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Posted by navionflyer | Jun 29, 2008 @ 03:52 AM | 7,885 Views
OK. So last week I rode my bicycle across the lower peninsula of Michigan. It is an organized ride called P.A.L.M.. Alright, I didn't ride all the way across because my 6 year old son was riding too and we knew he would only be good for about 20 miles a day so we brought a vehicle along. It is a 6 day ride and we had 3 drivers so each of us rode 4 days and drove 2. PALM is a family ride and is organized that way. There were people who had their babies in a trailer that attached to the bike and lots of young children on tag-a-longs or on tandems. I say all of that to say this. After we finished riding to Coldwater, MI on Tuesday afternoon and the tents were all set up, my son and I were laying on the ground outside the tent watching the birds. There were about 8 of them soaring around over the school catching the lift. It was fun to watch. They would come over the school pretty low. You could see details on them when they started out. After a few minutes, they would be just a dark spot in the blue sky. Then they would glide off out of sight for awhile and come back and start it over again. I don't think I ever saw one of those birds flap its wings. I was really wishing I could go flying right then. I also got to see a Long-EZ (one of my favorite airplanes) at the Coldwater airport that day too.
Posted by navionflyer | Jun 16, 2008 @ 12:41 PM | 7,206 Views
A couple Sundays ago, my son and I were eating lunch after church at a local restaurant. In the course of the meal he said to me, "dad, what if I drank a million Cokes?" I thought about it for a minute and told him that that was alot of soda. As we were eating, I continued to think a little more about it and eventually I pulled up the calculator in my cell phone and did a little figuring. You would have to drink slightly more than 36.5 Cokes per day for 75 years to drink a million Cokes. Assuming that each Coke you drank was 8oz, you would consume more than 3540 calories per day just from the soda. So if you were thinking about trying to drink a million Cokes, I wouldn't advise it.
Posted by navionflyer | Jun 05, 2008 @ 09:45 PM | 7,385 Views
So I finally got my helicopter fixed today and went out with my instructor to hover check it and track the blades. </end RC content> My wife wasn't feeling well so I took our 5 year old son with me. She also asked me to pick up cat and dog food on the way home. After flying, we went to the grocery store to get the pet food. We walked in to the pet food aisle and the I picked up a 25 pound bag of dog food and put it on my shoulder. We walked further down the aisle and my son said he would carry the cat food. The next thing I know he is trying to put the cat food bag on his shoulder. I helped him put it on his shoulder and we walked up to the check outs (smiling all the way).

My wife is taking a psychology class right now and her text book says that we as fathers still have a greater impact on our kids than even TV (even though I wonder sometimes). I know my son wants to be like me. But I don't always know he wants to be like me. This was just concrete evidence of that.
Posted by navionflyer | May 17, 2008 @ 09:01 PM | 7,542 Views
I bought a used Kyosho Caliber 30 IC Helicopter a while back. A friend of mine used to fly competition and offered to teach me to fly a helicopter. After spending some time with a simulator, we went out last weekend to hover it. He picked it up into a hover and set it back down wondering why the tail servo was so slow. About that time, he lost all control of it. He got it back enough to cut the throttle to idle before it tipped over in slow motion. It only broke the blades and the mixing arms. All in all not a particularly expensive crash, but totally avoidable if I had replaced the receiver battery like I had planned to.