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DJI Black Friday Sale - Mavic 2 Pro , Ronin S and OSMO Action Deals Now On (7 min 14 sec)

The DJI Black Friday deals have started and there are decent discounts on a number of products such as the OSMO Pocket and OSMO Action as well as Ronin S and Mavic 2 Pro in the USA.

Below are the ones I think are good deals in this sale and worth a look if your looking to purchase.

The OSMO Action

DJI OSMO Action has some decent reductions being down to $279 in the USA and £249 in the UK.

The OSMO Action is a very good action style camera and holds up very well against the GoPro models and has some massive benefits over the 7 Black and 8 such as the front facing screen and the simplicity of its menus and smart app.

Below is my review of the OSMO Action as well as a link to the Black Friday deal.

OSMO Action Review

DJI OSMO ACTION Review & Full Overview Of Features (17 min 10 sec)
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For some time now i have developed alternative tail blades for the 200SRX / 230S / 250CFX, initially to get around the weak unit on the 200 that broke anytime you touched grass and then to get more thrust onto the tail of the 230 and especially the 250 to combat the weak tail - screaming tail motor deal.

Inital setups used 3" quad props in 3045 and 3053 pitch, both worked well on the 200 and 230 but still stuggled with the 250.

I had tried a 4025 2 blade prop on the 230 based huey and found it worked well but the prop itself was rather flexible and i was apparent that more pitch would be good. I tried a 3 blade 4045 bullnose quad prop but these where to heavy and the motors overheated so that set the upper limit.

I then spotted some very nice folding 4" 2 bladed quad props from microhel in 4045 pitch, these needed a simple adapter and worked perfect on the huey scale bird and the 250 CFX. It pretty well cured the wild tail yaw on the 250.

I relayed details to microheli on the 2 blade setup. They in response came up with a 3 blade cf setup with a span in between the stock unit and the 4" two blader prototype I developed. The MH team have sent me there new CF folding 3 blade unit to test.

Intention is to bench thrust tests each setup on a stock 230s tail and compare max thrust levels.

Lets look at the various setups.

Have to say the build quality of the Microheli folding 3 blade Carbon Fibre unit is stunning, these is a very nicely made high quality part.
check them out here:

with the 30% off sale this unit is a total bargain !
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This is an E-flite Pitts S 1S RC Plane Crash With RECKEM ROYS RC.

E-flite Pitts S 1S RC Plane Crash With RECKEM ROYS RC (1 min 58 sec)

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HobbyKing Micro Su 27 (9 min 18 sec)

Had to get up 5.30AM , walk out the door just before 6AM ..
To get to the footy field in time not to be harassed by the wind .. ( Sat Morning )

Sunday morning - Sleep in ! Sat was a long day ....

Xtar VC8 charger , a USB power supply came ( 5v ) ...
So I ran a bunch of batteries thru the charger .. ( 18650 )
Have some important data ..

Mail = Hardly anything came !
Snail mail looks to have gone fully snail rather than mail .
Seems like , in the last 3 months the mail has slowed down ..

Where's my stuff ?
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Q2 Actual1 (2 min 1 sec)

Thought I would share a 25 year old design finally reaching fruition.

The plug was meant to be used for multiple glider plan-forms,
and was originally one piece, used for molds for my "Q-Continuum" high performance 60" canard V.1 and V.2.

I then shortened, and cut that plug into 2 pieces, and made the split plates.
At the same time I fashioned a canard from foam core and balsa.

I sandwiched the main cores with obechi 20 years ago.

All the main parts survived 25 years of raising 3 kids!

I started flying other planes at Daves Beach about a year ago, got the "bug" again, and lucky stars provided a meeting with Mike Frandsen.

He MOST thankfully moved the design ahead with his knowledge of molds, and positive energy, and continued support!

The video is a mix of build log and flying.

There will be more of the "Q2-Actual" ( as opposed to "virtual"), and soon, the Original 60" Q-Continuum high performance canard V.3 with the new fuselage.

California Slopes are the Best in the West, and more video content from the West is coming.

Check out and see what the USA can advanced composite, carbon fiber pitcheron (twisty) "Jester" designed by Mike Frandsen.

