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UAV applications: scientific exploration

I. Background

In recent years, international aviation geophysical exploration flight platforms have developed from traditional manned aircraft to drones. At the same time, whether the performance of aerial object detection equipment meets the working requirements is also an important factor limiting the use of UAVs in geophysical exploration. If the performance parameters of the detection equipment are up to standard, the application of UAVs in geophysical exploration will have a very broad application prospect.

1. Main applications abroad

UAV technology has been widely used in various fields in geophysical exploration abroad and has achieved good results, which has greatly improved the quality of scientific research. These have a very good reference for China's related technology applications.

Magsurvey Limited in the United Kingdom provides drone detection of the Earth's magnetic field. The literature describes the use of small fixed-wing drones equipped with magnetometers to detect oil, gas, and mineral resources. Point out the reasons for using small fixed-wing drones as mobile platforms:

① Mission load-cesium light pump magnetometer with high accuracy and lightweight (less than 1kg), the small unmanned aerial vehicle can fully carry;

② Small UAVs can fly near the ground (flying height less than 20m), and can obtain more accurate detection data;

③The drone is equipped with advanced GPS /...Continue Reading
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UAV tilt photography technology can truly reflect the situation of the ground, and through advanced positioning technology, it can embed accurate geographic information and pick up richer image information. The birth of oblique photography technology may subvert the traditional surveying and mapping operation method.

For many years, the topographical mapping and geographic information acquisition work have mainly adopted manual operation mode, measuring and mapping people's footsteps, traversing mountains and rivers, year-round field trips, and hard work. Such field labor has problems such as high intensity, complicated procedures, time-consuming and high cost. With the development of science and technology, the surveying and mapping industry has become increasingly demanding for the accuracy and timeliness of geographic information data. Labor and time costs have also brought tremendous pressure and burden on the industry. Therefore, the surveying and mapping industry need to be able to quickly and efficiently, Accurate solutions for obtaining geographic information and data.

The birth of UAV tilt photography technology has overturned the traditional surveying and mapping operation method. This technology acquires high-definition stereoscopic image data through low-altitude multi-lens photography of drones, automatically generates three-dimensional geographic information models, and quickly realizes the acquisition of geographic information. Features such as high...Continue Reading
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I. Overview of drone aerial photogrammetry

Compared with traditional photogrammetry, low-altitude digital aerial photogrammetry is fast and easy to operate. Under-cloud photography can obtain high-resolution aerial images, with short image production cycles, high efficiency, and low cost. Urban surveying and mapping, major engineering project mapping, and small-scale high-precision mapping are widely used.

However, the sensors used in fixed-wing UAV ship-to-air photogrammetry systems are cameras modified by industrial-grade CCDs. This kind of camera is a non-measurement camera. Compared with the traditional surveying and mapping aerial photographing device, there is an error caused by the non-orthogonality of the optical distortion of the CCD array. In addition, because the CCD array is non-square, the placement of its camera also affects the baseline length of actual aerial photography. Coupled with the subsequent image control point joint measurement and stereo measurement errors, the main factors of the quality of the final product of the imaging drone aerial photography measurement are formed.

Second, the major factors affecting the accuracy of drone aerial survey

There are measurement errors in fixed-wing UAV aerial survey systems when performing terrain surveys. These errors mainly come from errors caused by external factors such as instrument errors, human errors, and climate.

a, instrument error

Due to imperfect design and manufacture of the...Continue Reading
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 Surveying and mapping drones are now used in many areas of work. We can see that people have developed a variety of different functions in urban management, and also brought everyone to the construction and management of the city. A new way, let's take a look at a few main scenarios of drone applications.

I. 3D modeling

Mapping and modeling are the strengths of drones. Through fast and detailed multi-angle mapping, people can effectively help people quickly model cities in three dimensions, which can effectively help cities to effectively manage all aspects of the city. , And can also achieve very high accuracy, ensuring that 3D modeling is accurate and comprehensive, and no low-level errors occur.

