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Posted by GRW3 | Jan 01, 2018 @ 11:26 AM | 6,971 Views
Ever have one of those days where the flying gods hit you with lightning but you still end up satisfied?

We like to have holiday weekend events. By observation, we found that having an event on the actual holiday wasn’t the best plan. We have since moved our events to the Saturday before and that has worked much better. This last Saturday 12/30 we had our New Year’s Event. We had good food (burgers, hot dogs, links and tamales) and a good turnout. The weather hasn’t been cooperative this holiday season but it was reasonably pleasant.

I arrived just before noon, put the chili in the smoker and got everything set up. I started to fly once and there were, unusually, four planes up (our limit) so I started visiting. In short order lunch was called. I went over and fixed a chili cheese burger and covered a couple of tamales with chili then sat down to eat. While I was eating, a young man launched one of those folded foam board airplane. As it flew around, I could tell it was slightly tail heavy, controllable - barely.

While still eating, I hear those infamous words “heads up!” I looked up just in time to see that foam board airplane pummelt down and smash into mine!

The picture shows them at rest after the impact. Startled, I just stared for a few seconds. Initial observation made me think it had almost missed and only pushed down the right aileron. I got up, set down my lunch, took a picture and then picked up the airplane. Focusing on the aileron, I noted it...Continue Reading