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Posted by MikeSt | Apr 26, 2020 @ 02:18 PM | 6,557 Views
What is the procedure for using the loadscript function, when a "master"telemetry (loader) script then loadscript(s)
a second ( or third, fourth? ..fill all slots?) script ?

I have created two scripts, both under /SCRIPTS/TELEMETRY.

I activate the "loader" script in DISPLAY / Screen 1 (mikld4.lua).

When I long-press PAGE, (display telemetry screen(s)), my second script does get loaded,
but is not getting executed

This is all in the 2.2.4 Companion / Simulator


------------ loader script -----

-- mikld4.lua   -  test the loadscript function
local function run_func()

 local me = 'mikld4 v 1.00'
 local targ = 'mik003'

  fun, err = loadScript("/scripts/telemetry/mik004.lua")

  if (fun ~= nil) then


     print("------------- gizz ----------------")
     print(me .. " starting" .. targ )

     fun("Hello from " .. me )

     print(me .. "-------- gooz  ------------")
     print(me .. " back from starting/calling " .. targ)

return 0


**** debug screen output ****

------------- gizz ----------------
--mikld3 starting #mikPrint.lua #
--mikld3-------- gooz  ------------
--mikld3 back from starting/calling mik003
--chainMenu(0, 728C9C70)
***** client / target script of loadscript ****

--  mik004.lua  -
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Posted by MikeSt | Sep 01, 2009 @ 05:44 PM | 3,913 Views
Whoopee !

Beautiful evening / afternoon to fly, sunny, 21deg C, light variable winds 5-6kts.

Though the wind seemed higher than that at the park. "Funnel effect from the houses" ?

Ran 3 packs through the HK450 (which unfortunately is all the batteries I have at the moment), just hovering, and "drifting" around. I kept the stupid thing "in range" though (~ 100 feet or so), and didn't lose orientation. Flying with the canopy on for a change probably didn't hurt Gotta paint it or get a colored one though, all white ain't exactly easily visible

I did attempt 2 flips, and they were pretty "messy". First one I did with the Futaba "IDLE" setting at 90%, second at 100%.

Started them both about 30-40 feet up, first one lost around 10-15 altitude, second one a "bit" more, and I was a bit lucky to save the heli.

Still getting a periodic "tail twitch", don't know if it's the radio or maybe a gear mesh slipping?

One of these days will tach the heli and/or have a Dx7 or some such radio to compare it to.
Posted by MikeSt | Jul 12, 2009 @ 03:41 PM | 4,138 Views
.... but no major damage, as I dumped the HK450 into very long grass. Just a bent flybar.

Contributing reasons -

1) The deadly "lost orientation". I took it up fairly high (~ 50 feet), but without the canopy on, I lost orientation. Tried to descend under control but the ....

2) Wind - 11g19 (.. probably not a good day to take it up "high" ), zipped it away downwind (note to self .. descend into the wind next time !)

On the positive side, I proved that the heli, and my skill level can hover it in gusty winds. Today is about my max for now though. Yesterday's ~9 kt winds were enough to keep it interesting. So 15kt (steady) is probably about the max I'd want to fly this thing.

First flight after mounting the Bec, ESC seemed to be running cooler.

Tail is holding, but twitching with both ATV and Gain dialed to max, tried slightly backing off them both (~90%), and the tail-holding dramatically reduces.
Posted by MikeSt | Jul 10, 2009 @ 07:30 PM | 4,123 Views
Ya !

First real, real flight !

Last flight had some real hovering, but just came back from a big field, where I did some FF, and I guess "FFF", (how is that defined exactly?). I didn't FF as fast as the heli is capable (full throttle/collective, and whatever cyclic needed for level flight), but I was zipping back and forth at a good clip.

The heli seems slower than in the sim, probably because visually it's much better "live" than on a tiny screen.

Almost worked up enough nerve to try a flip .... next time ... maybe
Posted by MikeSt | Jul 10, 2009 @ 03:44 PM | 3,863 Views
Just flew my 4th pack through the HK450. Still Crashfree

Just hovering, with some minor lateral moves (~10 feet or so).

I'll have to get my HBFP back together for a comparison, but the HK450 so far is easy to hover, in light winds. (8-10 kts today in the parking lot .. slightly sheltered, with some minor gusts).

It's finally flyable, after I disconnected the servo gain from the radio (channel 5) Futaba R127DF .. 72mhz.

I fiddled around with the ATV settings on channel 5, but couldn't get it to hold.

Just flew it with the gain pot and ATV pot both on full, tail was holding well. I'll try it again and dial back the settings a bit, at least the ATV to start, not getting any wag though.

Seems to hold better with the "Hover Pitch" setting at the negative settings (giving higher headspeed).
Posted by MikeSt | Nov 17, 2008 @ 07:03 PM | 4,368 Views

"I am underway in learning side in hovering, and I have no problems doing tail right hovering. But when I switch to tail left hovering I find it very difficult to keep it steady, like trying to write with your left hand when you are right handed Anyone agree?"

I found the same thing.

But ...

