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Posted by Pappyjkns | May 02, 2016 @ 09:44 PM | 5,321 Views
After correcting a number of newbie screw ups, I finally got the HK 1.5 m Cumulus DLG assembled! It’s been a challenge to this point but if it was easy, everybody would want to do it! : ) The auw is coming in at a portly 335 grams. The plane without rx, battery & 14 gms of added weight in the nose to achieve balance comes in okay at 293 gms. The only thing I haven't done as yet is CA the boom into the fuselage. Everything else is hooked up, springs & wires on the rudder and elevator and direct connect rods on the ailerons/flaps. I’m new to programming so at the moment I am reading up on how to set up the flaperons on my Futaba T10J. Once I get that figured out and implemented, I’m basically good to go.

The reason I haven’t glued the CF boom to the fuselage is due to the war going on in me head. One voice says…..”just go with the stock set up….so what if it’s a little porky…..its just a fun ship…..not meant to be competitive”. If I apply the CA, there’s no turning back…..I’m gonna have to live with it.

The other voice says “hey….we can really improve this bird with a little diet regime”. So the voice says….”let’s go with new tail feathers and save 7 gms". Lets get a new shorter stronger boom that will require less added weigh to reach the suggested cog. Honestly, the stock boom that comes with the kit is soooo thin, you can crack it without almost any effort. I figure the first time I come in a little heavy on the landing, the stock boom would...Continue Reading