"Follow the Light" and "Huck it"
"In Lift We Trust"

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Bought a SLA 3d printer and curing station, and redesigned my gear fully scale in this size as a hybrid of mostly 3d printed, with steel, stainless steel and aluminum bits where it made sense. Just finishing up the first couple sets now for installation in my Black Horse model. The pics are of 3 different generations of gear, with the gray ones being the latest SLA parts.
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Quick-access design for the Ghost Rabbit GR1 front differential (0 min 16 sec)

Quick-access design for the Ghost Rabbit GR1 front differential.

Only the front section of the transmission housing has to be removed for maintenance like change of lubricants or checking for wear.

Using quick releases for major components is a basic design concept of the GR1. The effort for servicing our car shall not be increased due to a inconvenient design. For the same reason we try to keep the number of bolts and nuts relatively low.
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Good budget RX for my Frsky Taranis X-lite S. I'm using it with D16 protocol as newer Access firmwares are not supported on the xm+...
Frsky XM+ Micro D16 SBUS Full Range Mini Receiver (1 min 1 sec)

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Yep Les Amis,
Une protection efficace ! Après avoir testé quelques caméras de surveillance Wifi individuelles, j'ai décidé d'équiper mon domicile d'un VRAI système 4 caméras, complet, filaire et fiable. Je vous présente donc le pack que j'ai sélectionné, le REOLINK RLK8-410B4 . Ce n'est pas le plus haut de gamme mais il est déjà hyper complet et suffisant pour mon utilisation. Même si ce genre de système n'empêche pas tous les cambriolages, non seulement il en évitera certainement et surtout, il rassurera votre assureur et permettra peut être de retrouver les malfrats (et donc, vos affaires) . Sans parler des voleurs, il permettra également de surveiller les endroits stratégiques de votre habitation, parking, enfants, animaux, portail etc ... Bref, un excellent et rassurant système " plug and play " pour toute la famille à installer sois même. Bon film à tous ...

Système de surveillance REOLINK - Déballage et Présentation - RLK8-410B4, 4 caméras/NVR/HDD 2To ! (25 min 42 sec)

NOTATAZ : 18/20 Complet et Efficace !

Niveau : Bricoleur ! lol
Les + : Complet, HDD 2To intégré, Facile à paramétrer, Très sécurisé
Les - : Passage des câbles fastidieux...

- Si Vous voulez aider la chaîne avec un don (tous les dons servent à alimenter les vidéos en produits ou matériel ):

Les produits présentés sont visibles ici (en cliquant sur ces liens vous soutenez ma chaîne) Merci à vous :

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How I love November in New York State ,
15 degrees and 6 inches of snow last week ,40 degrees today with all the snow gone BUT flyable wind both weeks Yea!!

With wind coming right up the hill , I brought out my ships that had last flown in Wilson KS last spring at their challenge event

First up my old trusty Knife Edge wing.
It had sustained some damage in the last combat event :nothing a little white GG couldn't handle....but would it still fly the same
Oh Yea its still got it ,turning and burning ,paper clip turns - a great wing

Next: My new Dan Wing 2, I had only flown it once in Kansas and wanted to get some time on it.
It is much lighter but penetrates well, good speed but if the wind gets it turned into the slope with no energy it becomes a "paper plate"....
it might be just a tad tail heavy,I kept adding down trim which helped but the conditions through it around a lot

Next : My ODR from G.E.M.S
I had flown it last year and was not overly impressed with it.
I took it to KS to race the ODR class and could not keep it in the air on race day air ,as a last ditch effort I added about 1/16 of down ailerons {camber} and it became a different plane...was really interested to see how it would fly here at home
It flew Great, Fast handled the gusts and the lulls ,close on the slope or doing pumps out in front of the hill
I flew it for a hour {my hands were getting pretty cold and stiff} I fly a 700ma LiFe pak in it and wondered how much I had left in the pak
I just topped it off and it only used 126 ma ...I guess i could have flown for 6 more hours

The long range forecast is for more storm fronts moving through next week ....I could get used to flying once a week
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It looks cool and it protects your motor wires! Here is my take on a how to install snakeskin sleeves on your quadcopter!

How to install wire protecting snakeskin sleeves (1 min 44 sec)

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End 2017 I acquired a brand new (never flown) secondhand relatively cheap Taft Viperjet for its electronic components. With still to be assembled FlyFly kits of a Hawker Hunter and an F100D Super Sabre in the attic, I was in need of quality high-blade good 90mm EDF assemblies and that Viper happened to have been upgraded with a E-Jet EJ90-9 nine-blade 90mm fan on a HET700/60/1865 motor with a Phoenix edge HV120 12S EDF and Savox SH0255MG servo’s. That factory-balanced EDF set is advertised as producing 2030W with 91Amps at 22,3V: 3,1kg thrust! With the withdrawal of my FlyFly MB339 EDF trainer I decided to fly the Viper for a season before cannibalizing it.

