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Posted by KristofferR | Feb 25, 2016 @ 02:37 PM | 3,229 Views
There has not been any flying for a week or so. I've been supporting my daughters LaTrax though. Check older blog post for a video. Maintenance so far is mostly washing and charging! She does the bashing and charging

I did set up my "full house" HK BFG2600 glider with the Multiplex Cockpit SX and an 7ch telemetry M-Link reciever. I actually never used more than Delta mix in my old Cockpit MM so this was a new experience. The programming is very different to the OpenTX but still very easy and logical and I learned the concept in about 30 minutes.

Word of advice: I did all setup without the ESC connected. Do that! The Transmitter default for a new model is Mode 1 which might get exciting since my HW is mode 2. However, the throttle warning/inhibition is active by default. But anyway - at least, remove the prop.

The setup highlighted a problem. One of my Hitec HS-55 was sounding a bit different than the others before I installed them. Now, it has the respectable age of 13 years (manufactured in 2002) so I put it on the left flap, thinking that that may be a non-critical failure and forgot about it, it has done a couple of flights in the BFG already .... Yes, it died on the bench during setup. 13 years of service for €9, and actually indicating impending failure. Respect!
Posted by KristofferR | Feb 20, 2016 @ 12:35 PM | 3,231 Views
Weather has been lousy but I got my box of M-Link recievers and bound them and programmed some models. Binding was troublefree - just keep the TX and RX less than 30 cm apart and it will work. The range of the Dual antenna RX-7 in range test mode comfortably bettered all FRSky - although that really might be an uninteresting comparison - but it did provide a very clear and repeatable range limit - five paces back and forth would do it. Telemetry worked immediately, the TX has the 3.09 firmware from Multiplex.

Flight premiere honors went to the Magnum and was a bit shaky due to setup of expo and throws that was a bit sensitive, plus a bigger 9" prop that caused a noticeable increase in propwash effect but after a few DR/Expo adjustments it felt quite right and I did a start and landing in my favourite puddle despite a little bit too much wind. Less impressive perhaps was flying too low and into the setting sun and ended straight into a tree and got a stick through the wing....

I also setup my Alula but so far has not flown it. I found a particular tape from Scotch / 3M that I like. It's clear, adheres well, does not get yellow, no particular residue when removed.
Posted by KristofferR | Feb 17, 2016 @ 03:48 AM | 10,400 Views

My daughter wanted a radio controlled monster truck for her 8th birthday. She has no previous RC experience except that she tried the sticks of my airplanes a few times. Personally, I thought this was very interesting, since I was into RC cars in the late 80s before starting with airplanes.

LaTrax Teton 1/18 (0 min 0 sec)

Studies on forums and Youtube channels was followed by a LHS visit. My eye fell on a "Traxxas", a new brand for me but obviously a big player. The quality of the plastic and the suspension convinced on the shop floor, as well as spare parts supply after a study on the Internet.

Traxxas' Rustler XL-5 looked good and durable, but I then found the smaller LaTrax Teton. The question then became 1/10 Rustler 2WD or 4WD 1/18 Teton? YouTube channel Aussie RC Playground to the rescue. 4WD seemed easier to drive. The suspension on the little looked composed , and also showed that the two-wheel drive cars skidded and spun too happily - the same as back in my time. The compact 1/18 size also felt more fitting for an eight year old.

Then I had to convince my wife, who knows nothing about RC, to skip the tempting big boxes in the toy store and spend a lot more cash on a smaller car. Basically, my take was that a €50 car would be bad, boring or break and the money would be wasted, while the more expensive car would work and if it was broken it could be fixed and if she lost interest it could be resold at a €50 loss.
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Posted by KristofferR | Feb 12, 2016 @ 06:36 PM | 4,182 Views
I bought a used Multiplex Cockpit SX. I'm leaving FRSky and going back to Multiplex. I started to setup the stick tension and models today and recievers are on their way.

All people have 24 hours in a day. A number of those might be available for hobbies. When I have a chunk of time to go to the field or slope site I want to spend my time flying and enjoying myself. If this enjoyment is replaced by or limited due to issues or worries with the radio system I get unhappy.

