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Posted by Bill M - RC | Today @ 07:44 PM | 18 Views
Hi fellow Pilots & rc enthusiasts


MJX Bugs 5W B5W review. This Bugs 5W review of this great 5G WIFI FPV with 1080P Camera GPS Brushless Altitude Hold RTF RC Quadcopter Drone includes: How to use Waypoint & Track Flight + CRASH Report.

IN STOCK HERE NOW: https://goo.gl/BMp7UZ

MJX Bugs 5W B5W GPS FPV drone review - How to use Waypoint & Track Flight + CRASH Report (14 min 51 sec)

Posted by Dave_K | Today @ 07:33 PM | 19 Views
Howdy world.

I am new to the RC world and here I will take whoever is interested along on my journey and learning.

Stay tuned.
Posted by ww2collector | Today @ 06:04 PM | 75 Views
I've received a few inquiries from fellow RCG'ers asking me about the Fall Kutztown Swap Meet. All I can tell you is that according to the Kutztown Fair website, there is a swap meet scheduled for Saturday, September 15th, 2018. The Kutztown Aerodrome website has no info posted as of today.
Posted by mnemennth | Today @ 04:23 PM | 115 Views
Archiving and Decommissioning 10 years of Old Hard Drives... a Timeline:

I just spent the last 4 daze in a sleep-deprived haze deliberately destroying my 4th order data backups and turning them into modern art as they had reached critical mass. Much hilarity ensued.


"I love the smell of angry pixies in the morning..." ~ me

Originally Posted by mnemennth on: July 17, 2018, 03:06:36 pm

I've been consolidating pics, videos, documents and music from various old hard hard drives from the last 10 years into a single contiguous archive (hopefully with minimal file duplication) so I can decommission the hard drives. I've been at it for two... sh**... three days, and I'm about half done.

I'm so feeling my inner CodeMonkey right now... have consumed nothing but caffeine & leftovers since Saturday. Gauging from razor stubble, been similar time since last shower. Sleep is a stranger to me.

Please shoot me now.

...Continue Reading
Posted by gquiring | Today @ 01:16 PM | 428 Views
The drifting vario problem with the G-RX8 can be a bit disappointing. It's been suggested that once the RX is on for a couple of minutes the drift has settled down. But resetting the vario from wheel button is a bit awkward if you are holding the model in your hand. So I setup an additional function on my timer/throttle lock switch to also reset the vario. It works by looking at the timer, if the timer = 0 then it's the first time going so reset it when you unlock the throttle and start the timer. Once the timer is no longer 0 it won't reset it.

Frsky G-RX8 reset drifting vario with your throttle lock/timer switch (3 min 37 sec)

Posted by jimharley909 | Today @ 10:06 AM | 518 Views
I lost my dad to diabetes in 2007. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't see his influence on who I am. Sometimes good and sometimes bad. In the grand scheme of things, I was lucky to have a dad that had an interest that we both shared, it was our common bond no matter what. He always blamed having me killed his full scale flying days...tongue in cheek...but R/C was something he could afford and pass along to me. He taught me a craft, how to build airplanes, work with wood, and care about quality and craftsmanship. This translated to flying, be the best you can be, learn aerodynamics, learn why an airplane can fly...all the fundamentals. In grade school, while kids were reading Cat in the Hat, I was reading the FAA private pilot course books. I didn't do it because he made me, I did it because I truly loved it, and I have him to thank for putting me on that path. My Dad was a draftsman, another skill he passed along, so now, in the days of the ARF, kits are hard to come by and it is literally back to the drawing board. Now that I'm back to R/C, there is a lack of kits and I'm drawing up my own plans. Thanks Dad, gone too soon.
Posted by Bazzboe | Today @ 09:39 AM | 510 Views
To Whom It May Concern,

I Bazzboe( user name), Benchmark R/C Pilot Displays will be on a short vacation for a couple of months due to commitments beyond my control.
Not to worry we will be back within 2 months and hopefully by then be caught up and finished with our web site design, a solid new facility location, and a production and management team to take us to a higher and much more sustainable level. I will be doing price changes (regretfully but unavoidable). But we will always honor some sort of discount to repeat customers and those who wish to be dealers of our products.
If you have a pending order with us ..IT WILL BE FULFILLED ASAP! No new orders will be taken at this time. If you wish to be put on our mailing list for future knowledge of when we are back please send us your email at bmarkrc@gmail.com and put the words mailing list in the subject heading.
With all my best,
Michael Hicks
812-646-0852 CST
Posted by grmis | Today @ 08:41 AM | 528 Views
This is my (second) EDF jet. It now has about 40 flights, and I recentlty installed a flight controller in it. So it is perhaps time to post here a few lines and a few pictures about it.

