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This past fathers day my son paid for me to take my FAA flight physical examination and then paid for my Bi-Annual flight review. What a gift it was because I passed them both. From a small child he has always dreamed about the two of us flying together and has never give up on that dream. He loves aviation (third generation) and was sad that I didn't fly full scale anymore. If I may regress for a line or two, when he was born he had a birth defect that cost more money than what I had to have repaired but thank God I had an airplane that I could turn into cash to help with the bills. I had already had my fun with flying so being out of aviation was OK with me. As you can read in other places in my blog I got back into airplanes with these models and I'm happy with flying them and never thought that I would fly full scale again. However, I have always shared my son's dream of taking him for a flight. Just the two of us. On 7/3/11 my and my son's dream came true! We rented a Cessna 152 aerobat (pictured) and the two of us were airborn. We were like two little boys at Disney World. Moral of the story is never give up on your dreams because they might just come true.

My son and I were talking today and we realized that 7/3/55 was the day my father (his grandfather and first pilot in the family) passed away and took his final flight from earth. He was 56 years old when he died and 56 years later to the day we flew together. How kool is that! So we agreed to dedicate this to his memory. In loving memory of P.M. Wilbanks 1899 to 1955
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I'm unorganized. I need all the help I can get and then I loose things. I get so caught up in designing and building that I don't remember where things are in the shop and more and more stock keeps coming in!

This spring I was determined to clean up my shop and get a handle on organizing my hobby. I resolved to take everything out, rearrange the shop and put everything back that I wanted to keep. To help me accomplish this task I wrote a data program and it really has helped me more than I ever dreamed. It not only lets me know where things are but keeps me from ordering things I already have in-stock. I keep my laptop in the shop on my electronics’ workbench with this program open. I have links to my email, RCGroups and to any hobby supply I want to have information about their product. I make back-up and hard copies because of all the data I have. I really don't want to loose the data. This simple little program has been a life saver.

I thought that I would post it here so maybe it will help you as well. If you like it and want to use it all you need to do is save it to your computer, personalize your title (RC Club, etc. make it fun) and start loading your data. I only have about three pages on it but if you need more all you need to do is put the arrow on the number column on the left, high light the row, right click and click "add row". Add as many rows’ as you wish.
Don't forget to use the scroll buttons. Your data will move up or to the left for easy...Continue Reading
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Thanks for visiting my blog. I will work on building this blog in the future so please visit again soon.

Just a little note about myself. My father was a pilot and built his own grass airstrip back in 1950. I was born in 1949 so I remember very little but I do remember some things about his airplanes. He died in 1955 from cancer but I never forgot the feeling I would get when he took me flying. I always thought that when I was grown that I would fly airplanes as he did, and sure enough when I was 18 years old I had my private lic. to fly.

I have flown almost any type of 'single engine land' airplane and one seaplane. I also reopened my fathers old airstrip.

Much time has passed and my mother died and now the old airstrip is a subdivision. It's been 30 years or more and I thought that I had done all the aviation stuff that I will ever do but one day an employee brought a scratchbuilt electric model airplane to work and flew it for all the guys and I was rebit with the aviation bug. So I joined RCGroups and here I am.

I love designing, building and flying. I also love making friends on RCG and talking about the hobby. I also have my pilots lic. and enjoy flying full scale. Thanks again for your visit and I'll post more later with new ideas, pictures, and other fun stuff so keep checking in.


Some of my designs in my Hanger.......Continue Reading