 2. Traffic Management

The mapping drone can also play a strong role in urban traffic management. We can see that because the drone travels in the air, it can reach the scene more quickly when there are some traffic jams and inconveniences. For on-site scanning and image transmission, you can also use the drone's communication function to better guide on-site personnel to perform correct operations, so that traffic management issues can also be greatly assisted.
Project Construction
Now in engineering construction, you can also see the mapping of drones. Because drones have now universally used digital surveying and mapping technology, which has overcome many traditional problems, it can now also be powerful in engineering construction. The practicality of the project can provide effective data help for the perspective of the project and the construction situation so that everyone can have a better experience in these aspects.
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     Speaking of what tools are currently used when surveying and mapping, currently when surveying outdoors, especially when surveying large areas, people generally choose to use surveying and mapping drones. This is very practical and very Intelligent surveying and mapping tools when used, must also bring many different high-quality effects to people.

     First, high efficiency

     The use of such drones for surveying and mapping effectively accelerates the surveying and mapping work. In the past, manpower required days or even tens of days of work. It can be completed in just a few hours with drones. Effective promotion.

So most of the surveying and mapping work has been handed over to drones, which can effectively help people save workload and bring better surveying and mapping results.

     Second, high accuracy

     The use of surveying and mapping drones is not only convenient and efficient, but also its accuracy is very high, because the transmission image can be generated in real-time, and at the same time, the three-dimensional image can be directly given by the subsequent image generation. The data does not need to be retested repeatedly, which brings more convenient and practical surveying results to people.

     Third, flexible and high

     What we can also see is that with the application of various intelligent technologies in mapping drones, these types of devices are now more flexible to use, not only based on the images returned in real-time. The drone can be operated remotely. At the same time, the next mapping route can be set directly on the chip of the drone, so that the device can automatically survey and map the whole process, which is very convenient and brings a more flexible experience for everyone.
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    Want to know what are the advantageous values ​​of surveying and mapping drones in the specific use process, you also need to see how the sales volume in the market now, the equipment processed by professional manufacturers not only sells very well in the market, the safety in the specific use process Sex is also very high, so when we understand it, we can look at the overall market reputation and evaluation, I believe that we can also choose better.

    Simple operation and high use of safety

    In the specific understanding process, you can find that mapping drones are very simple in actual operation and use. Many people choose such machines and equipment because of the high security during use. In addition to knowing what we want In addition to things, the popularity in the entire market is also very high, so that everyone will be more relaxed when they actually choose.

    Wide application range and high market evaluation

    Good machines and equipment can indeed be supported and recognized by many people in the market. Usually, when we understand, we also need to look at the overall scope of use. After knowing the specific scope of use, we can, of course, choose normally. Now, the evaluation in the entire market is very high, so that everyone can know the performance in the entire market, so you can choose normally.

    In summary, we hope that when you understand it in detail, you can also look at the use-value of mapping drones in the entire market. Since they exist in the market, they can bring certain functions, and everyone is choosing You also need to see how you can use it more widely or play a better advantage in the use of the operation.
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How does the mapping drone perform low-altitude aerial photography? What are the detailed steps? What are the precautions in aerial surveys? Now let the Chinese MMCUAV surveying and mapping experts tell you the detailed operation steps of surveying and mapping drones in determining rural land rights.

1. Judge weather conditions
      The quality of the weather directly affects the effect of aerial photography, so we must grasp the weather conditions of the day before observing the aerial photography, and observe the cloud thickness, light, and air visibility.
2.Measure the wind speed on site
      After arriving at the aerial survey site, first, determine the wind speed. See if the mapping drone can resist the wind speed at that time and whether it can adapt to the temperature at that time.
3.Ejection rack
      The catapult is generally set upwind to ensure that the plane takes off smoothly. Hottest P700E adopts the configuration of an integrated ejection rack, which has fewer requirements on the site and strong adaptability to the terrain. Compared with other products, the design of the ejection rope is more in line with the concept of convenience and speed, and at the same time, it guarantees the operator's safety to the greatest extent.

