used a bit of 20mm Aluminium which was milled to a sort of L shape. M4 clamping SHC screws and M8 bolt to hold the pulley on and they are infinitely adjustable.

A couple of large bulldog...Continue Reading
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Don't know where this is going yet

Posted by BeardedFPV | Mar 28, 2017 @ 06:01 AM | 5,618 Views
FINALLY came from

The USPS is horrible. Took 2 weeks to deliver a first class padded envelope from Los Angeles to San Diego.

Posted by BeardedFPV | Mar 28, 2017 @ 05:56 AM | 5,630 Views
Got these motors from an AWESOME dude on here. Probably going to build another 4" atom with them or might switch out motors on my current 4" atom to see how they compare to F30s.

Posted by scousethief | Mar 28, 2017 @ 05:29 AM | 9,749 Views
Eachine VR D2 Pro 5 Inches 800*480 40CH 5.8G Diversity FPV Goggles w/ DVR Lens Adjustable

So , my trusty Quanums are starting to get a little "tatty" which is a shame as they perform flawlessly , with the cost of replacements in mind i have been looking around for something to replace them with, the goggles Two are an obvious choice but realistically atm i dont need a 1080p screen and i want something with a DVR, i know i can solder in the DVR to the G2 but it would mean cutting the case, however , these popped up today. which i am considering, they may just fit my fat head

Brand name: Eachine
Item name: VR D2 Pro FPV Goggles
Screen size: 5 inches
Screen resolution: 800x480
Frequency channel: built-in 40CH 5.8GHz receiver
Battery : 2S 7.4-8.4V Lipo battery
Battery work time: 2.5-3 hours
Operating current: 600--680mA
Receiver sensitivity: -95dBM
Antenna connector: RP-SMA
DVR Max Support: 64G TF Card
Goggles weight: 285g (without antenna)
Antenna weight: 29 g (Flat: 13g, mushroom: 16g)
Dimension(mm): 150 X152 X96 (without antenna and antenne mount)

Features :
Upgraded Receiver, more sensitive.
Auto search, you can search all frequencies around or select your own frequency to avoid interference
Add the power indicator function instead of the built-in buzzer, you can check the power on displayer directly.
With white noise and snow screen
Dual receiver to get strong and steady signal
Support Lens Adjustable
Support upgrading
Built-in DVR function, record every wonderful moment and play back
With comfortable face sponge
With accurate capacity, 7.4V 2200mAh Lipo battery consists of 2 x 18650 battery
Support one key into power saving mode

Package Included:
1 X VR D2 Pro FPV Goggles
1 X Mushroom antenna
1 X Flat antenna
1 X 7.4V 2200mAh Lipo battery
1 X Charger
1 X User Manual

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About the Dremel

A Dremel is a broadband power device. Since it is really light weight as well as compact, customers like the Dremel. It is a flexible power device that is frequently made use of for timber job and also crafts. While the Dremel is categorized as a power device, it has some uncommon usages throughout the years. In the 1940's, the Dremel was made use of by the Division of Protection in order to help develop the initial atomic bombs. Throughout the battle, the Dremel was typically utilized to decrease the quantity of mark cells from injuries. It has actually been made use of to get rid of tattoos as well as by dental professionals to form dentures.

Today, the Dremel is the leading rotating device worldwide. That is fairly a success with countless them to pick from. The Dremel has more than 200 devices used, providing it flexibility. The opportunities of exactly what you could do with a Dremel are limitless. You can use it for various purposes, like woodworking, metal working and jewelry.

There are various designs of the Dremel device. The 400 Collection XPR provides broadband along with terrific high quality. It is one of the most flexible of the Dremel collection. The 300 Collection is an accuracy device. It is really portable and also has numerous rates to select from. The Digital Rotating Dremel is extremely progressed. It showcases a LCD readout and also a digital comments control. This Dremel version is generally utilized by the scientific research...Continue Reading
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With more airplanes than my garage can handle, a new storage solution was needed. I also have many planes hanging from the ceiling on PVC. New rack system underway. Many more rungs to go.

