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Posted by Mad_angler1 | Jul 31, 2021 @ 05:34 AM | 18,643 Views
Hi All, this week after my video and posts on RCG and other placed CaddX and DJI have stated they will no longer be encrypting camers that are not licenced for use with the DJI FPV System on the CaddX Vista.

If anyone's want to know in's and outs of all this and how it happened I explained it here in my update video on the situation.

DJI Digital FPV & CaddX Update - No Camera Encryption & Canvas Mode To Come
DJI Digital FPV & CaddX Update - No Camera Encryption & Canvas Mode To Come (11 min 10 sec)

A few last comments on this all from me.

This is the 3rd time I have been at the eye of the storm on this and im pleased and proud we all have been able to get a result here. For me this was never about pinning it to DJI or upsetting CaddX, it was my open and honest thoughts on what I felt was just wrong. If it was not for you guys commenting and sharing the statement I put out and the video we would never have got the result.

While I may have been the mouth piece you were the guys that made it happen period.

As I have said already there were lots of messages back and forth with both companies after I put everything out and both sides were really friendly, I was glad I was also play a small part to help on the Canvas thing too and I will talk about that more some time if it actually come to fruition.

There is a hell of a lot more I could say on this and how it played out as there are some things im a little 'hmm' about on the whole thing however im going to leave it and I now intend to get back to trying to do what I love to do and leave some of the politics behind for a while, my intention on all of these 3 times now we have got a result was never to become a PITA but to help the community and that's what we have done.

I finally want to thank everyone for the kind words and comments and all that's left to say is outstanding work all.
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Runcam MIPI Camera
Taking a look at the Runcam MIPI Camera for the DJI Digital FPV System.


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Shark Byte News

In this video I am talking about the new VTX for Shark Byte from Fat Shar as well as Canvas mode support for Ardupilot with Shark Byte .

Also new Shark Byte HD Box Goggles coming soon

Shark Byte News - TX5R.1 Race VTX & Ardupilot Canvas Mode (11 min 25 sec)

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Herelink 600mw Mod

In this video I show how to modify Herelink from Cubepilot to get 600mw 28db output in all modes.

Herelink 28db 600mw Mode - How To (8 min 6 sec)

How to Force Herelink Max Output

You Need to ADB into the device first

Adb in the air unit and the gcs unit

The config file is = persist.sys.d2d.tx.pwr.cfg

To Check = adb shell getprop persist.sys.d2d.tx.pwr.cfg

By default it contains

These are for the region config, the max supported by herelink is 28db ~ 600mw,
to set it you would go

adb shell setprop persist.sys.d2d.tx.pwr.cfg 28,28,28,28

This would need to be done on both gcs and air unit for both sides

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Taking a look at the DJI Digital FPV System when used with the FPV Goggles V1 and FPV Goggles V2 and air U=units Like the DJI and CaddX Vista on a spectrum analyzer.

Comparing 25mbs vs 50mbps mode and looking how the RC behaves with the OFDM Video signal.

DJI Digital FPV Ocusync - A Look On A Spectrum Analyzer (27 min 49 sec)

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DJI FPV Drone Smart Battery

This video is an overview of the DJI Smart Battery and how it works, its features and how to get the best live out of it when using with the DJI FPV Drone and Goggles V2.

DJI FPV Drone Smart Battery - How It Works, Tips & How To Get Best Life (15 min 24 sec)

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DJI FPV Drone FCC Hacks

In this video I am walking through the FCC Hacks that are available for the new DJI FPV Drone fron Drone-Hacks and modified DJI Fly Apps.

DJI FPV Drone - FCC Hacks Overview Android & IOS (15 min 58 sec)

#DJI #FPV #FCC #Hacks

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This is not actually meant to be a full review of the new DJI FPV drone and that will come a little later but it ended up sort of being a review or at least thoughts.

DJI FPV Drone - This Is Not A Review But Sort Of Is (28 min 46 sec)

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As people are now receiving the DJI Goggles V2 there are some things that need to be taken into account before upgrading the Antenna on the V2.

In this video I explain how the antenna setup works and what you need to know on both versions of the DJI FPV Goggles.

DJI Digital FPV Goggles V1 vs V2 Antenna Upgrades - What You Need To Know (12 min 10 sec)

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DJI Care Refresh Flyaway Cover

This week DJI has updated Care Refresh for the Mavic Mini 2 and Mavic Air 2 Models to now include a Flyaway Cover.