- Stock motor, stock ESC, stock servos, Turnigy 4S/3000mAh Lipo
- Home made after-burner LEDs, with Arduino and programmable RGB leds (see here for details)
- Flight controller: Omnibus F4 v5, with iNav 1.9.
(PWM1: ESC; PWM2: unused; PWM3: Aileron1; PWM4:Aileron2; PWM5: Elevator; PWM6: AfertBurner module; UART6: SBus; UART3-TX: uninverted SmartPort; UART1: GPS(future)). In case someone is interested by the detailed parameters (PID etc), I attached my configuration (dump). The stabilization (angle mode or acro mode) is quite useful when launching the plane, and also for landing. I can now land by glidind "hand off" in angle mode !
- Radio: FrSky XSR receiver (connected to the FC via SBus & SmartPort telemetry). Taranis X9D programmed with 3 flight modes (Manual/Acro/Angle) and flaperons (via iNav servo mixer and 2 AUXchannels).
- To be added soon: GPS, to get the speed (via telemetry).
Posted by mwhidden | Today @ 08:32 AM | 532 Views
Turns out that the Mark's Models instruction booklet skips over a few steps. Although shown in the plans, the instructions don't mention the installation of the 3/16" square wing supports along the top of the fuselage. These run through the cutouts in the center two bulkheads, so I had to notch the bulkhead that I had installed upside down. It also omitted the horizontal braze at the tail,so I put that in as well.

I sheeted the bottom of the fuselage, but forgot to glue the sheeting to the bulkheads, so I came back with thin CA to fix that. With a knife, I pared away the excess sheeting, working from nose to tail so if the balsa split, the crack would run away from the fuselage, not toward it, and the grain drew the knife away from the sides, not towards. Then I sanded it flush.

Since I'm planning to put an electric motor in this sailplane, I cut a plywood firewall to the shape given in the plans. I used some leftover plywood from an unrelated laser-cut kit of Tiny Whoop gates.

Shaping the canopy was tricky. I transferred the profile of the nose end to the end of the balsa block. Then I sketched the slope of the canopy along the sides, and marked the tail end profile on the back of the block. Then I spent a long time with a coarse sanding block hand-sanding it to the rough profile, and touching up with finer sand paper.
Posted by Hobby WOW | Today @ 04:51 AM | 622 Views
2.4G 4CH
Forward, backward, turn right /left, turn over (180 degree )
Switch to left /right manually , with LED screen .

Posted by Yowoo Linda | Today @ 01:03 AM | 678 Views
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The EVO is really nice. There's a few minor issues Autel needs to correct but the camera is stellar and it flies smooth. The dynamic tracking also works amazing. If Autel gets the bugs fixed soon then this will be a huge hit and serious competition to DJI.

Autel EVO Full Review with Flight Test (37 min 12 sec)

Posted by lisan | Yesterday @ 09:11 PM | 739 Views
Hi guys!
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Checking out a couple cool r/c ground vehicles by GP TOYS.I have here the Flame Peace S916 2WD Buggy and the Rider 5 4WD .Both are quite nice ,I done a.short run on each to get a feel for them.Full reviews coming soon on each of these then a shootout.between the two to see which one is the best buy overall.Stay tuned ��

GP TOYS FLAME PEACE S916 And Rider 5 Preview (5 min 3 sec)

You can find the Flame Peace S916 here https://www.amazon.com/GPTOYS-Contro...eywords=rc+car
and find the Rider 5 ATV here https://www.amazon.com/RC-Cars-Contr...sr=1-1
Posted by RyanTurboRuttan | Yesterday @ 12:45 PM | 971 Views
Hi everyone,

Just starting into blogging and felt like talking about my first drone race. It was a bit of disaster for me. I barely had enough of the right equipment to even be in the race. I didn't have goggles that could pick up race band and the connector that went from my goggles to the race receiver fell out right at the first gate and I ended up crashing. It was a ton of fun flying and I'll be going back with more equipment next time, like more than one drone hahaha.

Also really happy that I started a virtual tour company for real estate. Can't wait to get that going, I guess it's a kind of FPV hahaha.

Virtual Tour for Surrey, BC
Posted by flyenrw | Yesterday @ 12:43 PM | 988 Views
Somewhere while out and about I caught the EDF fever!
I came across the A 4 E/F model by Free Wing. This is my first ever foam plane. I must say it's like visiting another planet.
With the few mods I plan to do, this bird has captured my full attention. I'm impressed with the quality for a foam plane.
My first plan started with the cockpit.
I came across Jet Hanger Hobbies pilots and decided I would fit one to my cockpit. this meant excavating the interior of the foam shaping the existing cockpit.
The process felt very weird because the foam is soft and not forgiving , so I really had to think though my approach to re-structure what was a basic idea of what I wanted to accomplish.
The JHH 1/10th scale pilot is much taller than the kit included pilot, which required opening up the bottom of the cockpit floor. While doing so I flattened the sides to later add .020 lite ply.
I have read, that because of the heat inside the cockpit enclosure, the foam is prone to a popcorn look or alligator lumps as a result of heat and the foam reaction to excessive heat. This would certainly not be the look I would be pleased to have as a result of the Florida sun, where I live. so I have added a surface covering of .020 lite ply to all the exposed surfaces except the instrument panel. Because there were multiple curves, I could not effectively cover those surface areas with a straight piece of wood and opted to use a piece of sheet fabric vinyl using Beacon foam contact...Continue Reading