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Posted by gabe221 | Jan 03, 2020 @ 03:51 PM | 9,995 Views
Looking for ideals on cleaning a few planes..??
What’s the best way to clean Foam planes? I have had the hanging in the garage, and dust has settled on them.

How about the film covered planes? Dust on them as well.
What’s the best way to remove bugs from them, where the prop mince them??

Thanks, Gabe.
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Posted by gabe221 | Oct 31, 2015 @ 06:37 PM | 18,814 Views
Going to get the H 9 1/4 scale gear for my Valiant. Since my field is on the rough side of things, this might calm the landings, ground handling down. Should be here tomorrow, and I can get some measurements, and pic's of it for others to compare. Also got PR struts coming for it. So it might be awhile before I maiden yet.. Will post pic's soon ...Continue Reading
Posted by gabe221 | Oct 31, 2015 @ 06:36 PM | 18,319 Views
Since I have been flying I have lost 2 cameras... So I needed a way to see them if/when they come ejected from the plane. I used some light reflective road sign tape to help find them now. If in the leaves, at dusk, a flash light will pick it up, laying in grass at 1 pm the sun will pick it up. The fluorescent tape is really an eye catcher.

Before applying the tape , I wiped it down with acetone to remove the oils that where on it.

As for the tether, I used a piece of nylon string with a fishing swivel on one end and a loop on the other.
For the tether mount, I used a piece of piano wire bent into a u shape. I CA it into the plane. the loop the string around it.

I have a the wire mounted in all my planes....Continue Reading
Posted by gabe221 | Oct 24, 2015 @ 12:44 AM | 18,588 Views
Servo extension making:

WIRE---is all that will fit in a servo plug is 22 gauge. So I got 100ft of it. Handles current to everything..
Female servo connector- that snaps over the MALE connector-JR style
MALE servo connector JR style-need twice as many , b/c it's used on both ends..
Male pins- Tool to crimp that I got-
If you need a safety connector-
Or 1/4" heat shrink will fit over them..

Fuel line, and tanks:
fuel dot with switch- a lot of other supplies I got are here too. Ign mount, fuel tubing med, or large , hand gas transfer pump, tanks, and fittings..: They send candy with every order, and you get reward points for buy their stuff.. I got a tee shirt, fuel line-40 ft., and free...Continue Reading
Posted by gabe221 | Sep 29, 2015 @ 03:44 PM | 18,334 Views
After seeing one of my northern brothers (MS, & LS) fly their AXN cloud floater, I knew I would like to get one.. sometime. Thinking it would make a great sail plane, FPV plane, or relaxing flying plane. This was his first plane, and it really isn't that slow in his videos, so I had it on my list of future planes to get.
Seems today I had a surprise come via FED EX.. I knew I hadn't ordered anything.. and the wife was going to question the big box.
After I opened it, and seen what it was. there was a Cloud floater from HK, with servos, and a ESC ..
It's supposed to rain this weekend, so there will be time to assemble it.


Posted by gabe221 | Aug 15, 2015 @ 03:10 PM | 19,168 Views
Got started on the VVRC 20 Yak.

Engine-VVRC 20
Prop- 17-3D-VVRC
Battery-A123 2500mah-TDRC
Power switch-MPI charge switch w/ onboard power checker
Servos- XQ 4013-6V-197.2oz torque.. perfect for a 30CC 3D planes
Ign. power- Ultra IBEC w/ blue LED.
Tygon fuel tubing used
4-40 ball linkages used through out

All's that's left to do is maiden it.. on a none windy day... coming soon,

....Continue Reading
Posted by gabe221 | Mar 22, 2015 @ 03:12 PM | 19,661 Views
I have repainted my little Sport Cub S. Always wanting to have something other than what everybody else has, in color wise.

I used green, and blue frog masking tape.

I used Kilz for priming the blue color. Just enough to hide the blue. Here it can add up in wt. if used to much.

I found a color in a touch up pin.