I also have a tendency in the sim, and especially with the real heli to hover the heli to the "front-left" of me, i.e. the heli is at about 10 or 11'oclock (bearing ~300 degrees).
So from that postion, "side in" (nose left), is really still a tail-in variation, and side-in/nose-right is quite nose-in.

I just hovered it while standing to the "south-west", and it makes side-in/nose-right a bit easier.

Another thing you might try is a variation of Nuttcaze's "take-the-heli-for-a-walk" idea (demonstrated in his "nose-in" video : http://tinyurl.com/5vx4r8

What I did was walk around the heli while hovering it, keeping it tail-in all the time, which requires a slow piro to do so.

I was amazed at how stabile I could hold the hover, and the small inputs required, compared to "normal-pilot-stand-still" mode.

The big difference is that I've flown ~100 packs tail-in, and am very comfortable with it, so I don't have to think about the sticks at all. Also my brain is a bit bored with seeing tail-in , but walking around the heli is something new and interesting. (Small things amuse small minds ).

When I hover "normally" (pilot stationary), my brain gets all excited when the heli goes beyond tail-in (though I'm getting comfortable with side-in .. nose-left anyway), and my concentration shifts to "Oh looky I'm nose-in", and the next thing you know the heli is darting out of control

With the "walk-around-drill", that doesn't happen (as much), since the heli is always tail-in.

You can vary the speed that you either walk or yaw the heli until eventually (I hope), all orientations will be automatic

Posted by MikeSt | Oct 11, 2008 @ 11:43 AM | 4,705 Views
...to fly an XX sized model ?

Well the obvious factor is how fast ... or ... slowly your plane or heli .. blimp? .. flies.

Not so obvious to beginners, is that for planes, it's the wing loading, not necessarily the absolute size of the plane that matters. Some teeny planes like the Plantraco tiny Butterfly, and other planes of that size will actually fly faster .. and need more room than a larger, more "floaty" (lighter wing loaded) plane.

Once you find out how fast the plane will fly, you can use the hand TurnCalculator program (Windows), to calculate the turn radius you'll need.

A 30-45 degree bank is probably a good starting point.

** Note, with the calculator, if you only change the speed, the turn radius doesn't change. You'll have to "bump" the bank angle up, then back down to register the new speed.

*** The attached file is actually an .exe ... rename it after downloading **
Posted by MikeSt | Oct 11, 2008 @ 11:12 AM | 5,272 Views
Nice training scene for helis for the FMS simulator :
Posted by MikeSt | Oct 10, 2008 @ 08:10 PM | 4,383 Views
Well one week and a day after receiving my first heli a HBFP, it finally got airborne !

The reason I "waited" so long, was that I managed to fry the 4-1 the first day I had the heli, by plugging a battery into the "batt" terminal on the 4-1.

What the terminal is actually for, who knows, but it definitely isn't the correct place to plug your battery in !

Unfortunately, despite having an absolutely gorgeous perfect day here in Toronto to test fly it, the day ended in more frustration and disapointment, as I partially fried the replacement 4-1 !

How do you "partially" fry a 4-1?

Grab hold of the spooling / spinning up blades and hold them in place while you fumble and try to disconnect the battery

I spent a couple of hours trying to tune the 4-1 gyro / pot setttings.

The problem may have all been due to plugging the main motor and tail rotor into the opposite 4-1 connectors ("M1 for main motor, "M2" for tail rotor). I am searching for that information now.

So (probably ?) because of my ignorant incorrect connections (again), or whatever else reason, I was only able to witness the heli taking off straight up while rapidly spinning left.

The good news is that I was impressed by how straight up the heli climbed !

It also descends perfectly straight .. with no previous cyclic input, ... and it takes a pounding onto pavement without "breaking" a sweat ... or any parts !

I was worried about it suddenly "darting off" in some random direction (or at least to the left .. from what I'd read).

With the 380x motor that's mounted on it, it also takes off with less than half throttle. Something I wasn't quite prepared for, as the helis I've been flying in the Clearview sims, typically don't take off until at least half throttle and usually more like 60%.

Well back to the sim, and looking for info on possibly repairing the 4-1's
Posted by MikeSt | Aug 12, 2008 @ 04:47 PM | 4,848 Views
Fooling around with the Clearview sim.

Copied the bottle from the playground Osage Park.

Added the "hook" in AC3d

Still trying to "hook" the bottle, been trying for ~ half hour .. and at only 40% training time scale !

Hey, I've only been "flying" helis on this sim for maybe ~20 hours total, after buying it last week.

Have flown helis on FMS previously, but only last week started being able to hover nose in.


** The zip file contains controls.ac, objects.ac, and body.ac.

1) Make a BACKUP copy of your models\Huey\data\body.ac file, then copy this body.ac there (I didn't change colbody.ac .. in fact, I moved it to a temp directory, and the model still works, just no crash/break apart simulation is available).

2) Make backup's of landscapes\Farm field\data\controls.ac, objects.ac and copy the new objects.ac, controls.ac there.

Have fun !

Let me know how long it took you to "hook" the bottle ... or if it's even possible ... I *think* it is