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Posted by JosephS. | Apr 13, 2020 @ 03:15 PM | 7,177 Views
Over the years as an rc hobbyist, my interests have made large shifts throughout the last couple of years. I started getting into long range fpv in 2017 and then gradually moved into coding and electrical engineering. I also picked up amateur chemistry along the way, turning an insulted shed into somewhat of a laboratory. I've made and distilled nitric acid, synthesized copper(II) oxide for thermite, boiled bleach to obtain potassium chlorate and much more. I attribute much of my self dedicated learning style to this wonderful hobby as it has always pushed me to learn more, remove assumptions and ultimately grow a great amount over the years. My current interests are scratchbuilding efficient fpv planes much like Iforce2d does, and I am constantly challenged by it. I'm steadily moving into aerospace engineering as I am enjoying modeling planes in OpenVSP to calculate their performance. I also have a strong liking for the field of antenna science, as the concept of manipulating light to carry information is so cool. This has been greatly fueled by IBCrazy and his awesome tutorials. Anyway, thanks for looking and comment if you feel the same way about any facet of these concepts. I always enjoy meeting people in this community.