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The GEPRC GoPro 8 camera uses the GoPro Labs firmware and thus it is possible to make all settings via a QR code. All Protune settings are possible, as well as new functions such as auto recording via gyro, maximum shutter angle, chapter with 12GB

Video (EN subtitles) - Setting the GEPRC GoPro 8 with QR Codes -
GEPRC GoPro 8 mit QR Codes einstellen - Autorecord - Protune (6 min 16 sec)

Image 1 - Geprc Naked GoPro Hero 8 can read QR code

GEPRC Naked GoPro Hero 8 Full Camera BG Code: BGGPRO8 -
GEPRC GoPro Case
AE -
GoPro Labs Hub -
12GB Chapter - The video is only split longer after 12GB instead of 4GB -

QR code for all settings -

Image 2 - No update works without the original GoPro battery

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40" RA Cores Extra XL (3 min 59 sec)

Check out our new 40" EPP Extra XL kit and accessories

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Learn EdgeTX Navigation, and take a tour of the new widget options coming our way on the newest opensource firmware for your radio:
EdgeTx • Navigation, Tips, Tricks and What's Coming Next! (1 hr 20 min 10 sec)

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I've been flying R/C since jr. high, which is back when you might still have heard an occasional disco song on the radio. In all that time I've never entered a contest of any kind. I have organized several events - some of them quite large - but I've never actually competed. I've always wanted to get into scale competition, but have never taken the plunge. I guess hanging out with people like Ron Gilman in the early 90s and David Ribbe & Peter Goldsmith in the 2000s and seeing how well they fly was kind of a de-motivator. They're such awesome pilots, how could I ever compete with the likes of them? All three have won Top Gun!

I recently took stock and realized that I'm not getting any younger. If I am to get into scale competition, I need to start soon so I can start building experience. Learn how to present the aircraft in the sky. Be smooth on the sticks. Learn from other competitors and have some fun. So, in a moment of weakness and with zero fear, I signed up for the 2021 AM RC Fixed Wing Scale NATS, with the intent of flying Beaver prototype #1, my trusty electric-powered bird.

I practiced every weekend for about a month before the event. I tried three different versions of the maneuvers. I worked on smooth inputs, especially on aileron, and I flew at three different flying sites trying to find one that was similar to AMA Site #4 at the National Flying Site. One of those days I tried to fly at site 4 itself, but unfortunately there was a large...Continue Reading
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Just finished taking, and passing the TRUST Test....As it turns out, all the pushback on this subject is no more than a tempest in a teacup.

(23) multiple choice questions about how, where, and when we can fly for recreation....basically common sense and courtesy.....took about 15 minutes...
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Yep Les Amis,
Agréablement surpris par la qualité et le rendu ! J'ai en test depuis quelques jours le MAGIMASK de chez MoviMask. Après avoir testé quelques vidéos et applications de réalité augmentée, je me suis intéressé à son utilité dans notre hobby. On va, en effet, pouvoir non seulement partager les images HD de notre masque DJI grâce à l'application DIGIVIEW Alpha mais on pourra également visionner le retour vidéo de nos engins de prise de vue type DJI mavic, air ou autres, à condition bien sur d'avoir le câble USB adapté. Donc un gros plus dans notre activité, à titre personnel ou pour du partage ! D'une excellente qualité de finition et acceptant toutes tailles de smartphones, un très bon investissement selon vos besoins... Prenez soin de vous et merci à tous pour votre soutien .

MAGIMASK DJI en immersion et partage numérique - Review Test Démo - Léger et confortable ! (12 min 44 sec)

NOTATAZ : 17/20 Utile et efficace !!!