Edit: Third column finished...more info to come.
Posted by SteelRainSpo | Mar 28, 2017 @ 01:45 AM | 6,702 Views
Hey guys, I just finished testing and uploading my 80 & 120 amp continuous current lipo load testing, be aware that it's a long video due to the time needed to test all 8 batteries on 2 separate testing rigs. The batteries included in this shootout include:

China Hobby Line G+ 4s 100c 1500mah and 1300mah

Dinogy Ultra Graphene 2.0 4s 80c 1500mah and 1300mah

Indestructible Quads Black Label 4s 80c 1500mah

Infinity Race Spec Graphene 4s 90c 1300Mah

Turnigy Graphene 4s 65c 1500mah and 1300mah

I thought all of the batteries did pretty well in the testing considering the abuse they were subjected to, and I hope you all enjoy the video and time I put into it. Please feel free to like and subscribe to my channel, there will be more fpv related content coming in the near future, thanks

80amp & 120amp Continuous Current Lipo Load Testing (1 hr 4 min 36 sec)

Posted by martinpuot | Mar 28, 2017 @ 12:23 AM | 4,722 Views
Posted by TomM | Mar 27, 2017 @ 08:56 PM | 5,770 Views
I ALWAYS wanted one of these. A Craigslist search resulted in a 6 hour round trip and I came back with a prize.
I'm not sure how old it is, but Coverite sold the kit between 1977 and early 80's. So I calling it a vintage plane..... my "barn find" !!

The seller said he bought it already built years ago and never flew it. The original builder/owner must have flew a few times then hung it from the ceiling for decades. No evidence of bad landings and rebuilds. He did a top notch build- with Ambroid, great covering job and quality workmanship, a bit heavy by today's standards, but age took it's toll with rusty linkage and fuel soaked front. This is going to be a fun rebuild! I want to convert to a G32 and 4S 4000 pack, and leave it looking as original as I can. The picture of the whole plane is as I bought it.

Here's what was done today:
Removed center-servo wing linkage and bellcranks in preparation for two micro metal gear servos.
Cut battery access in bottom, and remove fuel tank and fuel soaked foam.
Repair the cowl cracks- removed paint and put a couple layers of glass cloth on the cowl inside.

I need to clean up the inside, make servo mounts and new carbon rod linkage, and carve some wheel spats and pants out of foam and glass and paint them.
Posted by Stacy | Mar 27, 2017 @ 08:37 PM | 5,630 Views
Battery adopted Nano tech to power your helicopter better performance
Posted by AlkaM | Mar 27, 2017 @ 07:43 PM | 23,600 Views
Another budget diy Board, A step up from the 8mhz multiWii. All the files and diptrace originals are included below again.

In keeping with the dirt cheap diy theme, this one uses all 805 sized parts that can be sourced cheaply from ebay. It still uses a i2c gyroscope the mpu-6050 because you can buy them anywhere. If you can't buy a bare chip you can desolder one from a breakout that costs a dollar.

There is a usb port and a ch340g usb chip on the backside. Its an enormous chip but.. hey you can buy a bag of them (literally.. they came in a baggy) for a few dollars. There is also a spot to solder a small memory chip and decoupling caps for blackbox use, I have never tried it. It should work. If anyone actually builds one let me know!

Its not fancy and nothing special, simply an F3 board and can run at 4k/4k that you can build yourself for 5-10 dollars.
Posted by AlkaM | Mar 27, 2017 @ 07:22 PM | 23,501 Views
Here's another flight controller,

I think this is just about the absolute minimum you can fly with. Its the slowest cheapest processor with the fewest number of components running at half the speed on an internal clock , a cheap mpu 6050 breakout sits on top. You can stack a bmp180 and a hcl5883 on top if you want more sensors.
I fly with this on a quad with 10 inch slowfly props and it fly's pretty well considering. There are a few of these flying about.

Here are the gerber files and the 8mhz multiwii sketch for it. I can't remember what I changed to make it run at 8mhz so I included all the files.
Costs between 2-3 dollars to make including the mpu-6050.
There is no point to this flight controller..
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Review & DVR flight footage of Eachine E55 Mini WiFi FPV Foldable Pocket Drone With High Hold Mode RC Quadcopter

When packet arrived, it was so small that I tough BG made mistake and send me wrong item, but after opening BGs black bag I was surprised, small nicely designed black box with same small, nicely designed black quad was in. I was happy

It was really funny to hold this small quad in my hands. I started with big 1,6m delta wing planes, to 0,6m DIY tricopter, than 450mm quad, than 250mm, than 210mm and now to this (I measured motor to motor) 145mm quad.

