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Posted by Butch777 | Feb 25, 2012 @ 07:30 PM | 13,941 Views
I sold a P-51 Mustang fuselage copy to a airline pilot that flys the 757.
We exchanged some ideas and I came up with the conclusion that there's something wrong with the official story of what happened to us, 10 years ago.
So I started digging and was shocked to find so many holes in the story about what went on that day.
As a real pilot who has flown a jet and being a vietnam era vet with demolition training, the unbelieveable thing about that day was the 757 into the pentagon. It managed to only really damage the first floor!

How can a plane that is low enough to hit street light poles,
(which means it didn't come in at a steep angle)
Hit the first floor only??

It would have dug a trench in the lawn with its motors to get that low!
It should have severly damaged the second floor as well, but some of the windows right above the impact are still unbroken!

What is even more strange!!
Look at the lawn! Look at the tire tracks the fire trucks made!
Notice anything else! Like NO airplane parts scattered all over the place like in the later pictures taken by the news media!
Now there's a riddle for you!!
Posted by Butch777 | Feb 25, 2012 @ 03:15 PM | 13,668 Views
I've been having a hard time trying to find info about some of my older projects I've built/designed, so I figured I'd list them here.
Some times dig out a old project to get it flying again/repair it, and forgot what batt I was using and the spec's like how much it weighs, etc.

The one I'm most involved in is the Boomer. My attempt to slowdown a Flying Wing to make it more stable as a small area parkflyer. I built dozens of these in many different versions, from 5 gram outrunners, IPS motors, 24g BlueWonders, to 3200Kv inrunners. They worked out very well and a lot of members have made there own design.
The WildWing was the Wing used the most to build Boomers, but any Flying Wing core can be used. Page 22,24 have to most build info.


Heres a nice EPP Bipe;
Posted by Butch777 | Apr 02, 2009 @ 03:19 PM | 24,512 Views
I've got over 50 EPP planes and have had many others. I've owned a good portion of the GWS and Multiplex planes as well. I tried all sorts of glues for EPP and Elapor through the years.
CA has always been a pain.
A couple years back, I got a EPP 3D kit that came with 3M's EPP glue, its 4693H, made for EPP.
I used it on my Boomers(over 100 of them) and never had a joint fail.

So I tried it more than a year ago on a Multiplex plane. I scuffed the joint with some fine sandpaper to remove the shine, and rubbed a film on both sides and stuck it together like GWS glue. I tested it on some broken parts.
I glued it and let it sit 2 hours. It would come apart if you really pulled on it, but was generally flyable. I then glued up some pieces and let them sit for 2 days. They would not come apart at all. You just distroyed the foam. I took some out to show the boys I fly with, they were amazed.

Its also works on the SuperCub and Stryker if you don't pile it on. It can be used as a contact type or just put it on like a thin goop and let dry.

Its a little hard to find, I usually do a on-line search to get the best price. One tube does lots of planes! Butch

Note; Spec's
Detail Specs Spec Docs (PDF) Info

A clear, elastomeric adhesive with exceptional adhesion to metal and plastic. This adhesive is unique in its ability to bond hard-to-hold materials like polypropylene, polyethylene, and high-impact polystyrene.

Exhibits high immediate bond strength, long tack range, and contact bond properties. Good resistance to water and aging. A thicker verison of 3M(TM) Scotch-Grip(TM) Plastic Adhesive 4693

**Heres where I just ordered some from:

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