4. Set up the radio
      The radio is used for communication between the ground station and the drone. At this stage, most surveying and mapping drones use radios to exchange data between the drones and the ground station....Continue Reading
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In the work of confirming land rights, Qibu Township, Wannian County has used drone aerial mapping to help the rural land rights issue and certification work proceed smoothly. At present, each village group in the township has set up a council and has completed the registration and survey of the land for the right to land contractual management of 5,905 rural households.

The township's land right determination work involves 176 natural villages, more than 27,000 acres of arable land and more than 28,000 people. Time is tight and tasks are heavy. In order to complete the land right confirmation work quickly and with high quality, the township took the lead in starting the land right determination work in the city in April this year, and formulated the "1234567" working method according to local conditions, that is, formulating a set of plans, doing 2 registrations, and opening them. 3 meetings, 4 public announcements, 5 passes, 6 measures strengthened, and 7 principles adhered to According to the requirements of the working law, thousands of cadres at the township and village levels in the township went to the villagers' houses to solicit opinions, conduct investigations and register the situation.

More than 100 surveying and mapping staff and more than 200 supporting staff in the township perform field measurements such as manual measurement and hand-drawing in the field every day. At the same time, UAV aerial mapping was used to accurately map the spatial...Continue Reading
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Estimation of the number of trees and their canopy coverage in forest nursery fields is of great significance for the management of forest nursery. The calculation of the number of tree plants and their canopy coverage by conventional techniques is laborious and time consuming. It is of great practical significance to explore a new technology that is fast, efficient, low-cost and accurate.

In recent years, the remote sensing technology of UAV has developed rapidly. The application research results have been achieved in land remediation, land use planning, fine detection of mine geological disasters, investigation and evaluation of mountain flood disasters, calculation of building density and floor area ratio. However, in these applications, the drones used are mostly expensive aerial survey drones, and the data processing is complicated.
1 Experimental area and data

Figure 1 corrected drone image

The experimental area is two ginkgo forests in the Yudu District of Chengdu. The experimental area is flat. The data used is the image obtained by the DJI PHANTOM2 VISION+ drone. The image is a fisheye image, and the fisheye lens is corrected and geometrically corrected for the fisheye image. The corrected image is shown in Figure 1.

As can be seen from Figure 1, the image was taken in the fall and the ginkgo leaves were golden yellow. There are 3 ginkgo nursery fields in the image, and 2 of them are selected as test plots.

2 methods and steps

2.1 Constructing the...Continue Reading
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A large surveying and mapping drone attracted many people's attention. “This is not an ordinary drone. It is equipped with advanced sensors that can transmit data to the command hall in real-time through wireless image transmission and video cloud services. One end collects data and the other end connects experts and decision-makers. They can be judged in an immersive way."

MMC UAV unmanned experts told reporters that their enterprises processed and analyzed the data collected by the drone through the self-developed drone intelligent processing system, and finally realized the application of data results. At present, the technology has been widely used in the fields of natural resource intelligence monitoring and supervision, eco-environmental protection, and emergency management.

Experts told reporters that drones are a powerful tool for data acquisition. They have obvious advantages in data acquisition, and the data detected by drones can be applied and converted into services, and their value will be infinitely magnified. For example, she said that when agricultural insurance was damaged, it was always taken by people to take damage measuring instruments to the disaster-stricken areas. However, in many cases, people could not enter the affected areas, and eventually, the farmers could report the damages themselves. The data is difficult to be objective. Many insurance companies now prefer to use drones to obtain more accurate survey data.

As an effective tool for obtaining big data, drones can also give a very "effective" reference in many macro-controls of government departments. He Ying told reporters that in the future, big data will be completed by the most advanced collection tools and artificial intelligence. As a mature technology and stable performance tool, the UAV is more intelligent and efficient, so the data acquisition capability of the UAV platform. Will continue to highlight. Mapping UAVs attracts a lot of attention.





