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Posted by ms62tn | Nov 07, 2016 @ 09:44 PM | 3,334 Views
Hello out there !
I have decided to do a good, old fashioned scratch build from plans.
I guess that I am a "newbie" to the hobby, but do have some building
experience from a previous build attempt. This time I have a better
building board and a simpler project. I was about to order a short kit
from Manzano, but decided to gain more experience first . Plus, I have never flown, so why not build a trainer like plane.... 3 channels,
lots of dihedral. The Pacific Ace seems like good fit, and I like the way
it looks !
Of special note, I have reduced the plans to 75% in hopes of it fitting
the park flyer size. Wing span should be 55", and will be electric