Product size: 6.5x6.5x2.5cm (the arms are folded)
...Continue Reading
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got sick of looking at that half painted orange one at the top of the page so a snowy pink one it is
Posted by mlilasic | Mar 27, 2017 @ 06:03 PM | 5,969 Views
Review of AKK A1 Mini 5.8Ghz 40CH 25mW Transmitter Raceband 600TVL Micro AIO Camera with Clover Antenna for FPV Camera System & DVR footage

Oh my, this was unbelievable, today (27.3.) came packet that was sent 24.3. from AKK (HONG KONG) to me (Croatia). Was I surprised, this is my personal record, I mean not my, rather AKKs and DHLs, but, nevertheless, amazing.

In the bigger packet, well protected with lot of foam padding, were two smaller packets, one of them is main actor of this review - A1 AIO FPV System, other box review will come soon...

Here is AKKs A1 - super light (4g) AIO 600TVL camera/VTX combo for FPV which has interesting function that enables user to easy switch CHs & turn on/off VTX power via button. 600TVL video signal should provide good quality video.

Weight of only 4g

FPV cam/vtx combo is nicely packed, and protected with thick layer of foam.
Few unboxing shots:

...Continue Reading
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So I bought a little delta arm 3d printer off from a Kickstarted offer about 18 months ago. I put it together this weekend and tried to make it work.
It failed miserably. The calibration of the Z axis it almost impossible due to the fact that the screws that set the stops (!) are under the top limit switches when it finishes a test print. I'm going to go in and edit the gcode to see if I can make it not go home when it completes a print.
The whole thing is very flimsy, it shakes when the arms move.
The wiring management is almost non exsistant. All they did was use 4mm heat shrink long tubes in one or two places along each wire bundle. It's a little rats nest.
Maybe your experience was better than mine was. If you are thinking of buying one be ready for poor results and a LOT of tinkering.
Posted by XFrames FPV | Mar 27, 2017 @ 05:10 PM | 2,968 Views
Here are some of the builds that I have had the pleasure to build.

Name: unnamed.jpg
Views: 37
Size: 540.8 KB
Description: Hyperlite EVO HD 7" with T-Motor F80's, built for a Customer in Costa Rica. Hyperlite EVO HD 7" with T-Motor F80's, built for a Customer in Costa Rica.

Name: IMG_0765.jpg
Views: 29
Size: 280.2 KB
Description: Neato 205 "Breakneck" with Emax Red Bottoms, built for a customer in Hawaii.Neato 205 "Breakneck" with Emax Red Bottoms, built for a customer in Hawaii.

...Continue Reading
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I've been impressed with the Pitlab OSD/Autopilot for a long time now and I finally got one this spring. I was originally going to install it in my Finwing Sabre but I feel like the Sabre is so well tuned that I don't want to spoil a good thing. So I will be installing the Pitlab OSD into a brand new XUAV Mini Talon.

Parts List:

OSD and Autopilot FPV kit

X-UAV Mini Talon

CXN - Mini Talon FPV Pod

CXN - FPV Camera Pan/Tilt (32x32mm)

RunCam HD2 - Orange

Dragonlink - Rx Antenna with 12" (30cm) Cable

1.3 GHZ Video Transmitter Antenna - 3 CM Extension

RMRC - 1.3GHz 400mW Transmitter - US VERSION

Airspeed MicroSensor V3

Cobra C-2221/16 Brushless Motor

Cobra 40A ESC BEC

Dragon Link V3 ADVANCED Large Complete System

RMRC - LC Power Filter - 1.7A

Turnigy Multistar Twin Output 5/10 Amp (6-50V) SBEC for Lipoly

Xoar PJN Electric 9x6 pusher prop 1m Mini USB Cable Cord - A to Up Angle Mini B - Black (USBAMB1MU)


Main Page

Download Page

RCGroups Thread

V Tail Config

Pitlab OSD Playlist

Micro Receiver with Telemetry

V3 Quick Setup


How to change OSD layout in flight

Autopilot tuning questions