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Drone mapping

With its advantages of fast, efficient, flexible and low cost, UAV tilt photography technology is slowly subverting the traditional surveying and mapping operation mode. It has become the “new darling” of the surveying and mapping industry. Applying tilt photography technology to drones is actually doing A three-dimensional model, and the model built is more realistic, more intuitive, and more realistic.

Stack measurement

At present, the measurement of the pile body mainly relies on the total station instrument, the disk coal meter, the GPS and other measuring instruments to measure the pile body. Compared with the measurement of the tape measure which is completely dependent on the manual use earlier, these measurement methods have made great progress. However, today there are more efficient and accurate measurement methods: using drone mapping and modeling.

The drone can preset the route, collect data in the automatic work area above the work area, and after importing the data, it can be imported into the system, generate the point cloud and 3D model data with one click, and measure the spatial distance and volume according to this, or carry out the slope The analog measurement of irregular stack area provides accurate numerical reference for engineering construction planning and production operations.

Tunnel, pipeline inspection

The traditional subway, railway and automobile tunnel inspection requires the inspectors to go inside the tunnel...Continue Reading
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Recently, Guangdong Power Grid Corporation Foshan Sanshui Power Supply Bureau completed the automatic cruise refinement inspection of all 10 kV overhead lines of Nanshan Power Supply Station and has applied refined routes to carry out daily inspections of “double-light” drones. Nanshan Power Supply Co., Ltd. became the first power supply company of Guangdong Power Grid Corporation to take the lead in realizing the full coverage of multi-sensor automatic cruise. At the same time, it also marks that the UAV has taken a new step in the application level of the distribution network and the level of refined inspection of the equipment.

Using the refined route to carry out "double light" drone automatic cruise

At the beginning of this year, the Guangdong Power Grid Company's aircraft patrol center selected Foshan Sanshui Power Supply Bureau as one of the pilot units for the patrol demonstration application of the drone. The bureau adopted the strategy of “first pilot, post-standardization, re-copy, and promotion”, and first selected Nanshan Power Supply as a pilot. The power supply area of ​​Nanshan Power Supply Station is 133 square kilometers, and there are 26 10 kilovolt lines in the power supply area. The total length of the line is 284.97 kilometers. The terrain and geology of the area are complex, the gully is vertical and horizontal, and the forest coverage rate is as high as 59%, which is a typical representative.

"Wangshan runs dead...Continue Reading
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Nowadays, with the rapid development of China's social economy, the stability and safety requirements for the operation of power systems have been greatly improved, and various types of surveying and mapping drones have been applied to China's power systems, such as vertical take-off and landing fixed-wing drones, multi-rotors UAVs, fixed-wing UAVs, etc., such mapping UAV products can effectively improve the quality of line inspection work and improve the efficiency of line inspection work.

Due to China's vast territory, complex terrain, hilly and mountainous areas, and relatively meteorological conditions, the conventional means can not meet the requirements of fast and efficient from the initial planning and construction of power grid construction to the daily inspection and maintenance after completion. . The surveying and mapping drone has the characteristics of high efficiency, flexibility, rapid response, low cost, etc. It has wide applications in the early stage of power survey, transmission line planning and design, construction and construction, and post-operation and maintenance, inspection and other aspects.