DJI Care Refresh in an insurance cover that allows you to reduce the cost the cost of a repair for damage to your DJI drone should you have an accident, as part of Care Refresh DJI allows you to claim fixed price repairs or replacement of your DJI drone rather than paying full repair or replacement cost. The cost of a claim under Care is generally much lower than the cost of repair or replacement normally however one of the main downsides of DJI Care Refresh was you had to have your craft to send back to be eligible, while is did not matter how bad a condition is was in you actually had to have it. DJI did not cover losses of the craft as a result of a flyaway.

However this week Flyaway cover has now been added to both current and new DJI Care Refresh holders for the Mavic Mini 2 and Mavic Air 2 Models. This new cover allows you to claim for unto 1 reduces cost replacement should you suffer a flyaway on the 12 month cover plan. Just like the damage cover there is a "Service Fee" cost to the replacement and this is around 50% of the cost of the model when new.

Activate Flyaway Cover Now

While this cover has been added for free it must be activated before you would be eligible to claim and it can not be done after the
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In this video I am talking a look at the new UAVCAN Servos from Hitec Technology.

Hitec UAVCAN Servo For Ardupilot & More - Overview & Setup (18 min 5 sec)

The MD70MN-CAN is a multiprotocol metal gear servo designed for model RC application that can be used with both PWM and UAVCAN.

High Resolution 32-bit Programmable Digital Circuit
CAN Bus (2.0A or 2.0B), UAVCAN, RS-485, PWM & TTL Protocol Capability
Magnetic Encoder Position Sensor
Wide Operating Voltage (4.8 ~ 7.4V)
Heavy-Duty, Long Life Motors
IP65 Rated Cases
Customization and Modification Options Available
Custom Connector Options Available

In the video I give an overview of the servo its self as well as show how to set it up with UAVCAN on a Cube Autopilot (Pixhawk 2.1) on Ardupilot using mission planner.

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DJI FPV Goggles V2

DJI FPV Goggles V2 - Overview Of The Updates (5 min 49 sec)

This is an updated V2 set of goggles only and not a V2 FPV system as a whole.

The New V2 FPV Goggles feature

Dual band 2.4 and 5ghz Video Transmission capability*
Increased Refresh rate 144hz on screens
Increased 810P live Feed Resolution from 720p.
Live View Mode: Low-Latency Mode (810p 120fps)
High-Quality Mode (810p 60fps)

The FPV Goggles V2 are also supplied with a New DJI external Battery that is 2S 1800mah.

The overall goggles form factor remains unchanged as is the main specs such as the LCD resolution ect .

Air Units

The DJI FPV Air units remain unchanged and remain 5ghz only.

Both the V1 and V2 goggles remain compatible with both the standard DJI Air Unit and the Caddx Vista for the FPV system.

We believe it’s new firmware to increase resolution that will be release shortly.

DJI FPV Remote

The DJI FPV remote remains the same with no changes.

*2.4ghz mode not compatible with DJI FPV air units and for future use .
*810P only for future use.

Overall this is a minor update brings some additional features and support for future use.

Some FAQ

Q: Why are there no 2.4ggz air units ?

A: 2.4Ghz is reserved for future use as I understand it.

Q: Is the Vista compatible with the V2 Goggles ?

A: Yes, air unit compatibility is the same as before.

Q: Can DJI FPV Air units be upgraded to support both bands as I read they have it lock on firmware ?

A:Currently they are certified for 5ghz use only.

Q: Do the FCC and 1200mw hacks still work on the V2 Goggles ?

A:This is not currently known at this time.

Q: Are there any changes to the DJI FPV Remote ?

A: No this remains the same as before

Q: Can the V1 Goggles be upgraded to get 2.4Ghz Support ?

A: No V1 remains compatible with the current Airunits only.

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FAA Remote ID

In this video I cover ins and outs of the new Remote ID that a come into force and that all drones and model RC will need to comply with over the next few years.

I explain the full situation in this video and what you need to do to comply.

FAA Remote ID - A Complete Overview For Drones & Model RC (14 min 17 sec)

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FatShark Shark Byte Digital FPV System

Having spent nearly 2 months with this system I have put together a overview and review of this new FPV system from FatShark.

FatShark Shark Byte Digital FPV Review - A Lot To Like (32 min 21 sec)

In the description is timing marks as listed below

00:00 Start
01:06 Main Spec
01:39 Hardware Overview
04:13 Air Unit Soldering
04:52 Receiver Goggles Setup
08:27 System Menu and Display
13:54 OSD
14:41 Flight Footage From System
19:00 Footage Comparison to DJI
20:43 Final Thoughts on Ground Unit
22:29 Final Thoughts on Air Unit
25:38 Final Thoughts on Shark Byte System As A Whole

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Since its release Herelink has become one of the most accessible and simplest ways of integrating a wireless digital video & remote controller ground station into your drone or UAS system. Designed for hobby, professional and system integrators Herelink features long range low latency wireless HD video with upto 20km range and supports Mavlink communication for both Ardupilot and PX4 flight software.

