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Posted by krisvanjr | Dec 28, 2014 @ 10:39 PM | 6,777 Views
I love 3d but sail planes are more fun in my book from little ones to giant scale aerotow.

Working on some 1m dlg's for the new year and getting all my planes switched to hitec.
Also have new Heron power glider that will be traveling with me in the truck with my libelle's and viking and whip-it's. As soon as people take a few things off my hands I plan to pick up one allaround go to gasser. I like the funky looking pilatus Portor pc-6 in 30cc to 85cc...

Today Nov 29,2015
Between the wind last week and the rain all weekend I have only been able to fly for 10 min. This Texas rain needs to travel on to the east coast already!!!
My new Heron and Libelle are both calling me to go fly. Not to mention my Fvk Mistral 3.4m looks so good at 300 ft....
With the wind out of the northwest I only have to travel 3 mile to fly at Marine Creek Dam. It's rocky on the NW face but long grass on the SW side. Wind coming off the water is steady and the view of the school is nice. I have flown there a few times when the wind was right. One member and I went out last time the temperature dropped early this year or was it last year? Anyways it will be good to get a couple of flights in...
Marine creek damn with Michael C. (1 min 2 sec)

Just posting some pictures of what I do for work. Heavy Haul truck driver. If its heavy , wide , tall , long or all of the above then we haul it.

Jan 10th 2016
New year new plane. Bought to hone my flying skills.

Updating pictures... 03/...Continue Reading