My FRSky Taranis has been running for a while. The OpenTX is a dream but the positive experience is offset by the maintenance need and quality issues of the rest of the system. I'm in this hobby for fun. I do appreciate a challenge and I do know that anything can happen and that is how I grow and learn.. On the other hand, I also need to know my limits and I'm drawing the line.
Posted by KristofferR | Feb 10, 2016 @ 07:30 PM | 3,538 Views
The last days I've been down with the flu. Between attacks of fever and headaches I spent time on the sim. I run something called MultiFlight by Multiplex. I assume it is a version of or uses the "engine" of Reflex XTR.

I was using a bit of thermal - updraft - to home my turning skills with the gliders, then mixing it up with other aircraft. Thing is, I tried the little Depron profile model "Mad Flight" and just could not get a decent hover. Eureka! Thermal is on. But maybe... Add some sink instead.

-1 m/s and immediately it was better. At -5m/s I could hover and do fast torque rolls easily, the rest needs practice. But in all, it should really help. The problem with hovering is to get into the hover and try to stay there long enough to learn anything.

This "add sink" is the same trick as going slightly upwards while hovering, but that does not really work out for me since the plane gets too far away too fast. Here you get the stability from a little forward flight but the plane is standing still and giving me time to get my stick-act together!
Posted by KristofferR | Feb 08, 2016 @ 04:42 AM | 4,598 Views
Yesterday I took the Alula in the backpack and went to Grundsö (Shallow Island).
I have been there before;
Dream Flight Alula Trek Hiking Soaring Hangflyg Hangflug Grundsö (8 min 54 sec)

This time the wind was stronger and more S than SW. I did a couple of launches and blew back and had to go pick up the plane on the top a few times so I'd say it was about the upper limit.

The Alula was pitching up and down a bit and I have triple rates and used the lowest, added some expo and tossed away. Just before that last launch a light drizzle of rain passed by, wind increased briefly but then ended a bit lower so I got in the air, trimmed the plane and it was flying well. There, I was pretty happy with myself, almost a bit smug admiring the new orange-blue stripes and mastering the tricky wind.

That lasted for a few minutes - the wind increased a lot, a guess would be from 8-9 to 14-15m/s and the rain came back. Perhaps a front was blowing in. I struggled to keep flying since I had no idea how to land, but the Alula flipped and went nose first into the rock face behind me.

I had to run to catch the parts blowing around and then take shelter behind a cliff to pack it up in the wind and rain. I found most of the parts, but all the plastic pieces were impossible to find among blue mussel shells and heather.

So back home to repair.
Posted by KristofferR | Feb 04, 2016 @ 08:02 AM | 5,055 Views
This is a video my first flight of the Funglider.

It is a quite long video and almost completely unedited but I have added many comments to explain what I am doing during the flight. I think this shows very well how if flies.

Everything is completely standard and the throws and CG is exactly as specified in the manual.

I'm sorry that the plane sometimes is out of frame. There is a lot of multitasking going on, it's the first flight jitters and pointing the head in the correct direction is not always easy.


Aircraft: Multiplex Funglider RR
Battery: Multiplex 950mAh
RX/TX: FRSky Taranis X9D+ / X6R
Camera: Mobius
Pilot, film. guitar: Kristoffer

Multiplex Funglider RR Maiden Flight (8 min 17 sec)

Posted by KristofferR | Feb 02, 2016 @ 03:06 PM | 3,056 Views
This Klemm 35 (?) resides in my dads garage. Probably around 40 years old if not more. It gets a few knocks every now and then and it will eventually break completely I suppose. The span is about 70cm (27in)

It weighs absolutely nothing, the cover paper is super dry. Part of the tail is missing. That's not too bad since it needs to be redone anyway for RC. Is there any point in trying to convert it to RC? Would the slight dihedral allow RET control? I'm thinking 5g servos, a 300mAh 2s and a 10g motor. Weight around 150-170g seems reasonable.