I started by removing the decals, gently pulling them off. Some of the color also came off, which isn't going to hurt anything. I left the original blue color on , so I could mask up to it. After the masking, I primed it lightly, just enough to cover the blue. Sanding can be done in 1 HR time, but since this is a small plane, you'll never notice if it is , or isn't. The Kilz filled the holes that the pulled paint left.
Next I shook the paint up the paint pin. Removing the brush cap and pouring the paint into my air brush. Using a 2mm gun, I did the edges of the masking tape, and body joints first, getting a good coverage. Next I used the air brush with the bottle for the rest of the painting. It does a better job covering the surface.
Only thing left--putting it all back together. I maiden my plane before installing the decals, to check CG, and to see if it will fly, after adding the color change.
Next up is to add the decals.
Posted by gabe221 | Jan 09, 2015 @ 09:40 PM | 20,864 Views
I was going to order a new Hanger9 Valiant the other afternoon. When I went to pick the boys up from school, I asked if they learned anything today. My littlest one (1st grade) said " my friends house burned down last night." I asked him if everything he got from Santa was gone, he said yep, even his little sister's too!! Well since I had the money for the plane, and he is in the first grade...... Looked like someone else needs some wishes to come true. I got to looking into his friends parents miss fortune. Losing everything they had, I gave them the $$ to help their family out. Maybe it will restore a little hope for their family....
I try to help out when I can and I know what it's like to lose everything you work hard for to appreciate, and give to the kids, then it's gone. The only thing you have is what you have on your back, and what clothes the kids have on.

On another note, the weather isn't real nice here anyway. So maybe it was for the better. I'll try to get it again before spring gets here, mean while I can play with the engine.


Posted by gabe221 | Dec 31, 2014 @ 08:07 PM | 18,795 Views
Thinking of getting into gas planes. I have been looking at the Hanger 9 Valiant.
Posted by gabe221 | Oct 19, 2014 @ 12:27 AM | 21,836 Views
I went to the Memphis airshow today. Was excited to see some great performers!!

Seen Kent Pietsch three storied acts that left me mesmerized. Include a dead stick routine from 6000ft, at the end a man is standinding on the ground with his hand extended, and Kent puts his spinner in his hand, softly. Then a rooftop landing on a moving RV/van. Jellybelly van. He did a comedy act wwhere he loses his (1) aileron, and wingtip scrapping the tarmack. Cuts tp with the wing tip also.
He flies a Interstate Cadet (cub) with a 37 ft span.

The Shockwave truck was there. Chris Darnell was driver/pilot today. It's a jet powered SEMI truck.

SKIP STEWART stole the show for me!! Well actually PROMETHEUS was the star. But he had a operator, Started out the SKIP way--knife edge take off, the inverted before really off the ground good. Seen him make a inverted pass low to the ground (20ft) cutting a ribbon with his rudder. He raced the Shockwave truck, and a Z06 Corvette down the runway. If you blinked the first time and missed it on the truck pass, you got to see it happen again, but they had a fire lite sky behind them making a great beautiful photo shot. We felt the heat clean across the field! He signed autographs, took pic's made pic's of friends, and spectators. He answered all my questions.
Prometheus is a Pitts S-2S plane. The shape is about as far as it goes. Skip and his wife Christina modified the plane to his standards for a extreme stunt plane. It's got a...Continue Reading
Posted by gabe221 | Oct 04, 2014 @ 01:53 PM | 22,175 Views
This is the last of my kit wings that I have. Got it on sale.
I painted it Fall colors.

I'll be installing the 400 zoom on it, along with LEDs, an Lemon receiver (DSMX).

Since the weather/season inspired me to be alittle creative with the art work/paint colors.
Posted by gabe221 | Jul 27, 2014 @ 09:47 PM | 22,702 Views
Have you seen a useless box before? I got a kit from ebay and built it.

Austin has a time playing with it.

useless box (0 min 17 sec)