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Posted by flyjon1 | Apr 09, 2020 @ 10:27 PM | 5,411 Views
Hey guys, so today I learned a valuable lesson. I let a stressful week get the best of me and unintentionally took it out on a fellow rc man. I purchased a plane for a great deal, and was left wondering was it to good to be true? I sent payment as quickly as I could get to after understanding that two people were waiting to buy, and payment was needed within the hour. Well I sent payment, and asked for confirmation with no reply. Again I sent a message with no reply. Again I sent message with no reply. My patience was poor and got the best of me. and before I thought it out and took a breath. I went to assuming the person just ripped me off and I was a sucker. I then made a post calling the seller a scammer. Pretty harsh thing to do in this environment. Then I started getting all the delayed responses, indicating shipping, payment. ext. Well by this time I've already contacted PayPal opening a claim. Only to find out this seller went out above and beyond and was eating high shipping to get it out. My response, well feeling as low as a bug on the ground. I mean wow, I just overreacted, like people you see sometimes and go man what a rear end he is! That was me this time, and I have never acted this way before! What the heck! Stress I guess gets to everyone at some point, and I just wanted to share this story and my feelings on it. There are good people out there, and sometimes we just have to breathe and re center ourselves. I learned this one the hard way today. Thanks and happy flying.