1. Grid engineering topographic map mapping

The fixed-wing UAV can be used to measure the topography of the power grid project. It can provide detailed data such as images and elevations for the power grid topographic map design as a guarantee to minimize the possibility of errors in the topographic map drawing process and improve the topographic map....Continue Reading
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On November 3, the power transmission and maintenance personnel of China's Shandong Yantai Power Supply Company used drones to conduct drone inspections on the entire line of 220 kV bamboo line. This is the 24th and 220 thousand inspections of drones this year. Volt line. Up to now, Yantai Power Supply Company has completed the inspection of the 1817 tower drone and found 161 common defects and 38 pin-level defects. The inspection efficiency and equipment defect detection rate of transmission lines have been greatly improved.
This year, Yantai Power Supply Company actively promoted the transformation of transmission line inspection from "man-made inspection" to "personal inspection + machine inspection", focusing on the development of drone pilots, equipment upgrades, and exploration of new modes of inspection. Force, 16 people have the Civil Aviation Authority multi-rotor UAV visibility in the line of sight, equipped with 34 types of multi-rotor drones, has formed a multi-rotor patrol tower, fixed-wing patrol channel models Inspection mode, drone inspection work has a qualitative leap in terms of personnel quality and equipment quality.

At present, Yantai Power Supply Company has set up an unmanned aerial vehicle inspection team in each transmission and transportation maintenance team to use the drones for daily patrols, special inspections and fault patrols of the squad. At the same time, a professional inspection team was set up to...Continue Reading
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In recent years, the use of drones for terminal distribution has always been a major trend in the development of the industry. Many countries and enterprises are focusing on the development and application of drones in this field. Just last month, Google Brothers Wing announced that its drone delivery business was officially launched in the United States, which not only marked the opening of the U.S. drone transport commercialization era, but also meant that after that, the US part Some residents of the area will enjoy the trendy service of drones for takeaway.

According to news released by Wing, it will mainly open drone distribution services for non-prescription drugs, snacks and health products to residents living in Fort Cristian, Virginia. At that time, the user only needs to use the mobile phone to place an order, and the delivery staff will wrap the goods and hang them on the hooks released by the drone. After the fixing is completed, no one will automatically fly to the destination and hover at the end. The order is completed in the form of airborne cargo. The whole process can be said in one go, very convenient.

This can't help but make us feel envious, but when we come back to God, we also have doubts: When using drones to take delivery, can we come true in our country?

Before answering these questions, we first come to understand the development process of the UAV distribution service in the United States. In the United States, there are many...Continue Reading
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Electricity is the foundation of modern social development. Timely and effective powerline inspection is very important to ensure grid security. There were numbers of challenges and difficulties during power line inspection in the past years: long transmission line, time-consuming procedures etc. Consequently, the inspection efficiency was low, the workers were placed in higher risks. In response to the above pain points, MMC UAV develops the automatic power lines inspection system with UAV. So, what can UAV technology do in the power industry? Let's take a brief introduction.

 Autonomous inspection

The drone patrolman plans the route on the high-precision line three-dimensional map prepared in advance, and applies the centimeter-level real-time positioning technology. The drone automatically patrols the designated line, and automatically detects the device through the AI and sends back the diagnostic result data. The control room provides instant access to the operation of transmission lines, ground lines, fittings, insulators, and towers. Drone power line inspections include normal inspections, fault inspections, and special inspections.

3D modeling

UAV transmission line space distance measurement technology can realize the integration of "small electric drone + microlaser range finder", by merging laser point cloud, DOM, DEM, high-definition image, multi-spectral, infrared photography, video image, etc. The data can form a visible light composite...Continue Reading
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UAV powerline inspection can observe the high-voltage transmission line in the air at different angles, hovering and shooting multi-angle image and video data, which can detect the defect of the transmission line and the hidden danger of the channel quickly, intuitively, comprehensively and accurately. The investigation can obtain the best on-site information under complicated terrain and bad weather conditions, effectively compensate for the shortcomings of the traditional way of patrolling blind spots, thereby improving the working efficiency of the first-line inspection personnel.

In actual work, when using a drone to patrol a transmission line, the patrol efficiency is closely related to the operator's familiarity with the operation of the aircraft and the complexity of the environment. For example, some skilled grid employees can use their aircraft to patrol dozens of towers a day. Some employees can also use the environment to bring them the advantage of operating the aircraft to the tower on the island a few kilometers away. In contrast, some "new drivers" who have just learned to fly may need several times to complete some veteran inspection targets. This article will take the daily transmission line inspection operation as an example to analyze how to efficiently carry out the daily patrol operation of a transmission line on a section of the line.

