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Posted by Cebola | Jul 10, 2009 @ 02:13 PM | 27,197 Views
First of all, the concept.

Electric or not, for sure electric sailplanes have many vantages, the main one is freedom.

Has in S„o Paulo, Brazil we do not have space enough; the electric gliders can fly almost anywhere.

A big negative point is the batteries, Esc and all stuff, including of course the engine.

At windy cities like S„o Paulo, a thin airfoil is adequate, but here we have a big problem. What airfoil?
Selig family looks nice and MH also. I have made many design using S4083, but for this new model, I am thinking is use MH32, just for kicks.

Wing design platform, the best I ever use it was the Frigate platform, I donít know way, but this platform inspire me the pure flight sensation.

I consider this platform very complicated to build, mainly because I donít like balsa sheet covering around the wing. In fact I do prefer false ribs to avoid covering sag, and on a frigate wing this cost lots of work.

Spars, thatís a real problem. I try to made carbon fiber spars, but the black dust, I feel that is pure poison, mainly for a guy like me that was recent cured of a cancer on kidney. Exist a big suspect that carbon fiber can cause cancer, just like asbestos fiber.

So, I got to go back to old spruce, on my model spars.

Ok, I will try a Frigate wing platform, and a MH 32 airfoil.

And about the fuselage?

Again carbon Fiber for the boom?-I think that a rolled balsa tube can do this job very well, and this model is only a prototype, so, the pod...Continue Reading
Posted by Cebola | Apr 29, 2008 @ 11:07 PM | 28,404 Views
Concept of my models.
Few words

Models has to be living objects, give a soul to them, is the art of design and build.
Is not a simple thing to design a glider, or an electric sailplane, but, is a good way to avoid the stress of modern life.
Personally I love design my models in a small size, letís say ľ scale and made a mock up, to see if it flies properly.
The structure, I do prefer cut using a good knife.

Sand paper and Ca glue, no waste of time and a fast building system makes the model possible.

Spend more than a week in a model, is create an unbearable situation
Take my advice, try to design and build your own models, is simple and fun.


My models

Posted by Cebola | May 29, 2007 @ 04:09 PM | 30,933 Views
Just on purpose, my real name is Antonio Carlos, the nick name Cebola becomes many years ago, when I make a tragic landing whit a real big glider on a onion field.
A one piece onion, falls dawn inside the glider.
Many weeks after everyone that flows on that glider Cray's like a baby.
The onion smell was terrible, and someone remember my tragic landing on that Field.
And for the landing and the smell, I receive the honor to be called MR. Cebola (Onion in English)
Today only Cebola

On my trip on models road, many models becomes in my life, bellow few of than, was forever.

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Posted by Cebola | May 29, 2007 @ 02:49 PM | 29,019 Views

I never think in create a blog, just because my English is poor, and there are many fantastic guy's up there, or everywhere.


I began whit models whit 5 years old, this means 55 years ago.
My first one, was a rubber band powered model, at the age of 6.
My father was a modeler, and his favorite model was the P40.
One day he build one for me, and that's was the main point of my life.

At the age of 15 I start whit free flight models on Wakefield's and A2.
This was in 1961, and my golden dream has a radio control kit, but at this time, radio control was forbidden for kids, and also too much complicated.

On 1967, I buy my first radio control equipment, a Kraft, and we made many good flies whit.

My models was gliders, at the beginning big A2, whit 2 Chanel's, after also Ugly Sticks, that I still admire, at this days, has the best model ever.

At the age of 50, my wife give she's best gift, a son.

Leonardo (11) today is my partner and the reason for all my models.

Few years ago, I discover the electric engines, and everything in my modeler life changed.

So, I get in Rcgroups, and have the opportunity to share my models, and this is what I call a Lucky guy, and that's what I am.