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Posted by SavageX89 | Nov 14, 2019 @ 04:06 PM | 1,856 Views
Good news and bad news.

Lets go bad first, its a shorter story. My company got a new large format scanner/copier/printer recently. Sadly, we also got a new IT company recently, and they can be a little slow to set up necessary equipment and systems for us.
With that said, I was unable to scan the plans into the computer for digital sharing and such. much sadness. When the IT company gets around to PROPERLY setting up the scanner, I'll have those available. I've already met a few people here that are looking for those plans. If anyone reading this need plans for this kit, feel free to send me a DM.

Now on to the good news! The copier portion of this crazy thing works just fine! My boss helped me break out the 36" roll of paper and we were able to make full scale copies of the plans! After a little bit of trial and error, I now have 3 copies of the fuselage assembly and 2 copies of the wing assembly. This is perfect, as I'll be able to take it home, lay it out, and make any modifications I want without ruining the originals.
I will be copying any kit plans from now on. This is a huge benefit and really relives the stress of working directly on the original plans.

Looking over the plans as is, I know there are a few changes to the original design that I want to make.

First desired change: GoPro mount inside the cockpit for a "Pilot POV". I have the Hero Session 5 and it will fit perfectly within the cockpit and provide an epic view (IMO).

Second desired...Continue Reading
Posted by SavageX89 | Nov 11, 2019 @ 09:12 AM | 939 Views
As previously mentioned, my father-in-law and I started a Piper Cub kit build a few years ago. My life is finally in a place where I have some time to work on it again.

In preparation for this build, I reviewed the build instructions again and wanted to view the plans. Only problem, finding a digital copy of the plans to review remotely, without carrying around the actual plans, is impossible.

Enter: awesome job, awesome boss, and a large scale copier/scanner.

I work for a manufacturing company in North salt lake Utah as a Design engineer. My days are spent creating and modifying drawings that are regularly up to size D (24"x36"), sometimes larger. How convenient, that the plans for this Cub are D sized! After speaking to my boss and giving him an intro to this hobby and what I plan to do, he enthusiastically said yes to my request to scan the plans, and make an extra copy.

The best part of this, is I can now print out, on regular paper, small sections of needed. And with a digital copy, I can help others. I've seen posts on this forum regarding plans for this kit and I hope to be able to help those people out.
Oh, to go with this. So long as I'm at this job, I will be able to scan the plans for any kits I do in the future

As for the progress of the build, we have completed the rudder, elevator, horizontal stabilizer, and vertical stabilizer.
Pics will come with another post.

Note: I have contacted Great Planes/Hobbico/Horizon Hobby regarding these plans. No one there seems to know where to find an extra set of plans. Very frustrating.
Posted by SavageX89 | Nov 08, 2019 @ 01:25 PM | 867 Views
Hey everyone!

It has been many moons since I last visited, let alone posted, here. Life has been busy, but it is now time for me to dive back down the rabbit hole that is the world of RC madness.

I'll give a quick intro to myself here and at a later point, I'll start a blog (that's a thing here?) detailing my RC crafts and current projects. Hopefully, I'll be able to record most, if not all, of it and post to my YouTube channel.

I've been into RC for several years now. It started when I was in elementary school (late-90's) and my parents got me an awesome RC car. It was super fast, and I spent a few summers racing it all over the place, jumping it off anything that would ramp properly. When that finally broke, I ended up on a hiatus from RC till 2013. My father-in-law has several planes and an truck. He taught me how to work the truck and let me have my way with it. It was in need of some repairs and I spent a few months getting it running again. It has been in my possession ever since (see below). Shortly after my intro to the truck, he taught me how to fly with one of his two Slow-sticks. I did a few lazy circles above his neighborhood and immediately wanted to fly on my own. I later was introduced to FliteTest and immediately set about building a Tiny Trainer. That thing flew ok, as I had cut the parts out by myself. But I was hooked. Since then, I have built 4 FT planes (see below), spent many hours in Phoenix RC simulator crashing many planes, and built up a...Continue Reading