Although the seller told me I just had to install a receiver to get it flyable, I spent more than a week getting it ready during fall 2019. The ESC had been screwed to a plywood plaque that had been glued within the fuselage, no way to unscrew it anymore in those confines. Since that ESC had no battery connectors I had to solder my EC5 plug within the fuselage, not an easy task considering the very thick wires and required heat within that foam environment. The wires also still had to be connected to the motor, necessitating the opening of the taped-over access hatch. That revealed that the fan-housing had been mounted with only two small screws, I upgraded that to six.

After mounting the receiver I discovered that none of the flight controls deflected properly. The previous builder/owner did cut the standard...Continue Reading
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Test Flight #1 - Nano Rare Bear with a 1020 Motor & 3" Prop

Here is a link to the Video:

#GroundControlRC #GlueAndFly #ScratchBuildPlanes #MinimumRC #RareBear

I finally set aside time to replace the stock 8520 Motor with a 1020 Motor.
I was hoping for a greater amount of additional power but after watching this video and a video with the Stock Motor the 1020 Motor provides just a tiny bit more power.
I'll take all the power I can get ;-)

Here is a link to the Playlist which also inlcudes the Build Tutorial Videos:

Here is a link to the Pro PNP Version of this Kit:

MinimumRC F8F RareBear Pro 360mm Wingspan 4CH KT Board RC Airplane With 8520 Coreless Motor KIT/PNP - PNP

Here is a link to the Standard Version Plus Motor & Servos of this Kit:

MinimumRC F8F Rare Bear 360mm Wingspan KT Board Mini RC Airplane KIT With 720 Coreless Motor - KIT+Motor+Servos

Here is a link to the Receiver I used:

2.4G 4CH Micro Low Voltage DSM2 DSMX Compatible Receiver Built-in Brushed ESC

Here is a link to the Servos:

TY Model 1.7g Servo With JST 1.0mm Plug Compatible Spektrum 6400 Series Receiver For RC Airplane

Here is a link...Continue Reading
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Motion RC did a great video of RC Informer flying his F-14 with my LED Afterburners installed...

Freewing F-14 Tomcat with RCINFORMER Rich Baker - Motion RC (12 min 19 sec)

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This story starts when due to dumb thumbs (particularly the rudder thumb) I was left with a slightly damaged Saito 100 engine.

I purchased a Unionville hobbies dehavilland turbo beaver 8 ft wingspan kit on August 19th, 2011. I received the kit soon after and started acquiring parts. December rolls around and I finally open the box to start assembly, no manual ! Unionville sent out a copy and and I was able to start assembly.

It was Jan/Feb 2012, and after going to a few swap meets and the like, the Turbo beaver was put on the back burner in favor of a 60" corsair and a few other ARF's.

It took a full year before returning to the Turbo Beaver in Jan 2013, the wings were assembled, and left essentially bare (no wing tips/root rib etc). I made a life change, and returned to school for a graduate degree a few states away.

During Graduate school I spent time getting everything buttoned up as you'll see below, however after finished graduate school I made another move to yet another state with the airplane nearly finished. The Beaver is structurally complete but the top of the fuselage is not covered and the electronics and mechanicals still need work.

Side Note: I believe Unionville Hobby is no longer in business but great hobbies still has links to the airplane.

[B] Manufacturer Specifications[\B]

Span - 96"
Weight - 9½ to 10 lbs
Motor - 2cycle .60 -.90, 4cycle .90 - 1.20
Control - 5ch, 5servo (box says four, but it does have flaps)

[B] Parts [\B]

Engine: Saito 100 4-stroke (repairs required)

7 HS-645MG - Ailerons/Rudder/Elevator
1 HS-322HD - Throttle

Radio Gear:
Hitec Optima 9 RX
1350 mAh 3s Lipo
CC 10 Amp BEC
HK Ignition System (w/RX activation)
Aeroworks fuel T, Fourmost Check valve
XL servo arms (ailerons)

4" Mains
HK carbon fiber tail with servo

White monokote
2” Red Checker Toughlon