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Posted by Nin3rsAllDay | Aug 21, 2012 @ 05:15 PM | 4,955 Views
I think the last time I wrote a blog was years ago when I first started building my great planes patriot and the funny thing is that is still one of my projects today. Only now the project is just getting it all my settings switched over from my Optic 6 to my Aurora 9 and then hopefully getting the Magnum XLS 52 running right since that motor has been a thorn in my side. I'm hoping after getting a macs muffler and changing out the needle valve assembly to an OS needle valve assembly will give me the reliability I need now. I can see it now once the motor is running right that plane is going to be a daily flyer since I love the way it just cuts thru the air.
Another project that is in the works is finishing up my night flyer plane which is an old world models P-47 which the club I belonged to in California would use for pylon racing. Now since it is already over powered with an OS 40 LA it has become the perfect platform for my night flyer. All that is left to do is finish installing a couple more segments of leds and cover the fuselage and make the conversion from electric back to nitro and it will be ready to maiden.
There are also a couple other projects that are ready to be started but I think they can wait until those two and some of the projects around the house are done. At least I was able to get one project off my list and that was finishing up my charging box so that I could get all of my charging gear organized and able to be tucked away neatly when I'm not using it.