- MAGIMASK (108€) :
(Vous aurez besoin d'un câble de données type OTG)
- Adaptateur câbles OTG :
- Quelques appli de Réalité Augmentée :
- Vidéos AR sur Youtube :

- TABLEAU DES PROMOS ET COUPONS 2021 RC et ACCESSOIRES (remis à jour quotidiennement, en utilisant ces liens, vous aidez la chaîne, ) :

- Si Vous voulez aider la chaîne avec un don (tous les dons...Continue Reading
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CUAV support for GuangZhou patrol scheme.
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For me, this is one of the best invention in FPV since years. The Immersion RC Ghost Hybrid 5.8GHz vTx/2.4GHz RX gives you a high end analog video transmitter and high RC control link - all in one board.
Immersionrc Ghost Hybrid (4 min 6 sec)

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New product this week :
Go1 Quadruped Robot Personal accompany and life care robot
Unitree Robotics Go1-edu Quadruped Robot Personal accompany and lifestyle robot! (0 min 9 sec)

The difference between Go1 and A1:
1. The Go1 edu version is the product that is benchmarked against A1.
The cost performance of the Go1 edu version is better than that of A1.
2. The shipment of the Go1 series may later than October (Unitree has
started accepting reservation, more early you ordered, more early we
can ship), while the A1 series can be shipped within few days.
3. Go1 air and Go1 do not support secondary development
Product Details
Product: Go1
size folded:0.588X0.29x0.22m WEIGHT:12KG
Payload: 3kg-6kg
Ultrasonic Sensors:3
RTT 1 Transmission:1
Processor:1*(4*1.43GHz 128Core 0.5T) (16core CPU + GPU384Core,1.5TFLOPS)
or Nvidia 1Nano +(2 Nano or 2NX) Go1-EDU only
Power Adapter: 24V, 4A - 24V, 6A
speed: 0-2.5ms, 0-3.5ms, 0-3.7ms
Graphic Processing API (OTA):CPU 4core GPU (256core, 1.3Tflops)or(GPU384Core,1.5TFLOPS) HAL 1 Human Recognition:1
Lidar 2D or 3D: Go1-EDU only
foot force sensor: Go1-EDU only
Research Programming API:Go1-EDU only
warranty parts and labor 3 to 6 months or parts and labor 6 to 12 months
To put it simply, Go1 edu version is a continuation of A1

find at :

Unitree Robotics Go1 Quadruped Robot Personal accompany and lifestyle robot (0 min 8 sec)

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At first look, the 4-inch Eachine Shadow Field looks pretty good and with the coupon code: BG30SD4 you can get it for under 215 USD with DJI Vista.
The Long Rang Quad flies very well and with a long flytime. The modern 1404 2750KV motors have good, curved magnets. The HD version with the Caddx Vista is even available with the original DJI camera. The ESC's have 20 amps and the quad weighs only 158 grams. Unfortunately, Eachine has installed two bad components here, such as the F4 flight controller, which has a defective voltage sensor, and the GPS module with poor reception.

F4 STM32F405 flight controller
The F405 FC has enough serial interfaces compared to an F411 FC. But you can only use two serial interfaces with RX and TX Pad. Both interfaces UART1 and UART5 are already used with the Vista and GPS module. So you can't easily install a Crossfire or ExpressLRS receiver here.

image 1 - Here the repaired voltage regulator with the correct R2 1K resistor

The much worse thing is that you get the wrong voltage displayed on the F4 FC board. So you fly with a battery where you don't know how much voltage is on the battery. After a calibration of the voltage sensor, the correct voltage is initially displayed by a 4S battery, but if you connect a 3S battery, the voltage display is no longer correct at all. I checked the F4 board and I found out that the voltage sensor on the board have wrong resistors. The voltage sensor is on PC1, which is correctly assigned under resources (...Continue Reading
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New FPV ORCA Flight Video on Youtube!

FPV ORCA Flight Video / Auto Takeoff! (1 min 59 sec)

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for more information please contact us.
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Cessna 165 Airmaster: In 1935, the economy was just beginning to strengthen enough for airplane sales to pick back up. Cessna had gone out of business several years before after the short production of the A series and DC-6 series. But as the economy Recovered, Clyde Cessna’s nephew Dwayne Wallace wanted to bring the company back. He designed the C-34 as an updated airplane to target the same market as the Cessna A.

The C-34 first flew in 1935 after Clyde and Eldon Cessna (Father and Son) joined with Dwayne Wallace and brought the company back. The C-34 was a four seat, cabin taildragger with a complex wooden cantilever wing. It was pulled along by a 145hp Warner which was later replaced with a 165hp Warner on most production models. The C-34 was slowly updated overtime into the 165 Airmaster, getting a center airbrake under the fuselage and larger tail surfaces.