Herelink has a built-in remote controller, an 5.4Ē 1080P Android based smart device with both Solex TX and QGC open source software installed that allows for advance mission planning. The Air unit supports multiple camera options with dual 720P/1080P HDMI inputs, Mavlink telemetry and Sbus control signal. UAS Manufactures and system integrators can also take advantage of the built in S1 SOC for custom applications as well as dedicated OEM support features.

This week Cubepilot have announced that upcoming firmware will add the ability for 2 Herelink controllers to communicate with one air unit for dual operator missions and a new dual live video streaming feature. Alongside this Cubepilot added that Herelink has a new lower price of $699.

Herlink remains one of the best value fully integrated ground station systems on the market that supports both Ardupilot and PX4. Being part of the Cubepilot ecosystem alongside the Cube Orange Autopilot means Herelink benefits from dedicated manufacture support forums and an active community following.

For more information on Herelink you can go to
More info on upcoming firmware releases and support can be found at

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In this video I am giving an overview of the new Here 3 CAN based GPS with M8P Chipset for RTK Rover capability from Cubepilot

We look at the info and spec as well as walk you though setting it up on Ardupilot and Mission Planner with the CAN settings.

More info at

The Here 3 GPS From CubePilot For Drone & Rover - Overview & Setup Tutorial (15 min 0 sec)

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DJI Go 4 Security Concerns - Is It Safe ?

DJI Go 4 Security Concerns - Is It Safe ? (8 min 44 sec)

Today Synacktiv, a security and research company has released a report on their findings after taking a deep dive into the current and passed DJI Go 4 App on Android.

As part of their investigations they have highlighted some areas that raise some fairly large concerns with the potential behaviour and risk within the Go4 App.

Specially these include the facility to remotely trigger an update to the app outside of the Android Play Store safety net.

Concerns around the Weibo integration with in Go4 that could allow apps to be installed on users devices and issues with the app not closing down correctly or starting to run in the background on its own.

The information and findings of this have been backup and verified by GRIMM.

Further to this DJI have now released a statement as well questioning some of these findings as well as denying others altogether.

Users of the Android version of the app should look at the data for them selves and make up their own mind of what they feel is necessary from a safety and data security point of views.

In the attached video this is all explained in a little more detail as to what this is all about should people be interested in knowing more.

More info at the source here

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The remote USB port deiced to let go on my Mavic 2 remote.
In this video I walk though repairing the RC by stripping it and soldering the port back on

DJI Mavic 2 Remote USB Repair - How To (17 min 14 sec)

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Gatewick Couple Receives £200,000 Payout.

First of all I want to say how pleased I am this couple both fought this and also received a substantial payout for the frankly talking itís not enough based discussing way they were treated. They were arrested, their home ransacked then interrogated for 36 hours based on the simple fact they lived close to Gatwick and once owned a drone. I am astonished this could happen in the U.K. but it did.

Further to this the incident has now cost the British public £200,000 yet no heads a rolled, we still have no proof there was an actual drone at all or the truth of what happened here. Personally this imo deserves a public enquiry more than many things I have seen in recent years.

The wider issue here is the fall out from this for the drone community in the U.K. Itís left my self and many others wondering if this could be us next. If an incident was to happen close to me would I be a suspect simply based on the fact I own a drone?

As a PFCO and being legitimately registered I have provided the CAA and government a quick and easy target should they need to ďget resultsĒ quickly.

I live close to some high profile oil and gas installation and itís not much of a stretch for me to see something similar take place as we have seen as Gatwick. Regardless of if a drone was actually there or not.

I am already aware of one done user who had the police arrive at his...Continue Reading
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Ardupilot Copter Build Series

I have started a new Ardupilot copter build series where I will be walking though the steps to setup a Copter based hex from start to finish.

In this series I will also be deep diving into some of the more complex hardware setup with multiple GPS, Mag sensors as well as other external sensors.

The series consists of

Video 1 - Basic Hardware - Frame,Motors & Power System

Video 2 - GPS - Serial and CAN as well as multiple GPS blending options

Video 3 - Compass - Mag setup and overview of the new Compass configuration in Ardupilot

Video 4 - RC Types and Setup - Looking at Herelink, Sbus and other RC options.

More Videos to follow.

Video 1 Basic Hardware

Ardupilot Drone Build How-To Series Part 1- Basic Hardware (30 min 40 sec)

Video 2 GPS Setup

Ardupilot Drone Build How-To Series Part 2- GPS Setup (17 min 57 sec)
...Continue Reading