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Posted by AirWarriorBelgy | Mar 05, 2006 @ 08:36 PM | 6,521 Views
Well here it is....the new world order

and all I can say is that....if you build the better mouse trap...someone will come along and change it.....only because they can.

I forget the name of the Gal that Jim hired to run the board but I will say that I'm told its her husband...or supposed to be her husband that is the instructor in the real flight G-2 Sim......I hit him with a plane everytime i can

I miss my Moderator buddies too......i had a heli do an inverted lawnmower on his head over that one.

See what happens when women take over.......BLOGS!!!!!

Look lady all we wanted is a simple place to post pics and to chew the fat with our friends we have to do a diary

Oh i just can't wait for a woman president.....
no more congress......just a political Blog site

Okay enough gripe'n