The Airmaster was a very high performance ship for it’s day with a cruise speed of 145mph. It’s wing was also a rarity of it’s era being cantilever instead of strut braced. Cessna published a famous photo of people seated shoulder to shoulder on the wing from tip to tip to show the strength of this design. The Airmaster became fairly popular and had a production run of 183 airplanes. Most were sold to civilian and business clientele but when the war began a small handful were impressed into the military as UC-77s or UC-94s.

Today several Airmaster remain in private ownership (Around 20 active and airworthy...Continue Reading
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Mike Sheryak takes his beautiful Global Aerofoam L-39 Albatross up for a few laps around the pattern at the Hemet Jet Rally, 2021 !

Global Aerofoam L-39 Albatross with KingTech K-60 by Mike Sheryak at Hemet Jet Rally, 2021 (6 min 23 sec)

Enjoy the show !!
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Small update to my 59mm brushless nano. Switched over to a Mob6 canopy, and plastic hardware which led to almost a 2 gram weight reduction. Also decided to try out the HQ tri blade props. Love ripping this thing around the house.

Full build details can be seen on RotorBuilds here.
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Geez, I'm in of the stepper motors on my CNC machine quit working last week, and I couldn't cut anything out. Got a replacement stepper within a few days, replaced the old one, and the machine still wouldn't work....OK...then it had to be software, firmware, or the controller/shield (Arduino). Long story short....Uninstalled all the software/firmware and started from scratch with the most recent releases and drivers. Low and behold, the machine fired right up....But just in case, I have a new controller on the way........On the positive side, this is the first failure I've had since I got the machine in 2015 !
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Meyers OTW: Allen Meyers began designing his light biplane in 1930 in his garage in Wayne Michigan. With his plans underway, in 1933 he secured a space in an old machine shop to get things really going. In 1936 the first OTW (Out To Win) biplane made its first flight.

The OTW was somewhat unique in construction for its size. While most two seat biplanes of the time had steel tube fuselages covered with fabric, the OTW had a semi-monocoque all aluminum fuselage. It seated two in tandem and was initially powered by a 125hp Warner. (Later production models were mostly powered by either 145hp Warners or 160hp Kinners) The wings were of a more standard wood and fabric construction.

In 1938 the OTW got official approval for use in the Civilian Pilot Training Program. (CPTP) The CPTP was intended to use civilian flight schools to train as many college students to fly as possible with the knowledge that many of them would eventually become military pilots if the US entered the war. The OTW was approved for this alongside the Ryan PT-22 and Waco UPF-7. Between 1938 and 1940 the CPTP used all three along with many Cubs, Aeroncas and Taylorcrafts to teach thousands of new pilots.

While the OTW never got an official military contract once the war did start, they managed to sell over 100 of them to various schools that were participating in the CPTP. This jump started the Meyers Aircraft Company which survived well after the war building civilian airplanes.

Today there are...Continue Reading
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Hobbyzone Sport Cub S 2 (7 min 23 sec)

2nd trip to the field and 3rd flight .

Hmmm !

Expert mode is lethargic ! ( Aileron )
The S 2 is under powered for anything exciting .
What it does do really well , is fly SLOW - real slow ! Were talking sexy slow ! I think you could walk faster than the S 2's slow capability .
Intermediate mode is ?? ...
Seems out of place , Int is a wilder ride than expert mode ,,, What's with that ?
I would like for the S 2 to at least roll , and not into the ground !
That TT looks brilliant in comparison .
Got a serious ITCH for the S2 ? = Buy the Turbo Timber ( UMX ) instead .
I would lose no sleep if the S 2 was phased out of production .
In fact , I would love to see a Super Turbo Timber . ( Better than 1:1 power to weight )
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Top Gun:
Iceman- "The plaque for the alternates is downstairs in the ladies room"

Tora Tora Tora:
Admiral Yamamoto- "I fear all we have done is awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve"
Has VERY special symbolism to me!

What are yours?