Work machine type selection

According to different tasks and line environment, different models can...Continue Reading
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UAV mapping technology is the best way to make full use of existing data and information resources. It is a key technology and an essential means to achieve sustainable development of marine resources and the environment. It plays a role in global change, resource surveys, environmental monitoring, and prediction. The irreplaceable role of technology. The results are mainly reflected in DOM, DLG, real-life three-dimensional and so on.
1. UAVs do coastal monitoring
Utilizing remote sensing images of UAVs in different periods, through the integrated application of UAV remote sensing image processing technology and GIS technology, combined with human-computer interaction visual interpretation technology, the dynamic changes of coastline and wetland are monitored.
According to historical data, regional planning and other data, the comparative analysis of current and historical data is carried out to obtain the change trend and the change trajectory, and to obtain the image changes of different time-domain monitoring targets (change of the corridor, area change, functional area change, ocean Environmental conditions, etc.; Analyze the monitoring target characteristics indicators, compare the changes in the target characteristics in the time series, and analyze the change trend and change characteristics. The drone aerial survey provides support for marine surveillance monitoring and law enforcement.
2. Island reef mapping

Utilizing the advantages of low requirements, fast...Continue Reading
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The 17th China International Social Public Safety Expo (CPSE) held from October 28th-31 th,2019 in Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center. The security expo shows the advanced technology in artificial intelligence, driverless, big data, and smart city, attracting more than 1,500 exhibitors from more than 100 countries and regions around the world.

MMC Uav security attracts attention
As a leading industrial UAV manufacturer, MMC has made a new breakthrough in the field of UAV intelligent security. This expo, MMC with the theme of "SCI-TECH AERIAL SECURITY SOLUTION". The latest automatic UAV security system, diversified flight platform and the first comprehensive supply chain of industrial UAV, fully demonstrated the strength of MMC, for the audience brought a truly rich and intelligent experience, which attracted many exhibitors and visitors from the exhibition.

THE new drone management system for automatic intelligent security
In recent years, industrial light-small drones have gradually been applied to the security field, becoming a flexible and "air security weapon." In this expo, MMC's latest automatic drone inspection system security solution based on reliable communication, AI big data and high-precision situational awareness technology, using Mspace system for 3D real-world modeling and UAV autonomous routes Planning, able to provide the management department with accurate information such as drone data and flight trajectory in a remote and...Continue Reading
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At 18:03 on November 2, the command center of the fire brigade of Guilin City, Guangxi Province received an alarm: a mass was trapped on an unknown mountain. The Guilin fire brigade command immediately dispatched a rescue formation, 2 fire engines and 14 commanders. Go to the scene to rescue. When arriving at the scene, due to the darkness of the weather, rescuers could not confirm the specific location of the trapped person. At 18:37, rescuers used drones to search for the specific location of trapped people. After reconnaissance by drones, they found trapped people on the top of a mountain. Due to the difficulty of steep mountain rescue, it was decided to use drones for rescue.

At 19:08 on the 2nd, under the unified leadership of the rescue command, the fire commander and a civilian police officer carried rescue equipment and lighting equipment, hatchets, etc. to the mountains for search and rescue, until the early morning, the weather became darker and the rescuers found that there was no The road can go up. Rescuers had to go down the mountain to redeploy the rescue plan and use the loudspeakers on the heavy-duty drones to scream for the trapped people and use the drone to deliver food to the trapped people.

At 7 o'clock on the 3rd, rescuers rushed to the scene to carry out rescue. Rescuers used heavy-duty drones to find a way up the mountain for the firefighters to detect the terrain and detect the location of the trapped people. At around 14:00 on the 3rd, the...Continue Reading